ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Episode 14)

Episode 14

{Scene 1}

Author’s PoV:

As I looked at outside the window I saw Ishana face smiling and it disappeared the next moment. I smiled at my thoughts uff wherever I go I imagine Ishana only. She is making me crazy literally. Tomorrow I will confess her I am very nervous because I don’t think Ishana ever thought me more than a friend. Anyway, I have to take risk anything for my love. I turned towards behind and saw Ishana staring me.

Om: why are you staring at me Ishana is something written on my face?

Ishana: I was thinking why are you behaving strange from morning first you follows me everywhere and then you don’t move your eyes away from me and now you were about to kiss me. How can someone have so many shades?

Om: why are you saying that Ishana as if I am stranger I am your friend right?

Ishana: I am friend only Om but you are behaving more than that as a husband you know ours is a forced marriage then why are you coming so close to me

Om(felt as if his own love stabbed his heart): I am sorry Ishana if you don’t consider this marriage then it is better to end this marriage

Ishana: what? Is a marriage joke for you I was just saying what I felt like it means you will take such a big decision to end this relation I really didn’t expect this from you Om goodbye.

She leaves from the room angrily barging the door. After she leave Om breaks down and cries. I didn’t expect this from you Om were ringing in his ears. I was wrong Ishana I thought you at least liked me but I am wrong you still think our marriage is a forced one. When you said that I felt someone stabbed my heart.

On otherside:

Ishana closed the door of guest room and breaks down. I am sorry Om I love you but when riddhima told me the truth then I decided that I will leave far away from you I can do anything for you happiness. I know you still love riddhima that is why for your happiness I am sacrificing my love. It’s so painful to leave our loved ones but anything for you Om. Anything for you and cries inconsolably. Riddhima watches this from window and smirks evilly. She leaves from the place.


Om with a determined face leave the mansion in his car. It was raining heavily outside it was the night when two lovers got separated destiny plays a game with these two. Unaware of the upcoming storm yet both are completely broke down. Om was driving harshly Ishana words were still ringing in his ears.


How was the twist???? Do tell me your reviews and it will end on 25th episode????

Love you!!??❤️?

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  2. JanviSingh

    Awsm yr….. Waiting for the next part…????

  3. Yashu

    Awesome Waiting for nxt

  4. Nice one dear. Plz post next part ASAP.

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  6. Aarti32

    Y is dis ridhima so cruel yaar!!??
    But happy dat both Om n Ishana hv realised dat they love each other ??

  7. Fabulous

  8. Kavya347

    Amazing Sriya…Tragic turn in the beautiful lovestory…. ohhh feeling bad for both of them. Both Om and ishu’s dialogues were superb. They are thinking about eachother than themselves….but the end…it was different. Like the silence before the storm.I feel that something is going tp happen…. oh…cannot handle the suspence…plz post asap

    1. Sriya

      Sure something will happen but after few episodes!….>3? Don’t worry at the end it is Ishkara only tysm! Missed your comments babe…..>3!

      1. Kavya347

        Aww….that’s so sweet of you Sriya..And don’t worry you won’t be missing my comments from now on…?
        Btw, your profile pic is Superb…. even I am a great fan of RK??

  9. Amazing update…

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