Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 29)

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Episode starts with Shivaay trying to wake up Annika as there is no response he feels shattered. Rudra says that it is my mistake, I should take care of her, but due to my carelessness all this happend. Shivaay says that its not u Rudra it me ,I am sorry Annika it is all my fault. When you called me I didn’t talk to you properly just because of one damn meeting. Its all my fault , I should have talked to you. Please, wake up from now onwards I will never ignore you. Please, please, Annika….(he shouts) and his tears fall on her.

Annika slowly opens her eyes and murmurs Shivaay. Shivaay is so delighted and hugs her so tightly that if he loosens his grip she may go away. Rudra and Om are happy that Annika is out of danger.

  They come to Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay takes Annika to his room and asks her to sleep. Annika tries to say something but Shivaay says not to say anything and just rest. He says that he will talk to her in the morning, gives her medicines and goes from there after she sleeps. 

Rudra is walking in the corridors and is feeling guilt that he didn’t protect his bhabhi. Soumya sees him and tries to talk but Rudra is not in his senses and doesn’t see her. Soumya stops him by holding his hand.

He sees her. Soumya asks what happend? Rudra hugs Soumya and starts crying. Sumo gets concerned and asks what happened Rudra ,y are u crying? Rudra says that bcoz of him Bhabhi life was in danger today. Sumo says Rudra are u mad, y are u saying like this? I know you,though you are mad u dont hurt anyone in your life. Rudra stops crying and starts a fight that you call me mad, hello miss you know how many gf’s I have in college. Sumo says even I am saying the same and they are mad to get mad over a mad person. Rudra asks what? And they continue it. Sumo at last smiles that Rudra forgot everything and stopped crying. Rudra then realises it and thanks him.

In the morning all the youngsters are in Annika’s room. Annika shows thrm the album.She and Rudra say them all they did and their doubt on Sundari. Shivaay says that so, what I thought was correct bua is doing all this, I will make her arrest. Annika says it is not that easy Shivaay, we dont know exactly if she is the culprit or not. Om says even if she is culprit, we dont have any proof against her. Rudra says O and Bhabi are correct, but what if we can take help of Randhawa. Shivaay yes ok, I will call him. He calls Randhawa and says everything. Randhawa says he was waiting for a clue and now I found it. I will definitely look in to this and keep and eye on your aunt.

After sometime dadi calls them and say that there are only 4 days for the marriage and ask everyone if they remember about it or not? They say that they remember it and ask her not to worry. Dadi says that if everything went good on engagement then they could have done all the rituals but as there is less time we will just do sangeet and engagement. Lalit agrees for it and says that he will do all the arrangrments. Shivaay goes to his room, Annika follows him.

Annika asks him what happend? Shivaay says nothing. Annika turns his face towards him and sees into his eyes and asks what is the problem. Shivaay says that he is worried a lot that if even this time if something goes wrong. Annika hugs him and says him that nothing will happen this time and asks him not to worry. He says that he is really scared of loosing them. Annika says that he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi, he cant giveup that easily. She says that he didn’t get enough sleep from the day of engagement and asks him to take some rest. He says that he is not able to sleep, he feels that if he sleeps then she may go away from him.

She makes him understand that nothing will happen to her and makes him sleep on her lap and says him to rest now nd she will not go anywhere. Shivaay slowly falls asleep and that too peacefully without any stress. Annika thinks that she should not let anything happen to him. She kisses his forehead and falls asleep.

Precap: A shocking twist

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