Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 1


Hello guys.
Thanks a lot for your support so here is part 1.
Shivaaye: dadi I have to leave for work and leaves the place.
Anika hears this and makes faces and says as if he only has a lott of work….
Shivaaye hears this and angrily stares at her and leaves the place.
Anika:dadi, Hume to bahooth kaam hai na, card select karni hai, food to be decided and also we have to decide how and what will appear on invitation cards??
Dadi: haa puttar aaja we will complete…
Dadi: I will tell what to be printed in marriage card and for reception u can ask om, rudra, pinky or jhanvi OK??
Anika nods her head and
They leave.

At ishana’s home,
Ishana is seeing om’s picture and tears come down her eyes,
Ishana: I am sorry Mr. Omkara Singh oberoi, I am cornered to do so, I know when you know the truth it will hurt you a lot but I can’t help it… sorry omkara sorry….
She starts from her house, on her way she sees ridhima protesting….
Actually it wasn’t riddhima it was other 10 who were supporting her raised voices….
Ridhima was just chilling out….
Ishana saw this..
Ishana: wait and watch riddhima ishana ka game start ho chuki hai….
She calls om,
Om: hello, who is this
Ishana: who is this??? She stammers and says, I …aa… am speaking Mr. Om oberoi.
Om: I am sorry my cell got formatted so I lost all contacts plz tell your name…
Ishana: name ahh she gets into thinking… omg!! Mala or bela!! What did I tell him…. She disconnects the call.. And thinks
How stupid of me!! Mala Bela….vaaack,, I used two names but.. …
I think I said mala to om ….
No no, arrrghh!! Yeh mala Bela toh meri jaan lek kar rahegi…

She gathers some courage and again calls omkara,
Omkara : sorry I couldn’t recognize u Bela, how are you, any problem???
Ishana: haaan mein Bela hoon hmm… could you meet me now ??
Omkara: umm.. OK I will come…
Ishana: phew!!! So Bela to omkara and mala to that girl omg!!!she sighed
Why are our protest weak, if you protest strong then only we can expect any change so , LOUDER ridhima said to her Protestants and went and took a seat and started to have her cool drink….
Ishana: aaj to tum gayi meri ma, and does like shooting a pistol with two fingers….
Om starts from home and anika calls him..
Anika: om can you help me in reception cards, dadi said it should be like a friendly invitation so could you help me…
Om: yes…
Anika: I heard from dadi that you were who found the truth out and proved me innocent thanks Mr. Om oberoi…
Om: that’s OK anika no formalities, and you can call me om, just om, now let’s finish this….
Om and rudra were fighting over the card and when everything was finalized and when om looked at the clock, three hours had passed by…
He remembers Bela,,
Ishana here was fed up of waiting as for ridhima also stopped her so called protest and went….
Om called Bela,
Om: sorry Bela I couldn’t come I was busy in my brother’s wedding…
Bela :’s OK we will meet sometime later….
After disconnecting ishana thinks, why Mr. Om the most important thing in my life is you and for you its everything else…..
In oberoi mansion,
Tia enters,
Tia: om, rudra kahi shivaaye ko dekha kya??
Om: no Tia he has gone to office…
Rudra whispers in om’s ears, baba aagayi, babaji ki jai!!
Om smiles..

Tia sees anika
Tia: I am sorry u protected me but everyone blamed you because of me I am sorry anika, don’t worry I will send good thoughts to you all will be fine….
Anika gets thinking and follows her,
Tia starts to leave, and sees the glove and takes it,
Anika sees this and asks
Anika: what is that you are having in your hands Tia??
Tia turns and smiles and says , oh this is my brother’s gloves he missed it so I am taking it back home.
Anika: oh….
Tia leaves .

Tia’s pov: thank God I managed, this man na is fit for nothing!! He left his gloves here itself thank God no one noticed it.
Anika gets into thinking and starts talking to herself,
Ajeeb hai!!! Kal when I saved her she Said nobody is in the car and now she’s thanking me….
And that gloves toh uss admi ki hai na, agar vo uski Bhai thi then why he had to hide himself…..
Omg!! Anika don’t think so much anika your brain will get stressed, it has to be used for more great purposes, now get back to job…

Precap: shivaaye anika fight ….

I hope it’s lengthy enough guys do let me know ur views….

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