Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 35)

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The Episode starts with Randhawa saying about the clue he found. Shivaay asks what is it? Randhawa says that I checked your Sundari Bua’s visiting record in jail and Only two members came to meet her. Anika asks who are they? Randhawa says One are the goons who attacked you in Oberoi Mansion. Om asks and the other? Randhawa says Mrs. Kapoor and her daughter. Everyone shouts what? Randhawa says yes, according to my investigation Sundari already wanted to attack you and on 26th of last month Mrs. Kapoor went to meet and met Sundari. Shivaay asks in which date. Randhawa says it. Shivaay says that just before that I called off engagement with Tia. Rudy says it means Lady baba and her mom are behind this plan. Randhawa says so now I understood, Mrs. Kapoor wants to take revenge and she is helping Sundari. Shivaay is angry and says I will not leave her.

Randhawa says cool down Shivaay, you should not do anything against law. We atleast found out a clue and from today I am going to spy them and we will catch them Red handedly.
Annika cries that what did papa do in this, that he should give up his life and cries. Shivaay consoles her. Randhawa says not to worry and he will definitely put them behind the bars. He leaves from there. Prinku comes behind him and stops him. Randhawa ask what happend. Prinku says I know that you are police but plzz take care of your self. Randhawa smiles and says that he will and goes.

A month later, Annika, Ishaana and Sowmya are seen getting ready. Sowmya heres a horn and says I should go di otherwise this duffer will not stop sounding horn. Annika and Ishaana, Randhawa says bye and sowmya kisses her mother ( Randhawa’s mother) and says bye maa and goes. She comes out and she is  still hearing the horn sound and says Dumbel Oberoi plzz stop it, I came. That’s Rudy. Rudy says how much time will u take to  get ready Sumo, I should not be late to college and that too on the first day. Both are doing and as they are bestest friends they two go with eachother. Sumo sits in car and says y in hurry becoz its first day or for the new girls. He says u are genius Sumo. She says lets go. They leave.Later Randhawa, Ishaana and Annika also kiss their mother and they too leave in their own vehicles.
In the Oberoi Mansion (the new one)

Shivaay comes down stairs, takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says today you are leaving soon. Om says because he is eager to meet someone. Shivaay says shut up Om. Om giggles. Shivaay leaves.Om and Prinku say that they will also leave and go from there.
Annika enters a big company and as soon as she enters all say her Good Morning. She greets them smiling and enters a Cabin. She searches for someone and suddenly someone come and hugs her from back. Its Shivaay. Annika says Shivaay this is office. Shivaay says so what? She says we should work here and not romance. Shivaay says Its our office who complains about their bosses.(so after somedays both Lalit’s and Oberois got merged and Annika is also a boss for her company and is working along wuth her love).Annika says ok shall we discuss about our next deal. Shivaay says ok and they sit to discuss about it.

In the other hand Randhawa is scolding his subordinates that they still didn’t trace out about Sundari and the kapoor’s. They say that they are trying hard for it but they are not getting them. Randhawa says too be quick and he wants them at any cost. They leave. He gets Prinku call. He says hi. Prinku says Hi, y are you worried?Randhawa says because he is not getting Sundari and kapoor’s.She says not to worry and he will get them.Randhawa says hmm. She then asks if he will be meeting her even today evening. Randhawa says he will comr.They end their call.

In the art gallery, Ishaana says you are again late Om. Om says Sorry actually I went to some place to get the mud for sculptures. Ishaana says you could have get it in near by place, y did u go that far. Om says Ishaana you done MBA but you became a sculptor. She says because I liked it and everything will have its own speciality. Om says exactly everything has its own speciality so I went that far to bring it. Ishaana says it’s imposible to win an argument with you. Om says ok let’s go and they go into the gallery.

Precap: jealous rudy

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