Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 26)

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I know that so many of you are confused about Annika’s sister. Some are thinking that if Annika sister died then who is Sowmya. So let me make it clear to you.  According to the story Annika has 2 sisters , one is Soumya and other is Chutki.  Chutki and Anika are of same age . As Chutki couldn’t stay away from her mother, her mother took Chutki along with her to India where they died. But the remaining family didn’t see their bodies ,as it was late for Agarwal’s family to reach India.

Present Story:
Every one are busy with the Engagement Celebrations. All the adults are busy at the entrance inviting the guests and talking to them. While the youngsters are looking over the arrangements. In the room Annika is getting ready. But she is not able to decide which is she going to where on the engagement and is going on scholding herself for not being able to decide the dress. She suddenly senses a hand around her waist. It is Shivaay. She blushes and asks what is he doing there. He says that he came to see her. Annika asks him to go and get ready. They are still in the same position. He says that he will not take much time like the girls and asks her y is she worried? Anika says that she is not able to select a dress. Shivaay  helps her in selecting. Annika says thanks. Shivaay says only thanks? Annika asks him what he want. Shivaay turns her to his side and starts getting close to her. Annika gets back ,whereas Shivaay goes forward. Suddenly Annika is stopped by a chair and she couldn’t go back and she saw Shivaay close to her. Shivaay leans and kisses her lips passionately. She reciprocates.

But they are disturbed by a knock at the door. Annika asks Shivaay to leave from there before someone could see them. Shivaay goes. Annika opens the door and sees sowmya there. Sowmya asks her if she didn’t get ready until now. Annika says she is getting ready and says her that she will come in 15min and goes to get ready.
After sometime  Shivaay gets down and he starts looking for Anika . Om comes and says him to wait for sometime and says that girls take time to ready. On the other hand Annika gets ready. She worries that their should not be any problem and then goes down.

Shivaay is mesmerized by her eternal beauty . He stood in a shock with his eyes and mouth wide opened. Rumya come and  make him shut his mouth. Shivay comes to his senses . Ishaana, Ranveer and their mother come there. Om invites them. Ishaana mother Says so you are Omkara. He says yes. Her mother says Ishaana always talks about you.He looks at her . She feels wierd and diverts topic. While Randhawa /Ranveer goes to Prinku. Prinku is happy to see him. He says her that she looks good. Prinku blushes and make his mother meet her family. While Lalit is on call Prinku introduces Ishaana mother to remaining members of family except Lalit. So, Lalit doesnot notice Ishaana’s family.

Shivaay goes to Annika and takes her to the middle of the hall. All the family members gather. Shivaay kneels down and holda Anika’s hand and asks will u marry me and make my life complete  ,Miss. Anika Agarwal.
Annika says sure Billu ji. Everyone laughs including Shivaay. He then makes her where the ring and Annika does the same. All the Oberoi family come to the stage to take a group photo. Annika gets a call from Daksh as he congratulates her on her engagement. Annika leaves the stage to Attend a call.
  While all the Oberois are taking a group photoSundari is executing her plan by making the chandelier on the top of roof fall on them. Annika who had just came after attending the call  saw the chandelier falling on them but she didnot see who was making it fall. She rushes to them and drags them from their and gets hit by the chandelier.

No one understood anything for sometime. It was blank. After a minute Shivaay comes out of the shock and runs towards the fallen chandelier. He sees Annika fallen below it but not just at the middle of it but some what close to it. Sundari gets irked as her plan failed. Shivaay picked Annika up and saw the blood. All are shocked and they rushed her to the hospital. On the stretcher Shivaay is holding Annika’s hands and as they reached the ICU Shivaay left her hands unwillingly  and with pain. Even his hand was bleeding as some glass pieces stuck in his hands while lifting Annika. Everyone are crying. Shivaay is just heart broken. He remembered their moments. Their kiss, their hug, the Engagement and finally how Annika got hurt by saving all their family members..A tear rolled down from his eye. It was the first time Shivaay had a tear in his eyesAs soon as Om kept his hand on Shivaay’s shoulder. Shivaay holded him and cried vigorously. Om and Rudra tried to control him. But they couldn’t . They held him and cried.  The doctor came out and said that She is lucky that there are not many injuries because she was not totally under the Chandelier and says that still she is in critical condition as she didn’t get conscious , if she doesnot open her eyes within 3-4 hrs she may go into coma. Shivaay shouts no and asks doctor can he she her.Doctor says he can but only one member should go. Shivaay goes inside while Lalit and Soumya are with other members of family crying outside . Shivaay goes inside and is literally dead by seeing Annika in that condition. He went near to her held her hand and says her to get up , and says that y did u do that? Y did u risked ur life. I live u Annika plzz wake. For god sake wake up dammit he shouted. His tears fell on her face and she started to move a little murmuring Shivaay. Shivaay had a million dollar smile and hugged her. All the family members were happy to see them. Dadi thanked god.

Doctor checked her and said that she is fine now and says that she needs rest and goes. After sometime Annika goes into sleep . Shivaay is still holding her hands. Lalit comes inside and asks Shivaay to dressup his wounds and says that he will stay with Anika. Shivaay reluctantly agrees and goes from there. On the other hand Ishaana calls Om and asks how is Annika ? He says she is fine now. Ishaana scolds Om for not letting her come to hospital. Om says that he doesnot want her to come because he knows that she is allergic to it. They chat for sometime.

On the other hand Rudya and Soumya are with each other. Soumya is crying and rudy is consoling her. He tries to make her happy but he fails. He gets her food to eat but she doesn’t even eat that. He gets sad seeing her. On the other hand Randhawa calls Prinku. He asks how is Annika.Prinku says she is good. He asks to give the phone to Shivaay. Randhawa says to Shivaay that it was not an accident and says that it was planned. Shivaay asks what? Randhawa says that the CC camera didn’t work at the place of chandelier tied that too at the exact time of attack and says that it is definitely planned. Shivaay is furious and says that I want to know who is behind this and says that he will not spare them and asks Randhwa to find out who is behind this asap.

Precap: Annika is finally home.

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