Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 36)

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While everything is going well the villians are still plotting to destroy Oberois. But they are not finding the way to do it. Sundari says that every time my plan is not working,  but if I get one last chance then I am going to finish them. Mrs. Kappor says that enough of this, I cant wait more and I have invested a lot on you, now I am done with you. Sundari says what do u mean by done with me? Tia says that means your plans are just a big flop and this time Mom will think a plan.Sundari says ok.
In the college, Rudra and Sowmya enter the college. Rudra says you sit in the canteen, I will come in a minute and goes. Soumya sits in the canteen and sees some boys bullying a girl, she gets angry and scolds them and when they try to misbehave with her. Before Rudy could come a boy comes and beats them up. He then turns towards Soumya. He is Reyaan. He introduces himself. Soumya says hi. Rudra comes. Reyaan says didn’t you remember me. Soumya looks confused. Rudra jokes and says ooh! You are superman right, yeah I remembered you. Saumya and Reyaan give a weird look. Reyaan says Sowmya I am the same guy whim you saved me in an accident and admitted in hospital. Soumya says ooh. Hiw are u now. And by the way Rudy also helped you in it. Reyaan says thankyou Rudy. Rudra says my name is Rudra. Soumya gives him a angry look and says its ok Rudy. Reyaan then says soumya that he will give a treat. Rudra says will you not call me.

Reyaan says by seeing your physic I didn’t thought you will eat junk. Soumya says yes Rudy is so strict in diet. Rudra says no problem, I will come. Soumya is confused by this sudden change. Reyaan says ok, then it will be my pleasure. He goes. Soumya asks what was that.Rudra asks what? Soumya  asks y did he  behave badly with Reyaan. Rudra says I dont like him. Soumya asks y? Rudra says I dont know, but I don’t like him. Soumya says  you behaved like a jealous Boyfriend and goes from there. Rudra says me and jealous that too for Sumo..God what is happening with me ? He goes to them.

Shivaay and Annika are in the office.They are discussing about a project. Shivaay says you also became like me, a typical business women. Annika says ofcourse who am I, Lalit Agarwal’s daughter and Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s fiancee.Shivaay smiles. He then says that Mom is asking about our marriage date.  Annika says I think we should talk about engagement also.Shivaay asks we are already engaged. Annika says not our’s. Shivaay asks then whose? Annika says Ishaana and Om’s. Shivaay says ooh. By the way we two discussed about it yesterday only. And we were planning to talk about it this weekend. Annika says still what you thought.Shivaay says I also thought thay if their engagement gets completed then we all can marry at a time. Annika says wow billu ji, that’s a great Idea. Shivaay saya it’s office and she should not call him Billu. Annika says sorry Mr. SSO, I forgot about it. Shivaay gives an “imposible look”.
Annika giggles.

Om and Ishaana are in gallery and are enjoying their new relationship. Om shows her a new art and Ishaana is learning it. Ishaana says Om I think we should say about us in our family. Om says even  Shivaay and I  dicussed about the same. Ishaana says what u thought.Om says like every weekend our family is going to meet this time also, then we will declare it. Ishaana hugs him and is happy.

Precap: Om declares about his relationship. Randhawa says about a plan and the family worries

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