Ishqbaaz – History repeats but with difference Part – 3 : The Conclusion

Thank you for the comments..though for my second part comments were not as many as expected..I understand the fact that there were no Shivika moments but sometimes to unveil somethings things have to be sustained for a while…So here we go with the conclusion’s a bit lengthy but I hope readers enjoy it !!! 🙂

Meanwhile Dadi calls Shivaay and asks him to drop Anika.
They both sit in the car and avoid each other… Shivaay while driving stares at Anika all the way and Anika avoids looking at him ..tears whirl in her eyes and she really doesn’t want to show them.. They reach Anika’s house and She gets down the car without saying anything.. Shivaay calls her name and she stands still

Shivaay : Anika .. I need to say something…
(Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain)
Anika slowly wipes her tears and turns towards him…
Anika : Yes
(Ji Kahiye)
Shivaay : you are coming tomorrow right?
(Kal tum aa rahi hona?)
Anika : I donno..if I feel like coming .. I will come..else..
(Mujhe nahi pata..agar mann kiya tho aaoongi ..warna ..)
Shivaay : How can you not come? You have work tomorrow also?
(Aise kaise tum nahi aaogi? Tumhe kal bhi tho kaam hain?)
Anika : See Billu ji .. I have already spoke to Dadi and she is okay with it…so now it’s my decision.. I cannot give right of taking decision to you always… this is my life and my decision…
(Dekhiye billu ji, maine iss bare mein dadi se baat kar lii hain aur who maan bhi gayi…isliye ab ye mera faisla hain… mein har baar aapko faisla lene ka adhikaar nahi de sakti .. ye meri zindagi hain aur iska faisla mein karoongi)
Shivaay : It’s not your life alone it’s about my ….
(ye sirf tumhari zindagi nahi hain ye meri..)
He couldn’t complete the sentence.. they both look at each other ..they stand still finding their love in each others eye’s… time freezes.. Anika comes into this world…

Anika: I think you should leave now.. tomorrow is a big day for you..your new life starts ..all old memories should erase…right?
(Anika :Abhi aapko jaana chahiye… kal aapka bahut bada din hain… aapki nayi zindagi ki shuruat hain..sari purani yadein mit jaani chahiye..haina?)
Shivaay : you are saying truth… will you be able to erase all the memories? Will you able to forget everything? Me and my lo ..)
(Sahi keh rahi ho.. kya tum sari yadoon ko mitha paoogi? Kya tum sab kuch bhool jaoogi..mujhe aur mere py…)
He stops again… she looks on
Anika : I will try
(Mein koshish karoongi)
She walks away ..he sits in his car and drives…

Assuming shivaay left Anika sitting on a bench cries loud and speaks to herself
Why did you come into my life ? why did you torture me at the beginning? Why did you start listening to me? Why did you make me feel comfortable? Why did you make me think about you every moment in my life? Why would I cry when you are in pain? Why would I feel like flying when you are happy? Why do I celebrate success of yours? What magic have you cast on me ? Why can I not see you being married to someone else? Why ?
I love you Billu ji… I really love you a lot.. I cannot say this to you now ….why couldn’t you understand my love? Why couldn’t you look into my eyes and heart and feel what I feel ?
How can I erase all the memories related with can I live without you.. Everything ended ended everything with a single YES to marriage.
(Anika : Aaap mere zindagi mein aaye hi kyun..pehle mujhe pareshaan kyun kiya? Fir mere sahara kyun bane? Mein har waqt aapke bare mein sochne kyun lagi? Mujhe aapke dukh se dukh kyun hota tha ..mujhe aapke khusi se khushi kyun hoti thi? Aapki har jeeth ka jashn mein kyun manati hoon? aap ne mujh par kya jadoo kiya? Mein kyoon aapko kisi aur ka hote hue dekh nahi paa rahi? Kyoon?
Mein aapse bahut pyaar karti hoon Billu ji .. bahut pyaar karti hoon..aur ab ye mein aapse keh bhi nahi sakti..… aap ye baat kyun nahi samjh payi..aap kabhi mere dil aur aankhon mein ye baat kyun nahi padh sake?
Kaise mein aapse juda huan sari yadein mitha doon. Kaise mein aap ke bina jiyoon… sab khatham ho gaya..apne shaadi keliye haan bolke sab kuch khatham kar diya….)

Shivaay couldn’t see Anika leaving away , parks the car and walks towards anika and sees Anika crying and listens to all her words that she said to herself…
he gets moved seeing her cry….. Tears of happiness flows from his eyes…..he felt like running to her and hug her and say I love you too are the love of my life..infact you are my life … he just want to take her in her arms and hold her tightly..he wanted to kiss her..he wanted to feel her…
he couldn’t do anything…. He starts moving back remembering all of a sudden about his family reputation…he reaches home lifeless and broke….

Present time:

The wedding starts…
Shivaay proceeds for his marriage with Tia. He is sitting in mandap with Tia aside. The pandit chanting the mantras and Tia’s parents, Robin ,Pinky, Jhanvi, Tej and Shakti with smiles on their faces..
Shivaay eyes searching for Anika… she did not come…
OmRu sad and disappointed hoping Shivaay would just go and get Anika…
Shivaay reminisces all his encounters all the beautiful moments spent with Anika..her first touch..her cute words ..her hilarious Antics ..her smile…most of all the words she said to herself yesterday night.. she appears before him crying, sad, opening her arms…
Shivaay feels restless. His heart is not agreeing for marriage…
Pandit asks Shivaay to put Varmala ..he mechanically without seeing Tia puts on her.. Tia reciprocates but observes Shivaay lost…. Phera’s start..on the Seventh Phera… shivaay backs off…
He unties the knot and runs…..
Everyone is shocked in Oberoi Mansion…. OmRu and Dadi are very happy… Dadi whispers to OmRu to go behind Shivaay without being noticed by him and she will handle situation here..OmRu also leave…

A day before:

After Shivaay comes to home dropping Anika.. Dadi sees him lost … she comes to his room…

Shivaay : Dadi .. you here ? you could have called me had you needed anything ? I would have come to you..
(Dadi… aap yaha? Koi baat ho tho bula lete? Mein khud aa jaata …)
Dadi : can’t I come to you? I have come to see you … tell me onething Billu and tell me the truth … you love Anika right?
(Kyun mein nahi aa sakti? Tujhe dekhne aayi thi … ek baat bata Billu aur sach bata.. Tu Anika se pyaar karta haina?
Shivaay gives a shocking look towards dadi .. and tries to avoid her but couldn’t control this time .. he cries and hugs dadi, he sleeps in her lap and says
Shivaay: Dadi .. I love Anika a lot.. I haven’t said this to anyone not even to Anika or OmRu… I also got to know just now that Anika loves me a lot..thats the reason why she will not be coming tomorrow..but what can I do , I have to keep up the respect of my family and the good will attached to it….therfore I’m helpess…also she doesn’t have a identity.. how can I marry her? can I bring her into my-our life? …so whatever is happening is right in a way…
(Dadi..mein Anika se bahut pyaar karta baat aaj tak maine naa Anika naa OmRu ko ya kisi aur ko bataya hain..aaj hi mujhe pata chala ki Anika bhi mujhse bahut pyaar karti hain..yehi wazah hain ki kal who nahi aa rahi hain…par mein kya karoon Dadi mujhe apne parivaar aur use jude naam ki parvah hain..isliye mein kuch bhi nahi kar sakta..aur uska koi pehchan nahi hain kaha se hain ..kiski beti hain kuch nahi pata..kaise mein use shadi karon? Kaise mein usko apni –hamari zindagi mein lekar aaon?… ab jo ho raha hain wahi sahi hain)
Dadi: See Puttar .. a family is made of people and it is a family till everyone is happy.. here you yourself are not happy how will you keep them united? Name, respect all these are never going to get lost just because you love someone.. i know my billu will never act such that Oberoi family’s name will get maligned.. Billu you have built a false wall within yourself to see the surname and status and you are not able to break it…and today when there is a chance to do so you are letting it go… name is earned not inherited..status is achieved not bought…. Anika has these two … So come out of this false intuition ….. listen to your heart… rest I will handle dadi is still alive… let me tell you one more thing… I understood yesterday itself when Anika said she loved someone that it was you.. I just wanted her to say your name.. but not a problem you revealed the same.. if you have trust on me go and get Anika.. rest whatever you decide I’m always with you…
(Dadi: dekh puttar parivaar logon se banti hain aur parivaar tabhi juda rehtha hain jab sare khush ho… yaha tu khud hi kush nahi tho parivaar ka kya jod ke rakhega.. naam , izzat sab pyaar ki wazah se mith the nahi..aur mera Billu kabhi aisa kaam nahi karega jisse Oberoi parivaar ka naam kharab ho.. Billu tune apne andar eek jhoota deewar sa bana liya hain jisme naam aur aukad dhoondh raha hain aur jise tu todh nahi paa raha ..aur aaj jab mauka aaya hain tho tu thodna nahi chahtha…naam kamaya jaata hain who hirasat se nahi miltha…aukad banaya jaata hain khareeda nahi jaata.. anika ke paas ye dono hain ….isliye tu iss galat bhavnaoon se bahar aa…tu apni dil ki baat sunn..baaki sab mein sambhal loongi..aaj bhi teri dadi zinda hain..aur ek baat kahoon mein samjh gayi thi ki woh tum hi ho jisse Anika bahut pyaar karti hain…mein bas uske muh se sunna chahthi thi… koi baat nahi tune mujhe bata diya.. mujh pe bharosa hain tho tu jaa aur Anika ko le aa …agey tu jo bhi faisla le mein kabhi mana nahi karoongi.
Dadi leaves the room and Shivaay keeps on thinking…

Present Time:
In Oberoi Mansion Dadi explains everyone about Shivaays love for Anika and vice versa…
Tia’s mom, Pinky and Shakti tries to say something but Dadi says to Tia’s mom
Dadi : I know you are hurt and feel insulted now..but fact is in a way whatever happened is good..had Shivaay married Tia and later Tia gets to know about Shivaay’s feeling for Anika there would have been another tragedy… both the children wiould have never been happy..though it’s difficult to accept it’s not will take time ..but remember whatever happens happens for good…
(Mujhe pata hain ki aap log dukhi ho aur aap logon ko lag raha hain ki aapka hamne apmaan kiya hain…par sochiye agar aaj Tia ki shaadi Shivaay se ho jaati aur Shivaay ke dil ke baat Tia ko shaadi ke baad pata chaltha tho kya Tia khush reh pati …iss ghar mein gham ke badal chahye rehthe hamesha keliye…ye baat manna mushkil hain ki shaadi rukh gayi par asambhav nahi hain ….ek baat yaad rakhna puttar jo hota hain acche keliye hota hain …)
Dadi turns towards Pinky and Shakti and says :
Pinky and Shakti you never tried to understand what your son was feeling about or else the situation would have not been this worse ..what OmRu could see you parents couldn’t….so by what right are you trying to say something ?
(Tum dono ne kabhi bhi Shivaay ke dil ki baat jaanne ki kosish nahi kii..kabhi koshish kiya hota tho aaj mamla iss hadh tak nahi pahunchtha…jo Om aur Rudra dekh paye maa baap hoke aap dono nahi dekh paye…tho ab tum kis hakh se bolne ki kosish kar rahe ho?)

At Anika’s place :

Shivay reaches Anika house and knocks the door.. Sahil is sleeping while Anika is still awake ..her eyes were swollen and red..she cried the whole day and was thinking by now Billu ji has got married ..everything is finished…
She hears the knock and slowly goes to open the door and opens it..she is shocked to see Billu ji in front of her.. her heart was jumping in joy but she had a confusion in her mind..what’s happening ? why is he here at this time?
She thought she actually was thinking but the last two questions she said it aloud.. he says:

SHIVAAY : Shall I come in or are you coming out?
(mein andar aaoon ya tum bahar aaooge)
With his voice .. she comes from shock into reality and says
Anika .. are here? Is everything good? You would have got married by now then how come you are here? You should have been in your house…you should not have come here leaving Tia…
Anika: aa .. aap yaha? Sab theek haina? Shadi ho gayi hogi aapki tho aap yaha kyun ho? Aapko aapke ghar mein hona chahiye..Tia ko chod ke iss tarah mere yaha nahi chahiye..

Shivaay: Anika relax… how much do you talk..when you had to speak you remained mum and now you are unstoppable..
(Shivaay : Anika shaant ho jaoo… kitna bolthi ho … jab tumhe bolna chahiye tha tab chup rahi aur ab chup hone ka naam hi nahi le rahi … )

Anika looks on..
Shivaay: now are you coming out or shall I lift you and take you out ? I don’t want to disturb Sahil ..he might be come …now …quick..
(Shivaay: ab tum bahar aa rahi ho ya mein tumhe utha ke le jaoon ? mein Sahil ko jagaana nahi chahtha..woh so raha hoga … isliye aaooo … abhi..jaldi)
Anika : Ok coming
(Anika: haan aa rahi hoon)
She slowly locks the door and follows Shivaay. They reach the same bench where Anika cried out her feelings loud and Sivaay asks Anika to sit on bench while he kneels down on the ground ..
Anika: now will you speak or shall I leave?
(Anika:Ab aap bologe bhi ya mein jaoo?)

In oberoi mansion :
Tia listens to the conversation and comes towards her mom and says:
Tia : Mom, Universe doesn’t want me to get married to Shivaay …Shivaay definitely had promised to marry me but now I myself doesn’t wish that he fullfills his promise…I don’t want this marriage to happen…I cannot stay happy…mom , we too have done very bad to this family…to avoid further consequences we must accept the fact that this marriage was never correct… let’s leave now …
(Mom, Universe nahi chahtha ki meri aur Shivaay baby ki shaadi ho .. Shivaay ne vaada jaroor kiya tha par ab mein uss khud chahthi hoon ki shivaay woh vaada na nibhaye..mein khud nahi chahthi ki ye shaadi ho..mein nahi khush reh paoongi..aur mom hamne bhi bahut galat kiya hain ..isliye aagey koi aur baat naa ho hame ye maan lena chahiye ki ye shaadi kabhi sahi thi hi nahi…hame chalna chahiye…)
Dadi comes to Tia and says
Dadi : Always stay happy puttar..and if possible please forgive us…you are really a gud girl but…
(Khush reh puttar aur …ho sake tho ham sab ko maaf kar dena …tum sach mein bahut acchi ladki ho par…)
Tia: Please Dadi .. you don’t say this..I’am very happy for Shivaay and whatever you said is right ..whatever happens happens for good…i will leave now …
( nahi dadi..aap aise mat bolo ..mein shivaay keliye bahut khush hoon aur aapne jo kaha woh sach hain hota hain acche keliye hota hain ..mein ab chalthi hoon)

At Anika’s place :
Shivaay: what should I say that you have lost your mind..or that you are stupid..or say that you are speak endlessly, you use tadibaaz, khidkitod, darwazathod or what’s that ya michmichi sort of words…what should I say …you call me with strange names bhagad billa , kanji aapnkhon wala and stuff …
(Shivaay : kya boloon ..tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya tha ye kahoon ..ya ye kahoon ki ki tum bewakoof ho … ye kahoon ki tum pagal ho…chapad chapad bolti ho..tadibaaz , khidkithod., darwaza thod , woh kya..haa… mich michi aise shabd use karti ho ..kya kahoon tumhe…tum mujhe ajeeb se naamon se bulati ho ..bhagad billa, kanji aankhon wala ….)
Rudy while watching them says to Om
Rudy: seriously Bhai has come to say this to Anika..he must learn some romance from me…
(Sachi bhai ye sab kehne aaye hain Anika ko..unhe mujhse Romance ki lessons lene chahiye )
Om : Shut up Rudra … you know shivaay…he is very unexpressive about his feelings..he will take time but he will confess today…
(Shut up Rudra … Tum Shivaay ko jaante ho..woh kabhi apni dil ki baat theek se bol nahi sakta..usko waqt lagega par woh aaj bolega Anika ko …)

Anika: you have come at this hour to taunt me.. you are impossible..i am leaving..i donot have enough strength to bear anything more….
(aap ye sab thane marne iss waqt mere paas aaye ho ? aapka kuch nahi ho sakta… mein jaa rahi hoon..mujhe mein aur kuch sunne ki himmat nahi hain…)

Shivaay : Always run away but never try to understand what I am trying to say..i have left the madap at the last phera and came for you… that Shivay Singh Oberoi who never bends or bows down has knelt before you .. what to do ..i fell in love with this chatterbox…what to do I fell in love with this girl who uses meaningless words.. ..what to do I fell in love with this mad girl..what to do I fell in love with this stupid girl…what to do I have fell in love with a girl who calls me with strange names …
(Hamesha bhagne ki hi socho aur meri baat samjhne ki kosish mat karo…mein tumhare liye mandap akhri phere par chodke aaya hoon…woh Shivaay Singh Oberoi jo kisi ke saamne nahi jhukta aaj tumhare samne jhuka hain …kya karoon ..iss chapad chapad baat karnewali se pyaar ho gaya mujhe… aise azeeb sa shabd use karnewali ladki se pyaar ho gaya mujhe..kya karoon iss pagal se pyaar ho gaya mujhe… kya karoon iss bewakoof se pyaar ho gaya mujhe…kya karoon mujhe iss ladki se pyaar ho gaya jo mujhe ajeeb namon se bulati hain…)

Shivaay with tears of happiness flowing down his cheeks …pats her on Anika’s cheek with every sentence he speaks
Anika happily cries , stands up …moves backwards in disbelief reminscing what Shivaay had just said….Shivaay confused gets up and sees her … Anika stops .. runs towards shivaay, again stops and sweetly hits him on his chest and says
Anika: you haven’t realized this till now and you realised when you were taking your last round of phera… why did you do this to me..why couldn’t you confess it earlier…I have been going mad..i was searching for a reason to live…I thought I have lost you…I love you a lot Billu ji…I love you…
(Abhi tak ye baat aapko samjh nahi aayi aur aaj jab aapki shaadi ho rahi thi tho akhri phere par aapko samajh aaya… kyun kiya aapne mere saath aise..pehle nahi bol sakte the…mein pagal ho gayi thi..mere jeene ka matlab dhoondh rahi thi aur socha ki aapko maine khoo diya….mein aapse bahut pyaar karti hoon Billuji … I love you…)
Shivaay : I love you Anika…
He opens his arms and Anika just hugs him tight…after some time he carasses her face and plants kisses on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and was about to lock lips ..When OmRu comes to them and disturb..they part away ..
Anika shies while Shivaay looks here and there…
Om : shall we go Shivaay ..we will come back tomorrow to take Anika.. put a pause to your romance till then.. what do you say Rudy?
(chale Shivaay… kal aayenge Anika ko ghar le jaane..filhaal yehi rok do romance…kyun Rudy..sahi keh raha hoon na?)
Rudy : yes ..then what ?
(Haan bhai aur kya? )

Rudy : You are seriously strange don’t even know how to propose .. What all were you saying to Anika di .. I mean now Anika Bhabi…you should take lessons from me , I was saying the same to Om I right Om bhai? Shall I enact ?
(waise aap bhi kamaal ho bhai..aapko propose karna bhi nahi kya bol rahe the aap Anika di se.. I mean ab Anika Bhabhi se..mujhse lessons lelo mein Om bhai ko bhi yehi bol raha tha ..kyun om bhai ? mein karke dikhaoon ?)
ShivOm together say “Shut up Rudra”
Shivaay: minute..that means you both were listening our words hiding…how disgusting… I will not leave you …
(Ek ..ek minuut iska matlab tum dono chup chup ke hamari batein sun rahe the …how disgusting …mein tum dono ko nahi chodoonga…)
Shivaay runs towards OmRu while Anika happily smiles seeing the three brothers…later all the four share a cute big hug…
Shivaay turns towards OmRu and says …
Shivaay : tum dono abhi ke abhi ghar jaoo…mein apni gaadi mein aa raha hoon
OmRu smile and leave bidding bye to Anika while Anika reciprocates feeling bit shy ……Shivaay turns towards Anika and says
Shivaay : tho mein chaloon…
Anika : pata nahi
Shivaay pulls her towards him and hugs her and completes the incomplete job of locking their lips…Anika closes her eyes pulls him more closer and they unite …

And that’s how history repeated with Shivaay and Tia’s marriage and ended on a happy note of Shivika’s union.

That’s all from my side…pour in your comments…I will be happy to read your comments… Signing off with this ff

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      thank you … if something else comes up to my mind i will definitely post an other one !!!

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