Ishqbaaz- GAURI Aur OMKARA (Rikara ff) episode 8


Hai friends…I am back with my 8th Episode.Thanks to all those who commented in the previous episodes..Without your support,i am nothing.All the silent readers please leave your comments.Its my humble request.Pleaseeeeeee……If anybody missed previous episode,have a look at it.Here is the link.

Episode 7 here

PREVIOUS EPISODE: Omkara follows Bhavya and reaches SHARMA mansion.But the security closes the gate after Bhavya enters.Omkara asks for chopper(Helicopter) to Shivaaye.

Here goes the next episode…

Omkara: Shivaay, I need your chopper.Its an emergency.I want to go to Engineering Research Institute in Izatnagar.I want to go there to research regarding my project.
I am near my college..

Shivaaye: What? Are you stupid?? Izatnagar is also in bareily Na…You have car..Cant you go by car…

Omkara: Shivaay,the traffic seems to be heavy here…you know, also rain is heavy now.I have to go there within 40 minutes.
So please send your helicopter and ask the helicopter pilot to land it on terrace of my college..

Shivaaye agreed….

On the other hand,as it was heavily raining,Gauri went to the terrace to play and dance in rain..???????
Omkara got a text message from shivaaye that the chopper has arrived to his college..omkara went to the college by auto and sent the pilot to Oberoi Mansion in his car…

OMKARA:(Thinking) Gauri darling,be ready….I am coming…..

omkara reached near SHARMA MANSION and from the chopper he was able to see gauri dancing in terrace….

OMKARA(Thinking) Thank god….Gauri made my work easy…..Now i will land my chopper in this terrace….

omkara was about to land the chopper in the terrace of SHARMA MANSION…gauri was shocked to see helicopter landing near her…..

GAURI:hey shankarji….why this helicopter landing here?!!!!????Did papa asked for any military security for bhavya’s birthday party???

omkara landed in terrace and comes out….Gauri gets tensed seeing him..

Gauri:OMG….Hey nandi,who asked you to come here,how come you know my address,what will i do if i get caught?!!!!!!???????

OMKARA smiles seeing her expressions and comes very close to her….

OMKARA:Relax Dabbang kumari sharma….I came to see you and to get something from you…

GAURI:Please go from here nandi.Or else i will get caught…pleaseeee….I will give you whatever you want tomorrow…You are a good boy na..
please go now..Tomorrow we can get locked again in library….Now please go….

Omkara lifts her….Gauri beats him in his stomach to leave her…Omkara starts walking and reaches gauri’s room…

GAURI:wait here itself…i will lock the door and come…

she locked the door and turned…she was shocked as omkara was standing very close to her..

GAURI: Dear,what do you want??Why you came here?Please tell..

OMKARA: I felt stressed baby..Chotimaa scolded me…??Thats why i came to see you….I want some relief…

gauri hugs him and caressed his long hair..He rested in her lap…

Gauri:Shall we teach your chotimaa a lesson??
I have an idea….

She says her plan to omkara.

OMKARA: Great dear..How come you are thinking like this…Your thinking is out of box…

GAURI:That is gauri….

Omkara turns and smiles to himself…He thinks(Your plan is nice gauri.But i am feeling pity for you.I am damn sure you will manage chotimaa..But how will you manage me???)

Gauri: Nandi,what are you thinking??

Omkara:Nothing dear.OMG can you see that???


Gauri turns to see in the direction he pointed and Omkara as usual Kisses in her cheeks….Gauri beats him playfully in his chest….
Omkara runs and gauri chases him…They completed two cycles of room and after that omkara slipped and falled on the bed and he made gauri fall above him..Then they share a long eyelock…



They breaked the eyelock and gauri gets up.Omkara pulls her and she again falls over him..

Gauri Pulled omkara’s hair and pinched his cheeks….Omkara shouts…

Omkara: Hey pagli..leave my hair???its paining…You know Beating or pinching the husband is sin…Shankarji will punish you..

Gauri:You only started na..(she leaves his hair)..

Omkara: Gauri,i am hungry..Please bring me something to eat..???

Gauri: He shankarji, why are you punishing me..I am doing my pujas regularly…Then why you are playing with my life…Omkara I can bring you eatables..But i cant believe that you will sit quiet till that..

Omkara: Why you cant believe me??????

Gauri: Because you are a vanar…(she murmured..)

Omkara: What did you say???????

Gauri: haan…Nothing…

Omkara: if you are not feeding me then i am gonna curse you….

Gauri: omkara,wait..I am thinking na..wait..hear this..You better hide under my bed..

omkara hides under gauris bed..And gauri leaves for kitchen..

Gauri comes downstairs and she was stopped by anika and bhavya..

Bhavya: What happened didi,why you are sweating a lot inspite of heavy rain..

Anika: Among us gauri is very hotna..???Thats why she is sweating inspite of heavy rain and airconditioners…

Gauri: Didi,i am feeling very hungry..What is there to eat..

Bhavya: Nothing is there.We two actually wanted to ask you to make french fries and carrot gheer…

Anika:yeah gauri..You know in my room,heater is repair..In bhavya’s room her friends are doing decorations for her birthday party..In hall dad is going to discuss about business deals with the Malhotra family..

Bhavya:In mom’s room,she is sleeping…

Gauri:Why you are saying this to me??I cant understand…???

ANIKA and BHAVYA: We will be waiting in your room…You prepare carrot gheer and french fries.Then bring it to your room..

GAURI:?????Kya???????!!!!!! No way..You both come with me to kitchen..I am so tired..Come and help me..I cant do it alone..

Anika And Bhavya: No no gauri..We washed vessels,dryed clothes…we did many work today…So you are left with no option baby..
(They both smiles naughtily????)

Gauri: Ok.Atleast come and stand with me..plsssssss…

Anika And Bhavya: Are you trying to hide something..What is the problem in your room??

Gauri: (Thinking)Mosquitoes…Mosquitoes..There are many mosquitoes…

Anika and Bhavya: Its ok,we can kill that mosquitoes with the help of mosquito killer…We will manage..You go and cook…

Gauri:Please didi,come to kitchen…You both are coming to kitchen now.Pinky promise..

Anika and Bhavya:Nobody can win over you,Dabbang gauri.Ok.Come on..

(They all came to the kitchen,gauri made plenty of french fries within 13 minutes,on the other hand while making the french fries itsely,she boiled the milk..She made both the french fry and carrot gheer in a hurry burry,anika and bhavya were shocked?????)

Anika and Bhavya:What happened to you?Are you not well? Usually you will take 20 minutes for preparing single coffee…But today…..?????

Gauri:I am hungry na….Thats why…

Gauri takes the french fries in a large plate and a bowl full of carrot gheer..Anika and bhavya noticed it…Gauri was about to leave from kitchen…But

Anika and Bhavya:Gauri,where are you going??

Gauri:??To my room…I have to work in my laptop..

Anika and Bhavya: Its ok..You go..

(Gauri left..)

Bhavya:There is something fishy…

Anika:I dont think so.. Comeon lets take this to balcony and eat by enjoying the view…

Gauri reached her room and locked the door..She bended down to see below her bed..There omkara was sleeping…

Gauri: Arey Nandi..Wake up…I came…

(But omkara was still sleeping..She pours water on him…He wakes up…He comes and sits in her bed…)

Gauri:Have it dear…

Omkara:My hands are dirty as i was hiding below your bed..So please feed me..

Gauri:(pinches his cheek) FRAUD..???

She starts feeding him….

Gauri: Nandi,you are eating silently..How it tastes?? It is made by me…

Omkara: Really its nice gauri….I love you..You are taking very good care of me..You made this within 35 minutes…????

Gauri:Thank you sooo much dear…..Love you too…

(She feeded him and when omkara was about to leave gauri holded his hand)
He turned around to see…
Unexpectedly she kissed him in his forehead.Omkara didnt expect this from her..So he enjoyed it.He huuged her tightly.She hugged him back even more tighter…They were enjoying this for about 10 minutes..Then after gauri heared some voices near her room she breaked the hug and omkara left with a sad face???He left in helicopter..Gauri lyed in her bed and started thinking about their moments…

Saathiya plays…..

Next day, Gauri was on her way to college..She was going by walk…When she was about to take right,one hand holded her hand…It was Rohit..
Gauri’s seniors mitlali,anshi and lavanya smiles seeing this..

MITALI,ANSHI and LAVANYA: Wait and see GAURI.You are going to have hard times..(They murmured)????

What they are up to?Will gauri get through their troubles?What happens next?

Stay tuned for more updates….

Thats it for today friendsz…Do you all liked it…Please leave your opinion in comments…Next episode will be a MAHA EPISODE..I will post it before Ganesh Chathurthi…

PRECAP: Shivika’s first meet.??
Bhavya’s birthday celebrations..??
Gauri to start MISSION PINKY..??

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