ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 3

Thanks for your response girlies? Love you all?

Episode 3?


The next day?

Ishkara gets up from the sleep? Ishana eyes were red because of continuous crying. Omkara consoled her and had a bath and changed into a black shirt and blue jeans looking handsome? Ishana also had bath and changed into black tee and blue jeans looking stunning? both go downstairs an greet everyone and had break fast? Omkara was going to art gallery when a girl enters the mansion wearing a short blue frock above knees and hugs Omkara.

Girl ; Hi baby I missed you so much? and who is the girl? (Pointing towards Ishana)

Omkara ; hi riddhima she is my wife Ishana Mehta?

Riddhima ; hi Ishana I am Omkara ex- girlfriend?

Ishana (sad) ; hi riddhima? Omkara never told me about you?

Riddhima ; oh so sad anyway , baby come with me I have so many things to share with you?

Omkara ; not now riddhima I have to go to art gallery Ishana come I will drop you?

Ishkara leaves from there hand in hand. Riddhima felt insulted and angry she left towards guest room? Dadi is seeing this all with a big smile face? and adoring Ishkara bond. She leaves from there happily?


@ car

Omkara is driving the car when Ishana holds his hand and smiles?

Ishana ; thanks for supporting me?

Omkara ; oh it’s not a big issue in your place someone else would be there then also I’d do the same?

Ishana ; fine? anyway , why you never told me about riddhima?

Omkara ; sorry if I was rude? I didn’t told about riddhima because I didn’t get time?

Ishana ; no problem? can I ask you something?

Omkara ; ya sure?

Ishana ; do you still love riddhima?

Omkara ;no she is a chipko always runs behind me unlike you? you are different from other girls that is the only thing I like about you?

Ishana; thanks for praising me? but wait you said the only thing you liked about me means I don’t have any good quality than being different. How mean Huhhhh?

Omkara ; I guess some people can’t bear the truth?

Ishana ; Huhhh I won’t talk to you?

Omkara; I’m not dying to talk with you either?

Ishana; go to hell stupid?

Omkara; same to you?

Ishana; uff it’s a waste of time to talk to you don’t know from where this type of people come?

Omkara; what you mean this type? Anyway, I don’t know where you come from but I come from my home hahahaha?(Lol?)

Ishana; just three words I hate you?

Omkara; thank you mata ji ?

Ishana; huhh do I look like mata ji to you? Good bye

After telling this she leaves to dance school and Omkara leaves to art gallery?


Ishana PoV: : : :

What that stupid boy thinks of himself? Always irritating me with senseless talks when he was telling I come from my home with his stupid smile?as if I don’t know that people come from their home. Stupid I think he is born in mental ayslum ? and that chipko riddhima how dare she hug my hubby? Wait what I said my hubby we are supposed to stay as strangers and I am concluding him as mine why? Ishana stop thinking all this or you will go mad? He is just a stranger? concentrate on your work.

Ishana PoV ends : : : : :

# # # # # # # # # # #

@ art gallery : : : : : :

Omkara PoV : : :

That mata ji can’t she shut her mouth for once also. Always talking like oldies bak- bak I want to plaster her mouth with tape at least I can stay peacefully? She should have born in ancient times she doesn’t talk like she is living in 21st century mad people always blaming me can’t praise anyone selfish girl?

Omkara PoV ends : : : : : :

# # # # # # # #

At night : : : :

All had dinner together when dadi plans for picnic? everyone agrees happily to it. After having dinner Ishkara went to sleep in their room.

Ishkara room : : : : : :

Ishana was about to open her mouth to talk.

Omkara; hey listen mata ji now don’t start your complaints change and come we have to get up early morning tomorrow because we all are going to picnic?

Ishana; fine stupid and don’t call me mata ji you are so irritating?

Omkara; not more than you mata ji ? lol ?

He runs towards the bed and slept before Ishana could tell anything to him. She stamps her foot and leaves to change. Omkara opens his one eye and gives a smirk? and slept. Ishana comes wearing a night dress and slept?

Precap : picnic time? Ishana jealous?

So ishqies how was episode? Love you all?

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    Very nyc…..loved it

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