Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 25)

Hello ishqbaazis,
How are u doing? Thanks for your support and plz give me some suggestions guys. So coming to the story.

Episode starts with Sundari talking on phone to someone about a plan which is muted. Dadi calls her from back. Sundari panicks thinking she got caught but Dadi didn’t listen to it and asks her to help her in engagement celebrations.

    In the college Soumya is so exited for her sisters marriage and is talking to Rudra about celebrations and unknowingly hits some guy. He scolds her saying Moti cant you see. Before Sowmya could speak some one bet the guy and it’s Rudy. He beats him so bad and says him that Sumo is his friend and only he have a right to call her Moti and again beats him.He runs from there. Sumo is sad and Rudra tries to make her happy. He says her that he will come just now and goes.

After sometime he comes with his hands folded back. Sumo asks what is it. He closes her eyes and asks her to open slowly. He bought her parathas. Sumo feels very happy. She then sees Rudy  hands bleeding and ties his hand with hand kerchief and she then starts scolding Rudra and asks him what is the need to become a hero? Rudra says that he can’t bear anyone talking to her like that. Soumya asks y? Rudra thinks and says because she is his bestfrnd. She smiles.

Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion where Shivaay and Anika are sitting at the pool side holding there hands and Anika keeping her head on Shivaay’s shoulders and he is resting his head on hers. Annika says I am still feeling it as a dream. Shivaay says even I feel the same. Anika says I hope everything goes good. There should not be any disturbances. Shivaay kisses her and says that everything will be alright and says that no one can touch his family until he is alive. After sometime Shivaay asks her to say about her childhood. Annika says about her mom and says how her mother used to love them. She says that she also have a sister. Shivaay is shocked. He asks what happened to her sister. Anika says that once her mom came to India on a charity work. My sister was of my age but as she couldn’t be far from mom , my mom took my sister with her  to India.

But.. (she starts crying) one day someone informed us that says that they died in an accident. Shivaay hugs her tightly. She is still crying and says that they couldn’t even get their bodies as it was late for them to go to India . She cries that she didn’t even see her mother for one last time. He consoles her and kisses her on cheeks. He says sorry to her for making her remember her past. She says him that he should not be sorry as he made her pain less because all these days she was hiding her pain but today she had pour her heart out and cried and thanks him , kisses on his cheeks. They hug.
Next morning everyone are busy for the engagement. Om calls Ishaana and asks her when will she come. Ishaana says that bhai is busy so she will be coming in the evening. Om says ok.   

After the call Ishaana goes to her mom and says about they being invited for the engagement. Ishaana sees her mom worried and asks her what is the problem. Her mom says that she is getting a fear of loosing something. Ishaana asks her to calm down and givea her water. Her mom thinks y is she getting the feeling.
    On the other hand Tia’s mother calls Sundari and asks if everything is good?Is everything going according to the plan or not?Sundari asks her not to worry and says that everything is under control. And say that today
will be worst day of Oberois. They both smirk.

Precap: Engagement Celebrations

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  7. Soumya is anika’s sister..!! Thn she told that her sister got died ……i didn’t understand ur story..please make it clear

  8. Soumya is anika’s sister..!! Thn she told that her sister got died ……i didn’t understand ur story.

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    Nice… Is Ishana Anika sis

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    I think Ishana has been adopted by Randhawa’s family but she is actually the sister of Anika .

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    Nice part. I think Ishaana is Anika’s another sister, but it is my guess only.

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