ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 8

Hi ishqies I am back with next update. It is the first time ever I am so regular seems like a miracle for me. Hope you guys like this update too without your support I wouldn’t have reached till here. Love you all. First time I am writing in two pov style hope you like it.
——Episode 8———

(Ishana pov)
I am waking in the streets endlessly tears are not stopping I still can’t believe that stupid shouted on me he was in very angry I guess but it doesn’t mean that he will take my fun in a serious way. I am seeing his angry mood for the first time maybe it is my fault that I am getting too close to him maybe he doesn’t like my company anymore I should have maintain distance with him or this wouldn’t happen. Ok now I won’t waste my time for crying because of him I will just concentrate on my career. Anyway, it was a forced marriage it is and it will be. Why should I waste my tears for him? Who doesn’t care about my feelings? Who I am to him? Nothing not his lover not his girlfriend nothing but a friend but it seems he does not want to maintain friendship relation with me he conclude it by shouting on me. It started raining heavily rain covered my tears. Maybe it was my fault mine don’t know why god is testing me like this? First he took my mother then my father tortures me and makes me marry with Omkara forcefully and now he also shouts on me. I guess no one is there for me in this world I am all alone.

(Omkara pov)
It is my fault I shouldn’t have shouted on her like that way. I am stupid know where I find her in this heavy rain? Uff this girl if I will say die from the top of building she will die I guess because I said her get out in stupidity and she ran away only. God knows how is she? Where is she? Can’t that girl understand now she is my responsibility even if we don’t stay as husband and wife we are married and now I have to fulfill my duties as a husband but she don’t know when that mata ji will change? But I guess it was mine fault only she did it fun and I am being stupid shouted on her. How can I? wait one second I was never worried about any girl in this way but why I am worried about Ishana? Is that because she is my friend or something more? Urghhhhhh I am not understand anything but first I have to find Ishana instead of these stupid thoughts. Where are you mata ji?

——–Ishana pov——-
Uff when this rain will end? I guess I am lost where to go and that stupid can’t he come to find? Ohhh god now pleaseee save me where to go in this heavy rain I will get fever then my eyes went on cafeteria I ran towards in that direction and enters the cafeteria. I ordered hot chocolate and sat on the table and watched outside the window. Suddenly I saw a black bmw car wait I saw the car more clearly wait! It was Omkara car. Without wasting a second I ran outside the café without having my hot chocolate. I ran towards the car and bang the door. His eyes went on me and immediately opened the door and I sat inside. He drove the car and we both left in car.

—–at car—–
Omkara; thank god you are safe? You know how much I was worried for you? are you mad or what? If I say die from the top of building you will die.
Ishana; hey stupid why I will die if you say so?
Omkara; then why you left from car and ran away that also I told you only right?
Ishana; it is because your words ache my heart a lot but I don’t why?
Omkara; oh you are becoming way too emotional I guess anyway, it was my fault also so I am sorry.
Ishana; what you have said? I have not heard it properly speak loudly
Omkara (shouting); I am sorry mata ji
Ishana; ok fine don’t shout or my ears will bleed
Omkara; oh my dialogue on me only wow amazing mata ji
Ishana; why is there any rule? You can only speak that dialogue I am your legal wife so I have full rights
Omkara; oh from when we started living as husband and wife speak up
Ishana; woh…. When I said you husband I think you have ear problem you should consult a doctor.
Omkara; oh at least learn to give a good excuse who will believe your stupid excuses?
Ishana; stupid person only will believe stupid excuses?
Omkara; what do you mean by that?

Ishana; oh shit you don’t know even this much I call you as stupid so you will only believe stupid excuses hahaha lol>3
After telling this she shows her tongue to me and opens the door and ran inside the mansion. I laughed at her childish antics and parked my car and left towards the garden.

——-at garden——–
(Ishana pov)
I ran away from the car and reaches to the garden and started dancing in the rain with my arms open and wet hairs water droplets fell on my face. I am dancing with joy and happiness then Omkara hugs me from back. I felt my heart beating at faster rate I turn towards him and he cupped my face and kissed my forehead he was about to kiss my lips when I pushed him. He hold my hand and pulled him and because of this I landed on his chest. We both started dancing in the rain. I kept my one hand on his waist and another on shoulder. We were dancing with full of passion. He twirls me round and round and I fell on his arms. He lifts me up and turns round and round and then he puts me down and touches gently my bare shoulder and placed wet kisses. I felt butterflies in my stomach I was lost in his touch but soon I came into my senses and ran away to our room blushing harder my cheeks were red like tomato. He follows me to the room I ran to him and hugged him and hid my face inside his chest in shyness. He made me see him and cupped my face and pecks my forehead. I ran inside the washroom and closed the door in his face.

Oh shit man! I guess I shouldn’t have done that how can I kiss her man? What she will think of him I am really stupid. What if she feels bad about me how can I??? I made her felt uncomfortable already her mother left her in small age and we both had a forced marriage. Shit I am stupid she would be cursing me right now. Ok before I do any other mistake I should sleep. I went to the couch and pulled my comforter and slept.

—-Omkara pov ends—
Ishana came from the washroom and saw Omkara sleeping peacefully. I was going to sleep when someone pulled me and kept me inside the van and tied my mouth with cloth and my legs and hands with rope.
*to be continued*
So ishqies how was the twist? I know I left in cliffhanger sorry for that but I want it to be a suspense. Love you ishqies take care.

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