ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Ishkara) Episode 16


Episode 15?

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Om thinks something seriously and decides to leave to nursery for the moment it is the only place where Om could get peace. He takes his car keys and leaves to nursery in his car.


He couldn’t think of anything else other than Ishana. But what he could do Ishana only took the decision to leave separately and now his marriage with riddhima everything is happening so fast that I am not understanding anything my mind and heart is filled with Ishana thoughts what I can do? Should I stop this marriage and confess my feelings for Ishana in front of anyone. Then what if Ishana breaks my heart and leaves me alone. Already this much happened now I can’t take any other heart break. Why this always happens to me? Why no one thinks about my happiness? Is everyone in the world are selfish? Why? By the time he was thinking he reaches to nursery and parks his car. He passes his time by doing gardening.


When Ishana was lost in her senses all children stares at Ishana with widen eyes.

All children: what happened Ishana sister?

Me: nothing oh! I was thinking about something.

Everyone: something or someone?

Me: what do you mean?

Everyone: don’t act innocent sister we know that you are thinking about mr Omkara Singh Oberoi our jiju

Me: no way!

I avoided glances from anyone and starts teaching dance to kids but her mind is filled with thoughts of Om. Why God snatched my love from me? First he snatched my mother and now a caring family and most importantly the love of my life Om. Why every time I love someone and then I have to sacrifice? Is there is no one for me in this world? Wish I could go back to Om and confess my love for him but he loves riddhima. How can I be so cruel to separate two lovers? Love is about sacrificing for our loved ones. Why?

~ Oberoi mansion~

~riddhima perspective~

Yippee hurray! Finally I am going o married the love of my life. Yes! I became successful in separating Ishana and Om. Both are idiots they don’t know only the other loves him or her. It was so easy to separate them. Thank god everything is happening according to my wish.Once my and Om marriage will happen Ishana will permanently leave from our lives. Then I will rule the Oberoi mansion.Just wait and watch.

~Episode ends~

Heya everyone! Hope it is good? don’t worry as planned it will end in on 25th episode or if I don’t get time 20th episode. Love you all???

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    sorry for the typos it is not 15th episode it is 16th episode.

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