ISHQBAAZ – A Forced marriage ( Episode 18 )

Yep, I am damn late and I know I am always late. Ok now come back to serious mood, I will soon finish this ff . . . again a small episode .
Episode 18
Third person p.o.v
Omkara whole world was collapsed , how can even Ishana like that ? He loved her truly she mean the whole world to him and he doubted her. Why , was this only she thought about him he couldn’t imagine him it was so unbelievable . His heart broke into pounds again , he felt he lost everything . His started recalling those all moments which made it clear that Ishana left him for this reason . His was losing it all , and this time it maybe too complicated to fix it all .
Omkara : Was this all that you thought about me Ishana , ?
Ishana : No it’s not like that Omkara ,
Omkara : Then it’s like what ? Ha , answer me damn it . Chi ! unbelievable I never thought you will doubt on me was this is only your trust ?

Ishana : No , om you’re misunderstanding me . It’s just that riddhima told me about this and . . .
Omkara ; Just , stop right there ok. I understood everything if , someone will come and say about me then you will so easily believe them right ? you know why , cause you trust others’ more than me so you can’t see my goodness and pure love for you .
Ishana : Om , you love me I never knew that .
Om : How will you know , ha ? You were so busy in divorcing me and see me married with riddhima . . .
Ishana : I am sorry om , please don’t talk to me like that I just can’t bear it .
Om : So what should I do ? I should do aarti of yours’ tell me. Wait a second you have no answer only right , then what you will say ? You know what let’s end everything which was between us my love for you , my trust and care for you and at last our relation . Cause , trust is the base of a relation and if you don’t trust me only then how could this relation last long . . . because , one day another girl will come and say that I slept with her then you will gave me a slap and send divorce papers and put me behind the bars right .
Ishana : Please , stop it om.

Om : Why ? Yep now I know you aren’t able to bear the truth that ‘s the reason . Everything we had is just over goodbye and hope to never see you .
Om leaves in the car to om . . . Ishana remains crying over there , it’s just over . Ishana didn’t trust him and life taught her a lesson by separating her with om forever and ever . Their relation was unspoken , indescribable and too complicated . Sad endings do exist and this is one of them .

Moral : Always trust your loved ones if it breaks once , then you can never fix it again .
Hey loves ! You must be surprised and shocked . Yep , I know I ended it too early but you know right , Ishkara story is too complicated to write I mean they’re so emotionally connected , and if I choose to write on them it’s so difficult . Yep , I know at start it was too happy but ishana’s one mistake of not trusting om just made everything complicated to fix it . I guess happy ending just can’t suit for the story so it has to end like that . Love you all who supported me from beginning don’t worry I will be back with a bang and a biggie surprise for you .
Cheers !
Sriya > 3

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  1. Aarti32

    I’m still haww-ing..It ended!! But it was rilli an unexpected ending..

    1. Sriya

      Yep I know but don’t worry you will get a surprise soon 🙂 Love ya!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Seriously it is end… You have to come back with another ff….

    1. Sriya

      Sorry to disappoint you! I guess you didn’t like the ending. Bending my head down *in shame* ! I will not come with another ff but with a surprise which I hope you will like. But I am not gonna change the ending of the story it is same it was now. So no epilogue!

    1. Sriya

      Really ? You liked the ending ! Thank you so much it means a lot to me , Love ya!

  3. Aashi26

    so solly for commenting so late and I liked the ending , not all the endings are meant to be happy ones….finally after a long tym I read a sad ending…u must be thinking what a crazy girl I’m , but what to do I’m like that only hehe….and I’m also a beliber like u….would u like to be my frnd……….

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