Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 30)

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In the morning Shivaay gets up and sees Annika still asleep. He smiles and thinks how he slept on Annika’s lap last night. He gets up and makes her sleep properly, caresses her face, tucks her hair strand behind the ear, kisses her on the forehead and goes to freshup.
On the other hand Om is talking to Ishaana that he have alot of work this week and he cant come to gallery. Ishaana says that she is only coming to their house as her Mom and Bhai want to see Annika. Om says cool then I can see you even today. Ishaana says yes. They smile.
Annika wakes up and sees Shivaay getting ready and says Good Morning Billu ji. Shivaay says Good Morning Miss. Anika Agarwal and to be Mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Annika smiles. She comes to him and  makes him dressup and folds his collar neatly. He kisses her and says that I want you to make me get ready like this for the rest of my life. Annika says it would be my pleasure. Both smile.

After sometime Om is waiting for Ishaana and is walking all over the living room restlessly. Lalit comes and ask what happened Om, seems ur are restless over something? Om says nothing in that Uncle actually I am waiting for someone? Lalit asks whom? Om sees Ishaana entering the Mansion and says Ishaana and goes to receive them. Lalit turns to see her. Ishaana after talking with Om comes and meets Lalit and says, hello Uncle I am Ishaana, sorry I didn’t meet you on the engagement day. Lalit while talking suddenly sees a mark on her hand. He reminisces something.
Just then all the family members come there and lalit shouts Chutki.  Anika is shocked and sees her dad. Lalit holds Ishaana and says Chutki,  you are my Chutki, where have yoi been all these years. There is feeling of happiness, sadness, Enthusiasm everything can be clearly seen in his eyes. Ishaana is dumbstruck and is not knowing what is going on. Annika comes to her dad and tries to control him. Her dad says Annika she is only our Chutki. Annika tries to say him that its not our Chutki dad. She is dead, she is no more hear. Lalit says no Annika see this, and shows the tatto on her hand and says that it is our Chutki. Annika and Soumya see it and are shocked and says yes. Everyone is not speaking a word. Randhawa then comes and says what’s happening here? She is my sister and who is Chutki. Soumya says no she is my di. We thought that we lost her, see, see this tattoo. She is our di. Randhawa says stop it Soumya , just because of a tattoo you cant change someone’s identity. He goes to her mother and says maa, y are you not speaking anything say them that she is ours ,say it maa . Her mother is still in shock . Lalit comes to her and ask her that I dont know who are you but plzz tell me that she is my daughter plzz. Ishaana’s mother comes to her senses and has tears in her eyes. Lalit asks her once again the same question. Ishaana mom says yes she is your daughter. All the family gets shocked, Annika, Soumya and Lalit are happy. Randhawa says what are you talking maa? Ishaana comes to her and says maa.. Ishaana mother says that yes Ishu , you are not my real daughter and starts crying. Randhawa is shocked and asks what are saying. Ishaana mother says that

One day When I was going on my way to office I saw an accident , By the time I went there I saw Ishaana’s mother dead but Ishaana was still alive and lying on the road with injuries .I tried to contact to there family members but as the car got blasted I couldn’t do it. Then your father said that we will only keep this baby if their family members dont come then we will only keep her. They waited for so many days but you didn’t come. Lalit says we came but they said that the hospital staff said that they burned there bodies. Ishaana’s mother says that it was not there bodies because along with Mrs. Agarwal there was other baby in the car, the drivers daughter, even I came to know that after sometime. Everyone came out of trance and are still not able to believe what they heard especially Randhawa and Ishaana. Lalit thanks Ishaana’s mother for taking good care of her even she is not daughter. Ishaana’s mother goes to Ishaana. Ishaana hugs her and says Thankyou maa , you really took a good care of me, you loved me more than bhai. I cant repay for what u done for me. Lalit comes to Ishaana and says Chutki, will u once call me papa. Ishaana hugs him and says papa. Annika and Soumya come and hug her. Annika says it is really destiny, otherwise I wouldn’t come to India  just to meet a facebook friend they laugh. Ishaana sees Randhawa in tears and ask him to join them. He hugs them and say that today he have two more sisters. All the family members are happy.

Its now time for Randhawa and his mother to leave, they are in tears. When they are about to go Lalit stops them and ask them that where are they going? Ishaana’s mother says that they are going to their home. Lalit says that he knows that it is very burden for them to leave Ishaana and go and even for Chutki it is equally different, so I want you to stay with us. Before Ishaana’s mother can say something Ishaana stops her and says that plzz maa stay here. I cant stay without you, plzz. Even Randhawa says yes to it so they agree. Dadi comes and says good. Even I am coming to say this. Lalit says that thanks  Aunty ji. Dadi asks Om to take them to their Rooms. Om takes them. He gives Ishaana and her mother a room . Randhawa says that I dont need a separate room, i can actually stay with you guys. Om says cool and takes him to his room. Prinku is happy as Randhawa is in the same house. And Om is happy for Ishaana.

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