ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Ishkara) Episode 17


Episode 17


She couldn’t think of anything her whole mind is filled with Om thoughts. She closes her eyes and a lone tear escapes from her eyes she wipes the tears. What she could do? Her every second passed thinking about Om but she is helpless she wanted him to hug and confess her feelings. But she couldn’t do anything rather than thinking about him and now Om and riddhima will marry within one week. How could she able to see him marrying someone else? It is impossible no seeing our love getting married to someone else instead of us it hurts a lot and the thought of their marriage felt like someone snatched her soul and her heartbeat stopped for a moment the thought of their marriage killed her from inside but somewhere inside she is determined to know the truth she wanted to hear from Om mouth that he loves riddhima. She couldn’t waste anymore time by wasting tears she wipes it and determined leaves to Oberoi mansion in her scooter.


I am crying in the room thinking about Ishana how can I marry someone else when I love her? The thought of my marriage with someone else broke my heart into million pieces but what can I do? She herself decided to live separately but wait a second I can’t waste my time by wasting my tears I should confront her I should bring the truth out for which she decided to leave me. Yes! I am so foolish I should have ask her the reason before anyway I will go and meet Ishana right now. At least I would know the reason I should go. With determination I opened the door of my room and decided to leave to Ishana place so I took my car keys and left without telling reason to anyone.


I am driving the scooter in full speed. I am in hurry to get to Oberoi mansion and listen the truth from om. When I was thinking about this I was about to dash a car luckily I applied brake and got saved from felling down the scooter. I take out my helmet and walked towards the car someone got down the car. My eyes welled up to see that person. Yes! It is none other than Om. He started walking towards me. Oh saathiya plays in background tune.

Om: I want to say something….

Ishana: me too….!

Om: oh! First you go….

Ishana: I want to say that do you love riddhima?


Episode ends.

Next part confrontation and truth out. Love you ishqies ??? Read my Shivika Os- Love realisation ???

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  2. Sairan

    Can’t find the one shot love realization

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    Lovely loved it…

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    Awsm sis …
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