Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 37)

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It’s weekend, The two families met at Oberoi Mansion.All the three sisters take Dadi’s blessings. They chat for a while and sit at dining table. They were speaking on different matters. And pinky asks Annika about the marriage. Annika looks at Shivaay. Shivaay says Mom? Pinky says what Mom, all my friends are asking about it, I should say them an answer. Shivaay says actually there is something more important to talk. He looks at Om. Om gets up smiling at him in an assuring way and  say that  he actually want to say something to family. Everyone looks on. Om says that he got his life partner .Everyone was shocked except the youngsters. Tej asks who is it? Om asks for Ishaana’s hand and makes her getup. He then says it’s Ishaana. All the adults are stunned and youngsters are smiling. Ishaana blushes. Ishaana mother asks is it true Ishaana. Ishaana says yes maa. She smiles. Tej says that he is ok with it. Jahnavi is also happy for them. Dadi says so everything is fine and I am happy for both of you,we will do their engagement as soon as possible. They smile. Then suddenly someone says this can’t happen. They all turn towards the voice. It’s Randhawa. All are surprised. Ishhana is shocked and ask y bhai. Randhawa says because we still didn’t find Sundari. If she knows about this then there will be another attack. Ranveer’s Mom says but it’s not good to stop the function just because. I know that she can be a hurdle but how many days should we stop the happiness for it.

Tej says yes Randhawa it’s not correct to stop the function. Randhawa says I am not saying I am against the function, but my sisters happiness is also important for me. So we have to wait until that.
Om says how much time we have too. I know you are seaching her for 2 months and that is y we stopped Shivaay and Annika’s marriage. Still how much time we should wait for it. Randhawa says 2 days more. Shivaay says how can you say it. Randhawa says actually I have a plan for it. Every one looks on as Randhawa shares his plan. The plan is that there will be a fake engagement function in the Mansion. Because according to our sources, this time Sundari, Tia and Mrs. Kappor only execute it and as soon as they get to know about it, they will definitely come to kill u and all our police men come in disguise and will get mixed in the guests. As soon as they come we will arrest them. Everyone agrees but are somewhat tensed . Randhawa asks not to worry and everything  and will be fine. He then asks to enjoy there dinner.Every one smile.

Next day, Sundari gets a call and after she answers it, she smiles evilly. Tia’s mother come and ask her what’s the matter .Sundari says that there is an engagement function in the Oberoi Mansion. Tia asks whose? Sundari says Omkara nd Ishaana’s. They smile saying that it’s time to destroy the Oberoi’s.
In the office Anika and Shivaay are  working. Annika says do you think this will happen. He asks what? Annika says the plan, will it work? Shivaay hugs her and says dont you have trust on your brother.She says she have complete trust on her brother. Shivaay says then why are you worried. Annika says that she lost her mother and father and now she dont have courage to loose anyone. Shivaay asks her not to take tension and everything will alright. He makes her turn towards him, caresses her face and kisses her by assuring her nothing will go wrong. She hugs him.
In the college Rudy is searching the whole college for Sumo as he didn’t see her any where. He then sees her talking on the phone and is mesmerises by her beauty.He thinks that even Sumo looks cute and sweet.He then realises what he thought. He tries to go to her nd just then Reyaan comes there. He sees both of them laughing and goes their angrily. He asks Reyaan what is he doing here. Reyaan says he is talking to Soumya. Rudra says dont you have any other work and drags Sumo from there. Sumo shouts at him and asks what is your problem Rudra? Rudra says why are you talking to him. Soumya says what type of question is this? He is my friend, so I am talking. Rudra says you should not talk to him. She asks y? Rudra says I cant share u with anyone nd u are only mine.I cant see you close to anyone and especially that Reyaan. I like u and I want you. Soumya is stunned and still asks y? Rudra says I love u moti. Soumya is shocked, surprised, happy, and is mixed with lot of emotions. She hugs him. Rudra hugs her back and is really happy that he found her partner in her bestie. They smile..

On the other hand Ranveer and Prinku are thinking about eachother in their respective homes. Ishaana sees Randhawa and understands that he is thinking about Prinku. She then thinks to do something becoz her brother is so stuborn and Prinku is so innocent to confess their love for each other. She then goes to her room by gathering Annika nd Sumo. They ask what? Ishaana asks them to wait and she then dails Om through Skype. Shivaay and Rudra are alao there along with Om. They all at a time ask Ishaana what’s the matter.Before Ishaana could speak Rudra thinks it about Soumya and him and thinks to say it by himself before Ishaana could speak and shouts that Soumya and I are in love. Everyone is shocked. Soumya hold her head. Ishaana ask what? Rudra says you want to say this only know. Ishaana says no. Rudra thinks he got caught and opens his mouth wide open.

Precap: the end

Guys so actually I thinking to wrap up the series with one last episode as I really dont want to extend it. So at last I want to thank you all for the love and support. Lots of love.

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