Ishqbaaz- The Future Is Here- By Shaoni- Episode 8

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The brothers started coming up with more points once the realization had hit.
“So it’s justified. Mrs. Jindal is no more there so of course she is not a part of the will”
“Even if she would’ve been alive I never would’ve have kept her in my will anyway” Rudra complained with an annoyed face.
“But…but what next?” everybody shifted their gaze from Rudra to Omkara…
He explained “I mean we have in all probabilities solved the puzzle of Anika’s nightmare but how are we supposed to find Gauri and Mallika now?”
“Kid, kids…” Mr. Chopra spoke… “I really think you people have already worked enough for a day. It’s really late now go and take rest. We’ll surely do something soon but tomorrow you all go now.”
They didn’t argue much…

Next Morning in Shivika’s room


It was kind of a battle to open my eyes next morning. I couldn’t have slept so soundly if not exhausted.
Things looked blurred around me; it took my eyes a few blinks to finally get things into focus. When I could finally see I found Shivay still asleep. He had worked really hard yesterday. I smiled; unknowingly I smiled, though I was feeling anything but happy. This man lying right next to me is going through so much… so much because of my past. While I myself did nothing… all I did was stay at home and take rest. Rest? What did I even do to take rest about? Be scared of a room full of light? That’s it?
Anger started kindling within me. It was my battle but still I was doing nothing. Nothing. Since when have you started becoming so dependent Anika? ShivOmRu are working so hard for you while you are sitting idle in this house. Why? Because you are scared of your own past to unveil?
This is wrong Anika. This is wrong…


The first sight that caught my eye after waking up was Anika sitting straight upright on bed.
I sat up at once but she was too deep into her own thoughts to notice. I was about to jerk her out from her thoughts when I stopped to read her expressions first and know exactly what is she into.
‘Hate’. It was written hate all over her face mixed with regret and serious anger. With every passing second her frown grew. A girl, who is all love and positivity, is going through such dark feelings right now. It pained me, I couldn’t see her like that… I pulled her straight into my arms and hugged her tight.
I could feel her shock out of her thoughts which followed with surprise and finally relief. I could feel her relax slowly against my skin. Only after I was fully convinced that she’s fine, I let her go. We smiled at each other.

“Good morning” She wished me with a smile.
Relief spread all over me. I haven’t lost my Anika.
My ringtone pulled us out of the blissful moment.
Mr. Chopra???
I checked the time, he was not calling too early. I slept too long it seemed.
“Yes Mr. Copra.”
“Jackpot kid!!!”
“Come over my place now”
“Yes I…”
He had hung up.
The fact that somebody just hung up on me would’ve annoyed me really bad if not for the joy I sensed in his tone, which filled me with hope.


I t was the first time for Anika in his office; she looked around to take in her surroundings while the three brothers chose to stare at Anika instead.
Mr. Chopra finally marched into his office with his cup of coffee.
“Good morning boys… oh there’s a girl too today it seems.”
He sat down and hastily started opening a few files in front of himself

“Okay you all are for work here, so stop wasting time on morning wishes”
All four of them looked at each other and shrugged. They were by then used to Mr. Chopra so it didn’t matter much.
The old lawyer finally turned all the 3 files to give his visitors a look into it.
It took Shivay a few minutes to realize what he was looking at, but when he did; his eyes widened and looked up at the lawyer with disbelief.
“How on earth did you get a hold of these?”

He shrugged in his ‘not a big deal’ way and spoke”Doesn’t matter, what matters is we have found something really useful inside”
“Wait wait… what are these Shivay?” Om enquired.
“These are accounts of financial transactions by Mr. Jindal, and I mean his personal transactions not the professional ones done by his company”
It was there turn to be surprised.

“So… what I was saying is… I’ve found something really interesting in these records”
Mr. Chopra didn’t give a chance to others to question him anymore.
“What’s so interesting in these financial transactions?”
Anika asked.

Mr. Copra leaned closer to them with excitement.
“Every alternate month there used to be a transaction of money to an account which is quite old… I mean since the ages when I was not there in his life.
Strangely, not even a single penny had been moved out of that account”
They all looked at each other with confusion.
“What… what do you mean exactly?”
Mr. Chopra looked at Anika and smiled “My dear, I mean Ashutosh used to deposit money to an account every alternate month. Which has nothing to do with his professional life and that I can say because, Ashutosh never used to handle his personal account for professional works. So this has to be something related to her personal account. I could’ve considered it as one of his social work related donations, but then the money would’ve been used by the receiver. So my dear friends… there is surely something up with this account I think”
“Hmmmmm” Shivay sighed. “So this account is in whose name?”
“I’m sorry, but that is something which will be hard to find out. Not impossible surely, but it’ll take time. Of course bank won’t give me details about an account just like that so…”
“Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it!!”
Anika looked at Shivay with surprise.
Mr. Chopra smirked and rose up.”Great then… so we have a lead?”

Precap: Shivay speaking on phone “Hello. Shivay Singh Oberoi speaking…”
The response surprised Shivay. He was not expecting a male voice.

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