Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 38)

Hello Ishqbaazis,
Happy valentines day. This is last episode. enjoy

Episode starts with Rudra saying about him and Soumya. Everyone are hell shocked. Rudra understood that  understood that unknowingly he spoke the truth and he is not understanding what to do and just closes his mouth shut. Everyone are waiting for an answer and Soumya speaks up says that Rudra had proposed her love and that too today. every one of surprised but are happy for them and start teasing them. Om says so finally all the three sisters are marrying the three brothers from same house. They smile.
Suddenly Ishaana shouts. Om asks what happend?  Ishaana saya she forgot to say the matter on which we all are gathered now. They ask what is it. Ishaana says that actually bhai and Prinku are in love. All of them at a time say “futt the wack”. Ishaana says yes. Shivaay says two shocks in one day. Annika says but when did this happen. Ishaana says actually both of them didn’t propose but I know that they are in love. Om asks how do u know? She says she knows it and also I know that both of them will not express it. Annika says then how. Ishaana says she have a plan with which we can make them express their feelings. Everyone ask how?
Ishaana says when bhai thinks that Prinku is getting married to someone he will express it. Rudra asks Prinku is marrying? Soumya says duffer, if we create a scence like that then they will express it. All smile.
On the day of fake engagement Sundari ,Mrs Kapoor and Tia enter the Oberoi Mansion in disguise. All the Oberoi’s are facing the other side, So they dont see them. Sundari, Mrs. Kapoor and Tia aim gun towards them.And they shoot. But to their surprise they are just statutes. And as per the plan Randhawa arrests them and put them behind the bars with a vedio proof that they wanted to kill the Oberois.
Next Morning when all the youngsters are there along with Prinku and Randhawa. Just the Dadi enters. Shivaay stops her and says that Dadi actually I want to make an announcement. Dadi asks what? Shivaay says wait and calls all the adults to the living room. Everyone come there. Shivaay says he actually is very happy today and says that he got a alliance for Prinku. Randhawa and Prinku are shocked.Tej asks who is it? Shivaays says He is Dev chabra, som of Mukesh Chabra. Tej says ooh then it is definitely a good alliance. Jahnavi asks yes I know very well and even Mrs. Chabra is a good friend of mine. Dadi asks when are they coming. Shivaays says they are coming today and that too for directly Roka. Randhawa is shocked and finally shouts No, this cant happen. All the youngsters giggle but they dont show it. Tej ask what is the problem Randhawa. Randhawa says sorry uncle, but how can you just do Roka for Prinku. Shivaay says y cant we do? Randhawa says because I like her and I want to marry her. He goed to Prinku and confess his love. All the younsters are happy and Ishaana says finally my plan worked. Randhawa looks shocked. Shivaays says it was actually a plan, so that you can confess ur feelings. Prinku blushes. They all smile.
After a month, The Mansion is fully decorated and is colourful becoz its a wedding. It’s not a common one. Becoz 4 weddings are taking place at a time. Yes its Shivika, Rumya, Ishkara, Priveer wedding cermony. All the grooms are sitting in the mandap and are eagerly waiting for their beautiful brides. As soon as they come they are mesmerised by their beauty. They come and sit in their respective places. And the wedding takes place without any obstacles. All are happy that they got their lived ones, though they are ups and downs in it they didn’t leave eachother, they fought , they laughed, they cried but they lived happily with one another ,everafter.
The End.

Thanks guys for the love and support you have shown

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