Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 34)

Hello Ishqbaazians,
Hope everyone is good. So here’s the episode.-

Episode starts with three brothers going to thier partners with food. They are still weeping and are not interested to eat. Even after lot of insistence they dont respond. The brothers understand that they are not at all in good mood and go  from there to think of an idea so that they can smile.
Randhawa is in police station and is checking the old files in order to get some clue.

He then ask his inferiors to give a 3 rd degree interrogation to the goons who attacked on Oberoi’s on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and also to search Sundari. As he is going through the files he finds something shocking.
In the Oberoi Mansion Jahnavi, Dadi, Pinky are discussing about the attack.
(P- Pinky, J- Jahnavi, D- Dadi)
P- So much has happened in one day, what if we were in the Mansion..
D-  Dont know what is happening in our house, I am mad to give shelter to Sundari.
J- It’s not your fault mummy ji, how could you know that she is planning this much.
P- God saved us three times.
D- It’s not god Pinky it’s Annika’s family. We owe them a lot.
J- Yes Pinky, If Annika and Lalit ji were not there then we would have not been alive until now.
P- Even this is correct, The only thing that we can do to repay Lalit ji is to keep their daughters happy.
In the room all the three brothers are sitting on the bed and thinking how to make them happy
They come up with lot of ideas but they drop it. Atlast Rudra gives a idea to them and even Shivaay and Om agree. Rudra then ask who will execute it. Both of them point their fingers towards Rudra. Rudra shouts no. They ask y? Rudra says I gave the plan. They say that as Rudra gave it so he should only execute it.Rudra still doesn’t agree. Shivaay and Om make an innocent face and say that cant you do this for your 2 bhabhi’s and your best friend. Rudra atlast agrees.
All the three sisters are sitting in one place and they suddenly hear a song playing. It’s “Baby Doll” song. Then they see Rudy getting down the stairs in a lady getup. Shivaay, Om are in their original attires and they to join Rudra and dance on it. Dadi , Jahnavi, Pinky also join them. But the three sisters are still not laughing but at the end of the dance Rudra’s bottom gets loose and falls down.

To this all the family laugh at him including Annika, Sowmya and Ishaana. All are happy for them. All the adults leave.
The brothers then get food and feed them. Annika says y are u doing this Shivaay? Shivaay says because I gave a promise to your father that I will take care of you and you are my responsibility and Shivaay Singh Oberoi will not run away from his responsibilities. Annika hugs him. All the youngsters smile. Shivaay then says that he has to say something. Annika asks what? Shivaay says her about Ishaana and Om’s relationship. Everyone gets exited. Om and Ishaana blush. Annika says that I am happy for you two. All of them congratulate the two. They all smile and are happy. Annika says do bhai(Randhawa)  know this? Om says no. Annika says y didn’t you say? Om says I don’t what his reaction will be , I was just waiting for the right time. Just then Randhawa enters and says that right time has come. All turn towards him. Randhawa says if my sister is happy then I am happy and congratulate them. Ishaana hugs him and says thanks bhai. He hugs back. Randhawa then says that he found something relating to the case. Shivaay asks what?

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  2. too short…..

  3. Awesome

  4. Loved it

  5. Maria

    I was not able to comment early.I was a silent reader ,but now I couldn’t resist myself from commenting
    It was a awesome episode felt sad for somu ishu and ani ,loved rudras dance
    Keep update best wishes from one of ur fan

  6. Samm

    whoa! what a timing harshitha! why, oh why? still, it’s a nice one 🙂

    1. M.Harshitha

      can I know about what you are talking

      1. Samm

        i was talking about the cliffhanger. it’s like the timing when the power goes off while watching tv. in that sense your timing was terrible, you could have given us some more to read! 😀 i’m just kidding, of course. 🙂

  7. It is awesome dear… Waiting for the next update

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