ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 3

Thanks for your response girlies😊 Love you all😊

Episode 3😊


The next day😊

Ishkara gets up from the sleep😊 Ishana eyes were red because of continuous crying. Omkara consoled her and had a bath and changed into a black shirt and blue jeans looking handsome😊 Ishana also had bath and changed into black tee and blue jeans looking stunning😊 both go downstairs an greet everyone and had break fast😊 Omkara was going to art gallery when a girl enters the mansion wearing a short blue frock above knees and hugs Omkara.

Girl ; Hi baby I missed you so much😊 and who is the girl? (Pointing towards Ishana)

Omkara ; hi riddhima she is my wife Ishana Mehta😊

Riddhima ; hi Ishana I am Omkara ex- girlfriend😊

Ishana (sad) ; hi riddhima😊 Omkara never told me about you?

Riddhima ; oh so sad anyway , baby come with me I have so many things to share with you😊

Omkara ; not now riddhima I have to go to art gallery Ishana come I will drop you😊

Ishkara leaves from there hand in hand. Riddhima felt insulted and angry she left towards guest room😊 Dadi is seeing this all with a big smile face😊 and adoring Ishkara bond. She leaves from there happily😊


@ car

Omkara is driving the car when Ishana holds his hand and smiles😊

Ishana ; thanks for supporting me😊

Omkara ; oh it’s not a big issue in your place someone else would be there then also I’d do the same😊

Ishana ; fine🙁 anyway , why you never told me about riddhima?

Omkara ; sorry if I was rude😊 I didn’t told about riddhima because I didn’t get time😊

Ishana ; no problem😊 can I ask you something?

Omkara ; ya sure😊

Ishana ; do you still love riddhima?

Omkara ;no she is a chipko always runs behind me unlike you😊 you are different from other girls that is the only thing I like about you😊

Ishana; thanks for praising me😊 but wait you said the only thing you liked about me means I don’t have any good quality than being different. How mean Huhhhh?

Omkara ; I guess some people can’t bear the truth😊

Ishana ; Huhhh I won’t talk to you😡

Omkara; I’m not dying to talk with you either😉

Ishana; go to hell stupid😡

Omkara; same to you😊

Ishana; uff it’s a waste of time to talk to you don’t know from where this type of people come😡

Omkara; what you mean this type? Anyway, I don’t know where you come from but I come from my home hahahaha😊(Lol😂)

Ishana; just three words I hate you😡

Omkara; thank you mata ji 😊

Ishana; huhh do I look like mata ji to you? Good bye

After telling this she leaves to dance school and Omkara leaves to art gallery😊


Ishana PoV: : : :

What that stupid boy thinks of himself? Always irritating me with senseless talks when he was telling I come from my home with his stupid smile😊as if I don’t know that people come from their home. Stupid I think he is born in mental ayslum 😡 and that chipko riddhima how dare she hug my hubby? Wait what I said my hubby we are supposed to stay as strangers and I am concluding him as mine why? Ishana stop thinking all this or you will go mad? He is just a stranger😊 concentrate on your work.

Ishana PoV ends : : : : :

# # # # # # # # # # #

@ art gallery : : : : : :

Omkara PoV : : :

That mata ji can’t she shut her mouth for once also. Always talking like oldies bak- bak I want to plaster her mouth with tape at least I can stay peacefully😊 She should have born in ancient times she doesn’t talk like she is living in 21st century mad people always blaming me can’t praise anyone selfish girl😡

Omkara PoV ends : : : : : :

# # # # # # # #

At night : : : :

All had dinner together when dadi plans for picnic😊 everyone agrees happily to it. After having dinner Ishkara went to sleep in their room.

Ishkara room : : : : : :

Ishana was about to open her mouth to talk.

Omkara; hey listen mata ji now don’t start your complaints change and come we have to get up early morning tomorrow because we all are going to picnic😊

Ishana; fine stupid and don’t call me mata ji you are so irritating😡

Omkara; not more than you mata ji 😊 lol 😂

He runs towards the bed and slept before Ishana could tell anything to him. She stamps her foot and leaves to change. Omkara opens his one eye and gives a smirk😉 and slept. Ishana comes wearing a night dress and slept😊

Precap : picnic time😊 Ishana jealous😊

So ishqies how was episode😊 Love you all😊


  1. Ankita

    Fabulous… loved cute nok jok of ishkara… lol mataji 😂😂😂… Eagerly waiting for the next part… plz post asap…

  2. |Registered Member

    Love and comedy at same time brilliant job sweetheart 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍so sweet ishu mata ji n omi stupid ….ishu was jealous lovely episode

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