Ishqbaaz The Future Is Here- By Shaoni- Episode 4

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“Hello! May I speak to Mr. Chopra?”
“Yes, speaking. Who’s this?” the voice from the other side of the phone spoke.
“Omkara Singh Oberoi speaking…”

Chutki? Isn’t she the same girl whose name Anika used to scream in her sleep?
It’s more complicated than it seemed!!
Anika used to take Chutki’s name, it means she knows or remembers who Chutki is, and if she does then… maybe we’ve finally found a known angle with Mr. Jindal!!
The sudden ring of my phone brought me back to reality…
“Hello, Om? Is everything fine?”
“Shivaay you remember Mr. Chopra had said there were 2 other beholders in this will?
“Yes, so?”
“Nothing like that is written in these copies… I mean the ones given to us.”
“What do you mean Om?”
“Shivaay I mean the will copies given to us points out the fact that Anika is not the sole reciever but then there’s no name of the other two…”
“Hmmm… and u think those two names could have helped us? So u want to know d names?”
“Yes but…”
“Don’t worry Om, I’ll call Mr. Chopra and…”
“Shivay I’ve already done that…”
“He said he’s busy somewhere and doesn’t have the file with him and that he’ll contact us later”
“Okay, so…?”

“Shivaay I think he’s hiding something.”
Shivay did not reply to that so Om continued…
“Shivaay first of all by the way he avoided the question in the call sounded fishy and then when I thought hard about it the question rose in my mind that why did he not include the names in our copies in the first place. Why did he take all the labour of manipulating or improvising the papers when he could have simply photocopied the originals?”
“Hmmm…” That’s all Shivay could come up.
“Shivay, moreover the copies we have are not photocopies. Both the copies are original signed by Mr. Jindal himself, which means, Mr. Jindal himself did not want Anika to know other two names… but why?”
Shivay sighed “We need to talk to Mr. Chopra as soon as possible”
“Hmmm okay…”
Om was about to end the call when something striked Shivay
“WE will go and talk to him”
“Yeah I got it”
“No. I mean only you and me. Anika should not know about this”
“What? Why Shivay? It’s all about Anika, why’ll we hide it from her?”
The traumatic expression on Anika’s face a few moments earlier, flashed infront of his eyes
“I’ll explain everything once I’m back in the mansion”
Om knew Shivay must be having a reason so he agreed to it.


Anika still looked lost. More than scared she was now worried about her own reaction. The fear was replaced by curiosity that why was she scared? What made her react like that? Shivay was right, it was just noon. The mansion was well lit, then why? But only she knew how much darkness prevailed there. The thought made her shiver again. Shivay, who was watching her carefully held her right then. She looked at him “It’s okay Anika. We’re back home” he smiled.
“You go and rest, I’ve some work to do”
She did not want him to go, but stopping him just for her own comfort would have been to selfish of her. She tried to put up a smile and nodded lightly.
He kissed her forehead and bade her goodbye…
Coming out of the mansion he called Om.

Om got inside the car and started fastening his seat belts
“I’ve sent Rudra and Prinyanku to Anika’s room. They’ll take care of each other”
Shivay smiled and started the car…


“Come in…”
The old lawyer looked up to find Shivay and Omkara entering his office. He smirked at them and did not bother to offer them seats. Instead he himself started “I knew you would come but did not expect so early. Seems like you kids are really eager to find your answers”
He collected all his papers which were spread out on his table and stood up to bring a different file from his cupboard.


Mr. Chopra’s office was nothing but a large room in his own house. His cupboards n shelves were stuffed with files and…

“Ashutosh wanted Anika to enjoy and focus on what she received rather than what she didn’t in her past, that’s why he asked me not bring up the other 2 names in front of her for that might trigger curiosity. He wanted ME to find out the other two myself n not complicate Anika’s already complicated life.”
My scrutiny of the office was interrupted by his words which continued…
“He soon realised that Anika’s life is now a bit sorted only when you announced your marriage, specially when that assistant or manager or bodyguard or whoever it was”
He pointed towards Shivay, “played that video of u both, Ashutosh felt quite relieved that Anika’s life is not that complicated now”

“We’ll be grateful if you stop talking to us in code language”
I could feel Shivay going impatient beside me.
He smirked and leaned a bit on his table “Shivay, I meant that a few days back Anika was also unknown to us just like the other two but then thanks to you…” He paused and walked towards the window to look outside “the moment he saw Anika on television with you, he knew she is the one…”

“But how come he was so sure?” I found myself asking.
“I asked the same thing to Ashutosh, he said ‘This is something I can’t go wrong with!’… to your disappointment , I have no idea who Anika exactly is to Ashutosh, since he never revealed that, but yes I do feel Ashutosh’s claim of asking me to find the rest of the 2 all by myself n not include Anika into it, is something even I find irrelevant so I’ll give you the names”
I looked at Shivay who was already looking at me. Mr. Chopra now faced us and viewed both of us growing the suspense “Mallika and Gauri”
Shivay simply nodded to that and I doubted exactly why Mr. Chopra worked so hard to build up the suspense for he must know the names means nothing to us until and unless we know to whom they belong. It would be wrong of me if I say the names meant nothing to any of us…
One of the names did. At least to me…

~Sorry for late update. I’m out of station so please pardon my mistakes. Giving u a word to come up with better episodes.


  1. Thedreamsoul


    |Registered Member

    Awesome , waiting eagerly for next episode . You have written it in a way that your readers can feel it , I don’t know about others but I felt . Update soon dear shaoni

  2. Ria


    |Registered Member

    This was indeed beautiful! Your mysterious mind – Hats Off! I’m loving your ideas. More than the mysteries Oberois are stuck up with, I think we all are stuck worse! But yup, do enjoy your holidays and write only when you’re free. I’ll be waiting. 😊

  3. Harshada

    The way he words jump to make the big picture is just mesmerising… Damn, each time i read ur entries i get goosebumps. Kid u not! But the suspense is so thick, i would be surprised if no one actually went thru that experience 😓😓😓

  4. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Nice chapter….gauri toh I know but which mallika? Mallika Rana??
    Also I take the cue from the update n guess that gauri n Anika r sisters…..
    But my mystery queen…..the question still remains WHY Anika? Waiting for when u will unfold that mystery…..

    N ya enjoy your trip….have fun….

  5. VHM


    |Registered Member

    fab update…now i know how mystery kills a reader’s patience …….till now i was enjoying keeping readers in suspense and now it’s your time…just kidding…i am just in awee with your FF

    • Shaoni



      Thank u so much VHM 😊 I’m out of station n thats exactly why m taking time to right as well as read your ff. I had started reading your ff but then realised your plot is pretty interesting n it has that very ability to get me engrossed into that story. So I’ll read yours in a go once m done with mine 😊😊

  6. Ruksy


    |Registered Member

    Loved it. Amazing. Just asking, in your ff does shivaay know malika’s and is she still shivaay’s Ex.

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