Ishqbaaz- GAURI Aur OMKARA (Rikara ff) episode 1

Hai friends.I am a diehard fan of rikara.
Please adjust with my english.

Gauri,the first youngest sister of anika,was lying in her bed and crying.She is missing her elder sister anika,who is everything to her.Anika got married before two days to shivaay singh oberoi.Bhavya ,the second youngest sister of anika,comes to gauri’s room to pacify her.

BHAVYA:didi,please don’t cry..Anika didi forever remains in our heart..We can go to oberoi mansion frequently to see her.That family is a great and very good family.They will not taunt us..

GAURI:i too know that chutki,but i am missing anika so much…!!

Gauri’s mother and father comes there.
Mother name is sharmila and father name is prithvi roy Sharma.

SHARMILA:gauri ,dont be like this.Please try to understand. Every girl will have to face this.Even you too…

Gauri cries even more than before…

Prithvi roy Sharma:come on Sharmi.Let us leave.Bhavya and gauri should be alone for some time.

He signs bhavya to make gauri sleep.


Anika the eldest daughter of Sharma family cries thinking about her family.Kanchi eye Shivaay comes there.

SHIVAAYE:anika,i know you are missing your family…I can sense that..Please dont cry.You can see them at anytime you want. They can come here whenever you miss them….

ANIKA:But i am thinking about gauri and bhavya,Shivaay…We were never seperated…Even she and me stydied in same school,same college,same course….We know this day will come…But we are not able to adapt to it…(she cries)

SHIVAAYE:Dont worry anika,They are also going to get married to oberois and they are also going to come here only….

Without realising about what he is saying, shivaye blabbered this and realising that he blinked with his kanchi eyes…

ANIKA: Whattt?????!!!!
She gets shocked.

SHIVAAYE:This was decided by our parents before our marriage.This is what happened..
Shivaaye started to say the flashback.


That’s it for today friends…Please please read and comment..How is thi


  1. Logesh.M



    Thank you friends. Will update next episode before tomorrow..bhavya wont be changed.she will also get married to oberoi.i like bhavya too much than saumya.

  2. Shraddha-DBO


    |Registered Member

    Hi logu, shall I call like that?
    Sorry read ur story just now….
    But I’m really excited, coz I want to know what led to this decision of obros…..
    Will love it more coz it’s a rikara story…
    Waiting for the next😘

  3. Richa19


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear! !!! interesting … hoping for more rikara scenes soon. ….. n thank you for sharing ur story with me as well! !!😘😘😘😘

  4. Bubblu


    |Registered Member

    luved it…waiting for the suspicious story..nice start..I always want some rikara ff starting with strong sissy bond..I hope urs s one

  5. Samm


    |Registered Member

    wow! that was quite the cliffhanger! i liked shivaay and anika already as newlyweds but the sisters’ bond was really something πŸ™‚ post next soon πŸ™‚

    • Logesh.M



      Thank you so much….i have sent you the link for second part too….please read it too….keep reading…..Thank you so much…will update third episode tomorrow….

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