Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 31)


No one was sleeping, all are with their respective partners, Shivaay and Annika near swimming pool, Om and Ishaana in Om’s room, Rudra and Soumya in Soumya’s room,  Randhawa and Prinku in Prinku’s room and the adults in the living room.
Anika and Shivaay are sitting beside each other holding their hand and Annika playing with the water and laying her head on shivaay’s shoulders. Annika says that she is very happy that she is geeting her happiness one by one, first her father, next Billu ji and now her Chutki. Shivaay smiles seeing her. But Annika smile fades away, she says that I hope atleast our Sangeet goes well. Shivaay kisses her and says that until Shivaay singh Oberoi is there, nothing happens to you. She hugs him.

Prinku and Ranveer are in Prinku’s room. Prinku says are u ok? Ranveeer says yes but still it takes time for me to digest the fact. Prinku says I can understand. Ranveer says how can u understand, what I feel. Prinku says I dont know but I can. He asks how? Prinku says because you are my bahabi’s bhai. He smiles.
Meanwhile Rudra and Soumya are in Soumya room. Sumo says today she is so happy. Rudra asks y? Sumo says duffer today I got my di and tomorrow its my other di’s sangeet. Rudra says that I am also happy for it and says that bhai and Bhabi look good together, right? Sumo says right, jiju can do anything for di and family and they chat.

Om and Ishaana are sitting in Om’s room and Om says that I think today is the most shocking day of your life. Ishaana says yes, I didn’t think that one day can change my whole life, still I am not able to believe it even now. Om says obviously it will be difficult. Ishaana says but it will be a great story to say to our kids. Om says our? Ishaana thinks what she said and tries to divert the topic. Om is still waiting for the answer. Ishaana tries to go. Om stops her by holding her wrist and again asks her. He gets close to her and again asks the same question. Ishaana tries to get back but she couldn’t because of the wall behind her. Om still comes close and Ishaana says I Love U. Om is so happy ,he felt like dancing. He turns her round and says I Love U Too. And they have a passionate lip lock.
While everyone are happy in their own way ,the villians are planning something big to shatter there happiness.

Its Morning,
The day of Sangeet, Shivaay and Annika are equally exited for it. Their feet are not on the ground but there is also a hidden fear in Annika’s heart.
After a lot of teasing by his brothers Shivaay comes down and all the family starts doing dance.
After the dance, Anikka comes down getting ready and she is gorgeous. Shivaay couldn’t take his eyes off her. He is so mesmerized. He tries to go to her but his brothers stop him and teases him to control himself. He says that its nothing like that he was just going to check the security. They ask him to stop and say him that even he knows that ACP is looking after it.He asks what they want. They ask him to dance and three brother’s do dance on “Aaj ki Party Meri Taraf Se”  and at last they lift shivaay and dance. Annika is happy seeing their bromance.

On the other hand Sundari ask the men are they ready or not. They say that they are ready. Sundari warns them that they should not make a mistake this time and says that the security is under the control of ACP and ask them to be careful.

  After sometime, Om anounces a couple dance of the bride and groom.
Shivaay asks for Annika’s hand and takes her to the dance floor. They dance romantically on a song.Meanwhile in the whole song Annika and Shivaay were dancing in such a way that no one are seeing them and they can do what they want. They are involved in themseleves. In the same way Om and Ishaana, Rudra and Sumo dance along with them.All the people applause for them. Sundari smirks evily.

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