Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 28)

Hello guys and sorry for a bit late. Heres the episode

Episode starts with Annika checking her engagement photos and is shocked to see one of them. In that photo. She sees a lady hacking the CC tv footage but she was facing the other side of camera. So Annika couldn’t see her face but she thinks that the shape of body is familiar. She then goes outside thinking about it. She suddenly hears someone talking on phone. Its is Sundari , she was facing on other side exactly like in the picture. Annika thinks if she is the one behind the attack. She then hears Sundari saying that she will be in some place in an hour. Annika goes from there before Sunadari could see her.

Annika then goes to her room and then thinks what to do. She calls Shivaay . He lifts the phone and asks her what happend. She says that she is good and nothing happened to her. Shivaay asks her when there is nothing then y did she call him. She is about to say what she saw but Shivaay says he is in meeting and says that if she wants any help then ask Rudra or Om and cuts the call. Annika then thinks she should not disturb him and thinks may be he is really busy so he had cut the call. She then goes to Rudra and calls him. He comes and ask what’s up bahabi? Annika says about the whole thing and also about Shivaay saying to take Rudra or Om. Rudra says Om  went to gallery but says that bhabi when Rudra is fear then there is no need to fear and says that he will go alone. Annika says that she will also come . Rudra says no, as she is she is still not fine. But Annika insists him so much that they go.

On the other hand Om is at the gallery with Ishaana. They both are making a statue . While talking to other Ishaana asks Om if god comes infront of him and asks to make a wish then what will he ask? Om says that he will wish that all his three brothers should stay together and after some time he says that even his mom and dad together and gets sad. Ishaana thinks to complete his one wish. Om then diverts the topic and says her that she is learning so fast and he is proud of his teaching. They laugh.
On the other hand Sundari leaves from the Mansion hurriedly and makes sure that no one observes her but our detective agents Annika and Rudra see her and follow her and they make sure that she doesn’t observe them. They finally reach the place. Annika asks y did she came here?Rudra says that I will go and ask her. Annika hits him on his head and says that if she is the real culprit then she will kill us. Rudra fears and says that what have I done for u bhabi, y did u bring me hear, If I die then I will definitely torture you. Annika asks him to not speak and says that if anyone hears them then they will be gone.

They then hear a sound and go in that  direction. They go to see and sees Sundari giving them money and asks them to do the job perfectly. Rudra  mistakenly makes a sound. Sundari asks them to check who is there. Annika and Rudra run from there but run in different directions.
  On the other hand Shivaay comes home and looks for Annika he doesn’t see her and think where did this mad girl gone? He goes to Rudra room he doesn’t see him even him. He then sees Om coming from out and asks him about Annika and Rudra. Om says that he dont and ask to call them.

Whereas Annika and Rudra go in other directions and Annika unfortunately goes to a unknown room and its cold storage. She tries to go out but  she finds goons outside so decides to stay some more time inside while Rudra goes to someothe place.. Just then he gets a call from Shivaay . He picks it. Shivaay asks where are you? Rudra says we came for an investigation. Shivaay says investigation? Is Annika with you. Rudra says yes , he turns and see Anika missing and says Shit! Shivaay asks what happened? Rudra says Bhabhi is missing. Shivaay shouts missing? Where are u? Rudra says about the place. Shivaay says he is coming and goes with Om.
  On the other hand Goons go to Sundari and says that there is no one and says that it may be a cat or something they leave. Annika is feeling dizzy and freezing inside. Shivaay feels that something is wrong and drives as fast as he can. Annika tries to go out as the goons but in vain. Shivaay reaches the place and meets Rudra and asks where is Annika. Rudra says she is missing. Shivaay scolds him that how can he be so careless. Om says that now its not the time to argue we must find Annika . They all leave in three directions and starts searching for her. Shivaay sees the room and feels that maybe she is there. He opens it and sees her there unconscious. He runs towards her picks her up in his arms and takes her outside.He tries to wake her up. He rubs her hands and legs but she doesn’t wakeup. Om and Rudra come there and see it. They are shocked and even they try to wake her up. But there is no response. Shivaay is shatterd.

Precap: Rumya hug

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