Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 27)

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Shivaay is sitting beside Annika by holding her hand and is seeing her lovingly. He tucks her hair behind her ears and kisses her on the forehead nd sleeps behind her . In the morning Annika wakes up and sees Shivaay sleeping behind her. She caresses his hair. Shivaay opens his eyes and sees her. He asks her if she is feeling well. Annika says she is good but there is some pain. He tries to call doctor. She says no need. He asks her to shut up and scolds her for what she did yesterday by falling under the chandelier. Before she could say something he keeps his hand on her mouth. He then goes to call doctor. He comes there and says there ia nothing to worry there will be obviously some pain and asks her to take rest.Annika says she wants to go to home. Doctor says but.. before he could say something  Shivaay says that ok. He turns to doctor and says that he will arrange all the facilities required in the home itself. Doctor says that there is no need of any requirements but they should just take care of her and everyday she needs a check up. Shivaay says ok. Annika gets excited. Shivaay says her not to get over excited  nd says her that he is still angry on her and goes with doctor to complete the some formalities. Om, Sumo, Rudra, Prinku come to Annika . They ask how is she? Annika says she is great. Rudra shouts great? Annika says yes, and says its a great expirence. Rudra says that how can u say like that.  You know how much we are worried for u and you know what  the greatest part is Shivaay cried for you for the first time . Anika feels sorry for him. Rudra says that no one didn’t eat anything since yesterday even Sumo didn’t eat anything until now. Annika says sorry as everyone is suffering due to her.  Om says she should not be sorry instead we should be thankful to you. If you didnt come on the right time then god knows what would happen. Om says Thank you Bhabi. Annika smiles.
  Afterwards they get her to home. All the family members take full care of her. Annika’s dad is happy for the concern all show towards his daughter. All the trio obros are sitting at the poolside. Shivaay says them what Randhawa said to him in the phone at hospital. He questions who it must  be? Om says this is not the first time Shivaay , on the day of Ganesh chaturti also there was an attack on the family. Rudra says even yesterday the chandelier should fall on us but bhabi saved us. It means someone is behind our family. Shivaay says you are correct, hope Randhawa finds them soon but if I find them I will not spare them. Om and Rudra says that they are with him in this fight. They smile.

  After sometime Shivaay goes to Annika’s room where she is sitting along with Soumya and Prinku. After seeing Shivaay they leave from there. Shivaay comes to Annika and asks how is she feeling now. She says that she is fine. Shivaay sits behind her. Annika is about to get up. Shivaay stops her and ask what are you doing? Annika says she is getting up. Shivaay says no. Annika says that nothing happened to her legs . He says even though no need to get up and asks her to sit. She says that she is feeling bored. Shivaay says that he got something for her and shows a album of their engagement photos. Annika gets super excited. Shivaay shows her photos and Annika sees it one by one and falls asleep on his shoulders. Shivaay smiles at her and slowly makes her sleep correctly and tries to leave but he senses a hand holding. Its Annika’s hand she is holding it in her sleep. Shivaay comes back nd tries to leave it but she held it tightly that he couldn’t take it off. So he comes and sleeps beside her.

Next day, Shivaay is sleeping beside Annika by holding her waist . Annika wakes up and sees him beside her. As she tries to wake her up his grip becomes tight. She takes a glass beside her filled with water and throws it on him. He at a time wakes up with a jerk and shouts what are u doing? She says that she is waking him up. He scolds that will anyone wakes someone like this? Annika says will any one sleep beside the patient by holding that tightly? Shivaay says what.. me? No way. I dont have that habit. Annika says you mean that I am lying to u? Shivaay says maybe and they start there fight. All family members come there by hearing the noise and ask what happend. Annika was going to say that Shivaay slept by holding her waist but Shivaay shuts her mouth and says nothing they were just discussing something, thats it. All leave. He then takes his hand. Annika asks y did u shut my mouth? Shivaay says then what should I do, u were going to say that we were sleeping on same bed , what will all think. He then says that he is going to office and goes.
   Later Annika feels bored and thinks to go out of room. She slowly peeps out and sees if anyone is seeing her or not. She then thinks that there is no one and takes a sign of relief. But she suddenly feels that someone is behind her as she feels someone’s hand on her and it is Shivaay.Annika is shocked to see him. He asks what is she seeing? Annika says that she is thinking to go out. Shivaay scolds her that y did she comr out, I said u to take rest and ur not at all taking me seriously . He lifts her and places her on bed. They share a eyelock. He then asks her not to getup untill he is back home and goes from there.
On the other hand Randhawa is investigating and is so angry as he is not getting any clue on who did the attack. He is so frustrated. He then hears his phone ringing. He sees Prinku name and gets a smile. He talks to her and asks how is she. She says she is fine. She feels that he is not good and asks him what happened. He says that work tensions and asks how is his sister (Anika). She says that she is too good, bhai is taking good care of her. They talk for sometime.After the phone call Randhawa thinks y do I feel so light and good after talking to her. I feel like there are no tensions for me. He smiles.On the other hand Annika is so bored and  thinks what to do. She then sees her engagement album as she didn’t see it yesterday totally. As she goes through them she sees a photo and is shocked.

Precap: Annika and Rudra do investigation???

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