Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 32)

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The episode starts with Randhawan checking the security and is busy in it. All the youngsters including Shivaay ask him to take part in dance. He says that he should check the security and he will not come. But as all of them force him he goes to enjoy the party.

As soon as Randhawa goes Sundari enters her men and ask them to do their work. After some time she saks them  if they had placed the explosives ?   in the mansion or  not. They say that they had fit 3 bombs in the mansion  and all of them will explode in one hour. Sundari is so happy and thinks that today no one will be there all the people will be gone.

All are happy and are enjoying , and the party gets completed in half an hour and are sitting in the living rooma nd Sundari is already outside waiting for the explosion. Annika and Shivaay are happy that everything went well. Lalit says to everyone that he is so happy today and holds all his daughters and say that today I want to give all my daughters a gift. All are surprised. He gets few papers and sings it and says that today I want to share my wealth among my daughters. All three sisters say that Why are u doing this dad. We dont want all this we just want you. Lalit says that No beta, today I am so happy that all my daughters are with me, so let me celebrate it and ask them not to question him once again. So they all stop. He then gives his will to Annika, Ishaana, Soumya.All the family are happy for them. Lalit then asks Ranveer/Randhawa to come. Randhawa does.Lalit says that I am happy that all my daughters got a brother like u. Randhawa says he is happy to get sisters like them. Lalit asks him will he make a promise. Randhawa says yes. Lalit says him that he should take care of his daughters when he is not there. Randhawa asks him not to talk in such way and say that he will be fine. Lalit says no one knows what will happen next minute and says him to promise. Randhawa says he will take care of his sisters and he will be before them in  all thier hurdles. Lalit then give the 4 th share to Randhawa. Randhawa says he dont want it and says that he doesn’t made the promise for it. Lalit says that he is giving it as a gratitude and wants him to accept it, as the three sisters force him he accepts it.

Its 20 minutes more for explosion, Shivaay asks if the surprises are finished or not. Lalit says not yet. All look at him. Lalit says that he says that he cant move far away from his daughters to UK, so he shifted his main branch to India and he is going to stay in India from today.Every one are happy. He then says that he got a new mansion today and he and his daughters are going to stay their. Everyone are shocked and say what? Dadi says but y? Did we make any mistake. Lalit says no Aunty ji, dont say like that, you have been very good to us. Tej asks then y do u want to move? Lalit says Tej, today I have all my family here and even I shifted by business to here, so obviously I should take a new home. Shivaay says but uncle you could move after the marriage know? Lalit says Shivaay its just a mtter of two days and Annika will be here only dont worry and both the bride and groom should not see eachother, Am i right Aunty ( dadi)? Dadi says yes. Lalit say so today me , my daughters are moving to the new mansion along with Randhawa and his mother. Randhawa’s mother says but y us? Lalit says because U are daughter of my mother and I know that both of you cant be without eachother. Ishaana says plzz maa stay with us, plzz. She agrees.

Its just 5 min left to explode and all are standing outside to bid good bye to Agarwal’s and Randhawa’s. Sundari is irked that only 5 min left and all are standing outside. All are ready to leave but Lalit says he forgot Annika’s mother’s photo inside and someone to bring it. Annika says she will go and get it.

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