Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 33)

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Episode starts with Annika going into the Mansion to get her mom’s photo frame. Shivaay says he will also come and is about to go with Annika. As they both head towards the Mansion, Lalit stops them 3 minutes to explode.and Sundari is tensed. Lalit stops them and says that only he knows where he kept the frame and says them he will only go and get it and enters the mansion. Shivaay Annika are holding their hands and discussing, in the same way remaining are also chatting. Lalit takes the frame and is about to step out but before that the bomb explodes.
Everyone are shocked , they are dumbstruck and are standing like rocks. Annika shouts papa and all the family come to their senses and move towards Lalit’s body lying over somewhere. Sundari is irked that her plan flopped one more time. As Lalit is still breathing , all the family members rush him to the hospital. While taking on the streacher Lalit is breathing heavily and  says that he knows he will not live. Every one asks not to say like that. Lalit takes Annika and Shivaay’s hand in his and say to Shivaay to take care of Annika. Shivaay says he will be infront of Annika in all the hurdles. After this Lalit happily closes his eyes. Thr family call the doctor and the doctor checks the pulse and says he is no more. Three sisters cry vigorously. Their partners console them. Shivaay hugs Annika and try to control her. Soumya is in shock and falls down, Rudra sits beside her crying and says not to cry..
In the same way Om is trying to console Ishaana. And all the family are mourning over Lalit’s death.
Next Morning, Randhawa is doing Lalit’s last rites and he promises that he will catch the one who is behind this and will keep them behind the bars. All the three sisters cry. The family consoles them.
As the Oberoi Mansion got destroyed by the blast, all are living in Lalit’s Agarwal Mansion. Randhawa, Shivaay, Om and Rudra are discussing about the bomb blast.
(S- Shivaay, O- Om , Ru-Rudra,Ra- Randhawa)

S- How did this happen?
Ra- Even I am not understanding it, I checked each and everyone.
O- But you’re not their all the time, becoz you once came to us for the dance
Ru- It means as soon as Randhawa came on the dance floor someone had placed the bomb.
S- Correct, Did anyone see Sundari after thr blast.
O- No
Ru- No
Ra- No.
S- so this means bua has done this.
Ra- But according to the reports the explosives are costly. How can your Bua afford it.
Ru- Savings account?
O- shut up Rudra
S- May be she got it from someone.
Ru- But who can give such a huge amount to her?
O- Point! What if any of our enemies helped her?
Ra- Do u have any other enemies?
S-   We have a lot of rivals but who want to kill us.
Ra- Dont worry I will check all the records and say to you.
Just then Prinku enters.
Ra-what happened prinku, is everything fine?
All the obro’s are little shocked by Randhawa’s  words to Prinku. But they dont show it.
Prinku says that Annika, soumya and Ishaana are still crying and didn’t eat anything until now. Randhawa is about to go, but the brothers stop them and say him to go on with his work and they will look after his sisters. Randhawa agrees and leaves. Outside Prinku stops him and says sorry to him. Randhawa asks y? Prinku says if I didn’t force u for the dance then you would be looking after the security and this would not have happened. Randhwa puts his hand on Prinku’s head and says not to blame herself and says that its destiny. He leaves.
Dadi comes to the brothers and says that I think we should postpone the marriage.Shivaay says even he too feel the same and says that Annika is now not in a mood to marry. Infact I only thought to say you about this. So much happened in the home until now, Annika takes some time to recover so lets postpone it. Dadi says ok, I will inform everyone and goes.
Later, Om says him about his relationship with Ishaana. Shivaay nd Rudra asks him y he didn’t say it before. Om says that I thought to say it but in between all these I thought to say you later. Both the brothers congratulate him and are happy for them. Later all the three go to thier respective partners and try to convince them to have the food.

Precap:: Mission making the girls happy

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