Ishqbaaz – History repeats but with difference Part – 2

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OmRu becomes very sad seeing state of their brother and Anika as well.. whenever they try to speak to Shivaay about Anika, Shivaay sends them away or diverts the topic.
Anika does all the duty well in the mid 10 days finally the rituals start ….
OmRu comes to Anika while she was in the mid of her work and says

Rudy : Anika di.. do you really want Shivaay Bhai to get married to Tia.. do you feel whatever happening is right? Are you happy with this wedding? You never said what you wanted? We feel you look good with Shivaay bhayya…there is a passion between you both…did you never feel so ?
(Rudy : Anika di .. kya aap sach mein chahthi hain ki Shivaay bhai Tia se shaadi kare ? kya aapko ye theek lag raha hain jo ho raha hain? Ky aa piss shaadi se khush hain? Aap kya chahthe ho ye aapne kabhi bataya nahi? Hame tho aap Shivaay Bhaii ke saath acche lagte ho.. aap dono ke beech ek tashan ek junoon hain..aapko kabhi aisa nahi laga?)

Anika gives a shocking look at Rudy and says
Anika : Rudy .. I have come here to work .. I’have nothing more than this here and going by you brother’s words I donot have such status… that’s why what I wish, what I don’t, how I feel whether I’m happy or sad doesn’t really matter .. even if there is something between us there can nothing be done further.
(Anika : Rudy .. mein iss ghar mein kaam karti hoon …isse jayada mein yaha kuch nahi hoon aur tumhare bhai ke hisaab se meri iss jyada koi aukad nahi hain..isliye mera chahna ya naa chahna, meri khushi ya mera dukh koi matlab nahi raktha… ham dono ke beech kuch agar hain tho bhi agey kuch ho nahi sakta….)
Omkara: that means there is something between you both .. you have feelings for each other… infcat you both love eachother .. but till now you both haven’t expressed tit to each other.. am I saying truth ?
(Omkara: Iska matlab hain ki tum dono ke beech kuch hain ? tum dono ek dusre ko chathe ho..infact tum dono ek dure se pyaar karte ho ..par abhi tak ek dusre se kuch kaha nahi…kya mein sahi samjh raha hoon?)
Anika gives a dull smile and thinks it would have been great if Shivaay understood this small point.
Anika : No Om.. I haven’t said anything of this sort .. I just want to wrap up my work and leave as soon as possible… I have nothing left here…
(Anika: Nahi Om maine aise kuch nahi kaha…. Mein bas apna kaam khatham karke jitna jaldi ho utna jaldi chale jaana chahthi hoon..ab mera yaha kuch nahi bacha…)

The wedding rituals continue and next day is the marriage…. Anika goes to Dadi’s room …
Shivaay passes and listens their conversation without being seen . But Dadi notices him being there but doesn’t show it.
Anika : Dadi .. I have done all preparations …
(Anika: Dadi.. maine sari tayariyan kar dii hain … )
Dadi : I know puttar you have so much of talent .. I trust you.. too take restas tomorrow you have to be on time.. I will ask Billu to drop you…
(Dadi: Mujhe pata hain puttar tujh mein bahut kabiliyat hain..tujhe pe poora bharosa hain …jaa ab tub hi araam kar le kal fir aana haina ..mein Billu se kehthi hoon tujhe chod ke aane ko …)

Anika : Dadi .. I will not be able to come tomorrow.. sahil will be at home as he has a holiday and I need to take care of him… trust me dadi..i have done all all need not to do anything else…can I take leave tomorrow?
(Anika: Dadi .. mein kal nahi aa paoongi.. Sahil ghar par rahega uski chutti hain aur mujhe uska dhyan rakhna hain.. sach mein dadi kal keliye aap mein se kisi ko kuch tayari nahi karni hogi..maine sara intezaam kar liya.. kya mein kal chutti le loon ?)
Dadi : oye puttar .. if Sahil has an off tomorrow why don’t you bring him to wedding? How is it possible that you are not in billu’s wedding? You have to come tomorrow…
(Dadi: Aree puttar .. kal agar Sahil ki chutti hain tho use lekar aa ..tu Billu ke shaadi mein nahi rahegi aise kaise ho sakta hain? Tujhe tho kal aana hi padega..)
Anika : Dadi : Sahil will trouble everyone..also he is not used to such kind of environment and glitz.. so please..
(Anika: Dadi … Shail bahut pareshaan karega usko ye taam zaam ki aadat nahi hain..isliye..please ..)

Dadi : Anika tell me the truth … is the real reason that sahil has an off and so you will not be able to come or is there anything else? See puttar you are also the same as Priyanka and Soumya are for me, so you can without thinking anything else tell me the truth .. and why have you become so dull? I have been observing from few days infact from the day the wedding date of billu has been announced you are looking changed.. you don’t speak much nor do you smile often..what happened?
(Dadi: Anika , ek baat sach bata..kya asli wazah sahil hain ya aur kuch baat hain..dekh puttar jaise Priyanka aur soumya hain waise tu bhi meri poti naati ki tarah hain isliye agar aur koi baat hain tho mujhe sach bata..aur tera chehra kyun aise utra huan hain? mein kafi dino se matlab jab se billu ki shaadi ki baat shuru huin hain tab se tujhe badla huan dekh rahi hoon..naa kuch bolti hain naa jyada hasti hain..kya ho gaya tujhe?)
Anika after listening to Ddai words couldn’t control her emotions and hugs dadi and busrt her tears and says
Anika : Dadi .. I have not experienced love from my parents..i don’t even know who are my parents.. I have only Sahil in this entire world…whatever I have asked for has never been to me completely… but I prayed God for the person I love the most to be with me.. as usual since ther is no understanding between me and God my grant has been not fulfilled…that’s why I have become like this..but please you don’t worry I have the habit of taking all the unwanted and I will get fine…
( Anika : Dadi … maine kabhi pyaar nahi paaya maa aur papa ka..mujhe pata bhi nahi mere asli maa baap kaun the.. mera iss duniya mein sirf Sahil hain…maine jo chaha kabhi mujhe poora nahi mila..par koi aisa tha jo maine bahut chaha aur bhagwaan se unko maanga par aap jaante hona ..bhagwaan ji ki aur meri kabhi bani nahi aur iss baar bhi mujhe meri chahat nahi mili… bas dadi isliye aise ho gayi…par aap tension mat lo dadi..dukh jhelni ki bahut aadat hain mujhe mein apne aapko sambhal loongi…
Dadi: I donno whom you have asked for.. but I can say the guy is unlucky to leave you ..and onemore thing puttar ..if you pray god with pure heart he is bound to give you what you ask for.. and you are an honest girl why would God deny you your be happy ..what is bound to happen will happen.. I will not force you to come tomorrow..but we all will be happy if you are present…
(Dadi: mujhe nahi pata tujhe kaun pasand hain..par uss ladke ki kismet kharab hain jo tujhe nahi chaha… pettar agar bhagwan ko sacche mann se prarthna karo tho woh jaroor iccha poori karega aur tujh jaise sacchi ladki ko bhagwaan kabhi tukra nahi sakta…isliye tu khush hona hain who ho ke rahega…mein tumhe pareshaan nahi karoongi aane keliye lekin agar tum aaogi tho ham sab ko bahut kushi hogi…)

Shivaay thinks what the wuck ..why will she not come tomorrow? How can I stay without seeing her … how can she even think of not coming… let me ask her …
He stops … and thinks within himself :
what will I say her? Will I ask why will you not come? Will I say ..i cannot stay without seeing you ? or will I say I cannot do anything without you, I cannot live without you , I’m not the same without, I love you ……… I ..i … really loveee…. You …Anika …
What stupid thoughts am I thinking..i cannot think such but why am I forced to think the same once and again…. Whats all this ?

Meanwhile Dadi calls Shivaay and asks him to drop Anika.
They both sit in the car and avoid each other… Shivaay while driving stares at Anika all the way and Anika avoids looking at him ..tears whirl in her eyes and she really doesn’t want to show them.. They reach Anika’s house and She gets down the car without saying anything.. Shivaay calls her name and she stands still

Shivaay : Anika .. I need to say something…
(Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain)

Precap: The confession of Shivika in the final part …

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