Ishqbaaz – History repeats but with difference Part – 1

The history repeats …
Shivaay proceeds for his marriage with Tia. He is sitting in mandap with Tia aside. The pandit chanting the mantras and Tia’s parents, Robin ,Pinky, Jhanvi, Tej and Shakti with smiles on their faces..
Shivaay eyes searching but disappointed !!!

Shivaay , OmRu , Anika find the lady in the CD alive. The charges on his Papa, Bade papa are taken off.
Oberoi Mansion:
All the family members spend a happy time… Anika after some time gets ready to leave for home.
Anika : Dadi .. I will be leaving now. Sahil will be waiting for my arrival. It’s time too.
(Dadi ab mein chalthi hoon..Sahil bhi mera intezaar karta hoga.. waqt bhi ho gaya hain)
Dadi: Ok dear ! You can go! Om drop Anika to home.
(Theek hain puttar … tu jaa …Om jaa aur Anika ko ghar tak chod ke aa )
Shivaay looks on and thinks why does Dadi always ask Om to drop Anika ..even I’m also here

(Ye dadi hamesha Om ko kyun jaa kar Anika ko chod kar aane ko kehthi hain.. mein bhi tho yehi hoon)
Om : Ok Dadi … shall we leave Anika ?
(Ji Dadi .. chale Anika ?)

Anika gives a sharp look towards Shivaay and thinks Billu ji could also say that he will drop me … my bad can I even think Billu ji will say this .
(Billu ji bhi tho keh sakte the ki who mujhe chod ne chalenge …uff… ye mein soch bhi kasie sakti hoon ki Billu ji aise kuch kahenge)
Om : What happened Anika ? Shall we leave ?
(Kya huan Anika? Chale ham ?)
Anika : OO.. Okay..come
(Ha.. Haan chalo)

Shivaay : one minute.. Om why do you want to take the pain of dropping Anika to her home ? I.. I’m there ..I ..I will go and drop her … you have already got so much tired running here and there in finding the girl. Go.. go and take rest..
(ek.. ek minat .. Om tum kyun Anika ko chod kar aane ki takleef kar rahe ho?mein .. mein hoon na.. mein ..mein chod ke aata hoon ..waise bhi aaj tum uss CD wali ladki ko dhoond ne keliye idhaar udhaar bhag ke baut thak gaye ho.. jaoo…jaake araam karo)
Om and Rudy wink each other eyes and smile sheepishly ..
Shivaay turns towards Dadi and says

Dadi I am anyways going out for some work I will drop Anika and while coming complete my work and return home.
(Dadi mujhe waise bhi kisi kaam keliye bahar jaana hain..isliye mein Anika ko ghar chod ke ..wapas aate aate kaam khatham karke ghar lautoonga)
Dadi : Ok puttar .. you go .. how does it matter who drops Anika.. all are my grandsons !!
(Theek hain puttar ..tu jaa .. kya farak padtha hain kaun chod ke aayega ..akhir mein tum dono tho mere hi puttar hona)
Om : okay go

(Theek hain..fir aap hi jaoo )
Om thinks anyways you always want to be with her it’s just you don’t accept the fact nor share the same with us
(waise bhi tum hamesha Anika ke saath rehna chahthe ho.. ye baat alag hain ki ye baat naa tum kabhi accept karte ho ya kisi ko batate ho )

Shivaay : Let’s go Anika
(chale Anika)
Anika .. yea..Yeah
(Haa.. haan )
They both sit in the car… Shivaay drives and tries to say thank you to Anika but as usual cannot… a silence covers the ride … finally Anika breaks the silence and says
Anika : Billu ji do you always stay this calm and quiet ? do you never feel like speaking or talking to anyone ? Anyways you are again forgetting to say something to me.
(Billu ji aap hamesha aise chup hi rehthe ho kya ? kabhi kuch bolne ka ya baat karne ka mann nahi karta… waise aap bhool rahe ho ki aapko mujhe kuch kehna chahiye..)
Shivaay : Wa..what did I forget? Shivaay singh oberoi never forgets anything doing his trademark antic.

(Kya.. mein kya bhool gaya ? Shivaay singh oberoi kabhi kuch nahi bhooltha)
Finally they reach the destination and Anika gets down the car.
Shivaay : You are coming tomorrow to Oberoi Mansion right?
(Tum kal Oberoi mansion aa rahi hona?)
Anika : Why ? What is left to come there ? I have already done my job .
(Kyun ? ab kya bacha hain waha aane mein.. maine apna sara kaam kar diya)
Shivaay : if you are thinking that you have done everything then let me remind you my marriage is still to be you still have a job there. I’m not going to let you off so easily.

(Agar tum aise soch rahi ho ki tumne sara kaam kar diya tho tumhe yaad dila doon ki abhi meri shaadi nahi huin hain aur tum abhi bhi waha kaam hain. Itni asaani se tumhe nahi chodne wala mein)
They bid bye to each other and return to their respective homes.

Few Days pass by and shivaay and Anika’s cat and mouse fight continues.

After 10 days :
Oberoi Mansion:
Tia’s mom calls Pinky and says we have a good muhurat in next 20 days .. I want to perform my daughters marriage with all pomp and show and with all rituals this time ..I hope you are ok with this… After 10 days we will start with the marriage rituals..please inform everyone.
(Shaadi keliye Tarik nikalwaya hain aur agle 20 din ke baad bahut accha muhurat hain .. iss baar mein chahthi hoon ki mein apni beti ki shaadi badi dhoom dhaam se sari rasame nibhathe hue karo.. umeed hain aapko iss baat se koi aitraaz nahi hain.. 10 din ke baad se shaadi ki har rasam ek ke baad ek ham shuru karenge…aap sabko bata dijiye ga)

Pinky breaks the news to everyone in the house and Shivaay looks a bit shattered. However before the CD incident when he left the mandap on Anika’s word he has promised Tia that he will marry her in the presence of everyone and with all things in place. Shivaay had no option but to say YES.

OmRu after listening to Shivaays response feel sad and think of talking to him later..
Everyone in house feel super happy as they are ignorant of Shivaay’s feelings for Anika.
OmRu comes to Shivaay and tries to speak but before that Shivaay says
Shivaay : I know you have come to make me understand that I should not get married to Tia. But let me tell you if Shivaay singh Oberoi makes a promise he will never break the promise instead he will live the promise made..I have promised Tia that I will be marrying her .. so I will never change my decision.

(mein jaanta hoon tum log fir se mujhe samjhane aaye ho ki mein ye shaadi na karoon ..par mujhe tum logon se yehi kehna hain ki ek baar Shivaay Singh Oberoi agar kisi ko vaada karta hain tho who voh vaada jaroor nibhata hain ..aur maine Tia se vaada kiya tha ki mein use Shaadi jaroor karoonga.. isliye ab mera faisla badal nahi sakta.. )
Om: What about Anika.. all three of us know that you don’t love Tia.. but for Anika
(aur Anika ka kya? Tumhare dil ka kya? Ham teeno jaante hain ki tum Tia se pyaar nahi karte aur tum bas Anika ..)
Shivaay : what Anika? I don’t love Anika.. I have nothing to do with Anika.. she works here and because of her job she comes here and she meets us.. And above that she has no one here and nothing here.

(Kya Anika ? Anika se mein koi pyaar nahi karta..mujhe Anika se koi lena dena nahi..woh yaha kaam karti hain aur bas uska yaha rehna hamse milna uski kaam ki wazah se hain .. Iss se jayada uska yaha aur koi nahi aur kuch bhi nahi ….)
Rudy : ok.. might be for you Anika didi has no one in this house.. but for us .. Anika didi has we both , Dadi, Prinku and Sumo here. say us one thing .. One day if Anika didi comes late you make things messy .. how can you even think of her not being in your life once you get married to that lady baba? Have you ever thought about this?
(Acha.. aap keliye ye baat hain ki Anika di ka yaha koi nahi..Par ham dono keliye Anika di ko iss ghar mein ham dono , dadi, Prinku aur sumo hain.. waise aap ek baat bataoo.. ek din Anika didi der se aati hain tho cheezein sar pe utha lete ho aur jab aap shaadi Uss Lady Baba se karoge tho aap kaise reh paooge ? kabhi socha hain aapne?)

Om : shivaay you can lie to can lie to the whole world.. but atleast don’t lie to yourself. truth Is, you like Anika you have strong feelings for her and you are used to her ..but you never accept the fact..and whatever you are doing is wrong as you are not only playing with your life but you are also playing the feelings of Tia and Anika. And you know I hate those who do such acts.
(Shivaay … chahe tum hamse jhoot bol do ..chahe duniye se jhoot bol do … par tum kam se kam apne aap se jhoot mat bolo.. sach tho ye hain ki tum Anika ko bahut chahthe ho aur tumhe Anika ki aadat hain .. fir bhi tum ye mann ne se rahe .. aise kar ke tum apni zindagi ke saath Tia ki aur Anika ke ehsaason se khel rahe ho.. aur tumhe pata hain mujhe aise karnewalon se naftrat hain.)

Shivaay : Playing ? how? I’m only living up my promise..nothing else…
(Khel raha hoon? kaise ? mein sirf apna vaada nibha raha hoon ..koi khel nahi khel raha …)
Om : This is the problem with you Shivaay… you are not tyring to understand .. You are marrying Tia to keep your promise ..will you be able to love her later … hence Tia will be regretting her entire life after marrying you and will always be sad.. Anika after seeing you being someone else’s husband will get shattered.
(yehi tho problem hain Shivaay ..tum samjhne ki koshish nahi kar rahe … bina pyaar ke Tia se shaadi karke tum usko khsuh nahi rakh paooge aur shaadi ke baad Tia dukhi rahegi.. Anika ko naa pake tum bhi dukhi rahoge aur Anika tumhe kisi aur ka hue dekh ke tooth jayegi… )

Shivaay : one .. one minute..did Anika ever tell you that she loves me or she has feelings for me? How can you say then that I’m playing with her feelings? Om be practical.. Anika and I having nothing between us.. and I don’t want listen anything regarding this further.. I have decided and this decision is not going to change..
(ek ..ek minat.. Kabhi Anika ne tumse kaha ki who mujhse pyaar karti hain? ..tum kaise bol sakte ho ki mein uski ehsaason se khel raha hoon. Om tum practical raho.. ham dono ke beech kuch bhi nahi hain..aur agey mujhe aur kuch nahi sunna..maine faisla liya hain aur ye nahi badlega..)

Shivaay walks away reminiscing all his encounters with Anika with tears twirling in his eyes.

Meanwhile in the hall of Oberoi Mansion Anika steps in.
Pinky is eagerly waiting for Anika. As soon as Anika arrives
Pinky : Did you come Anika.. I was eagerly waiting for you.. there is lot of work to be done..start preparing the list..i don’t want anything to be deprived this time.. It has to be very grand.
(Aa gayi Anika .. tera hi intezaar kar rahi thi… Bhaut sare kaam hain jaldi se list banana ki tayari kar .. iss baar sab kuch acche se dhoom dhaam se karenge..koi kasar nahi chodna maine….)

Anika : What happened Aunty ji ? First take a deep breath .. I will do whatever you said .. but what’s the matter?
( Kya huan aunty ..aap pehli ek lambi saans lo..mein sab kuch karoongi jo aapne kaha ..par baat kya hain ?)

Pinky : Oye Anika .. aren’t you aware ..Shivaay and Tia’s wedding date is decided.. after 20 days is the wedding and after 10 days one by one all the rituals will start… and in these remaining 10 days we have to prepare everything in super fast mode …let me repeat my lines.. I don’t want anything to be left out this time .. afterall my son Shivaay is getting married to rs 1500 cr owner Tia)
( Arree Anika tune pata nahi .. Shivaay aur Tia ki shaadi ka muhurat nikal aaaya hain… 20 din mein shaadi hain aur 10 din ke baad ek ek karke rasme shuru ho jayengi… ab in 10 dino mein hame sab kuch jaldi jaldi niptana hain..aur haan ek aur baar bata rahi hoon iss baar koi kasar rehne mat dena..akhir mere shivaay ki shaadi ho rahi hain who bhi rs.1500 cr ki malkin Tia se.)

Anika in a state of shock ..
Anika : what Billu ji is getting married? Did he agree for the wedding?
(kya Billu ji ki shaadi ho rahi hain ? Woh maan gaye ? )
Pinky : Yeah Anika.. that’s why I have asked you to start the preparations.
(Haan Anika bhi tho bol rahi hoon tayariyaan shuru karne ko …)
Anika feels dejected and shattered from bottom of her heart she wanted to cry loud but could not..she faked a smile and said
Anika : Ok Aunty ji … Whatever you say will be done .. I will start with preparing the list …
(Ji aunty ji .. Jaise aap kaho waise hi hoga..mein sab list banati hoon…)
Anika walks away with heavy heart … She tries to avoid Billu ji as much as she can… Shivaay observes and tries to talk to her… but all these 10 days she becomes calm in an unusual way.. .. if she had some work with Billu ji she used to take help of Soumya or Priyanka … she did not dare to ask Shivaay to stop this wedding ..this time she had no reason except for the fact that she loves him…. She could not dare to see in his eyes and speak fearing that she will break down….she becomes weak at her heart as she feels she cannot ever digest the fact that her Billu ji is going to be someone else’s man .. she cries silently and fakes a dull smile ..she becomes mechanical..
On the other hand Shivaay couldn’t bear the fact that Anika is trying to avoid him..he feels depressed that his lady love is moving away from him..he feels dejected and fears to express his feelings..he cries in his room..he doesn’t know what to do..he cannot leave Anika nor can he stop the marriage..he feels if once Anika asks him to stop this marriage and lets her feelings out he will run to hug her and leave everything for her…he though understands is not sure of Anika’s feelings for him..he is confused..he cannot concentrate on anything.. he is slowly becoming lifeless..

OmRu becomes very sad seeing state of their brother and Anika as well.. whenever they try to speak to Shivaay about Anika, Shivaay sends them away or diverts the topic.
Anika does all the duty well in the mid 10 days finally the rituals start ….
OmRu comes to Anika while she was in the mid of her work and says …


how will Shivika confess their feelings watch out for in the next and final part

Please lemme know how you that i can upload my conclusion part

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