ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Episode 13)

Episode 13


{Scene 1}

Author’s PoV:

On the way to Oberoi mansion he saw a bouquet shop. He thought to buy a bouquet of roses. He gets down from the car and enters the shop. He orders bouquet of roses he then remembers that he forgot to bring purse he asked the man to deliver it home and he will pay there only. After so much argument the man agrees and Omkara leaves to oberoi mansion in the car. He is driving the car when he thinks how his life took 360 degree turn when he got to know that Ishana has been kidnapped. How he felt pain in his heart when he saw Ishana in tears. How he followed her in house to ensure her. He reminisces his each and every moment with her their dance, their beginning of friendship,their cute fights and family picnic when Ishana became possessive for him and kidnap of Ishana. Don’t know when and how he developed his feelings for her day by day. He closed his eyes for once and Ishana came in front of him smiling he put hand on his chest and his heart started beating faster. He was sure now that he loves her he determines to confess her soon. His heart fills with pleasure he smiles contentedly for first time. He happily reaches to Oberoi mansion. He parks the car and enters Oberoi mansion. He rushes up to his room. He saw his love of life Ishana standing in the balcony lost in deep thoughts. He pats her back. She turns towards him.

Ishana”oh so you came stupid where were you I was waiting for you from such long time” she said with a pout.

Omkara saw her pout and a smile curves on his face his desires started growing he wanted to kiss her that very moment. But he composes himself and smiles like an idiot and lost in deep thoughts. Ishana notices this and waves her hand at him. He gets back into his senses.

Ishana”hey stupid where are you lost? I am asking something” she asked.

Omkara”nowhere anyway, there was so much of traffic and I thought to buy bouquet of roses for you as you like roses” he said.

Ishana”how do you know that I like roses?” She asked in confusion.

Omkara”every girl loves roses what a stupid question mata ji! He replies .

Ishana” hey I am not mata ji and I am different from other girls keep that in your empty mind” she said proudly.

Omkara(murmurs): I know you are different that is why I love you!

Ishana: did you said anything? She asked.

Omkara: nope nothing.

Ishana: it’s okay >3!

Ishana gets back to her work. Omkara keeps staring at her she notices his and lowers her head. But still his eyes were fixed on her she gives him “what the hell” look.

Ishana PoV:

Why that stupid is continuously staring at me? Is he really stupid or what or acting to be one? Huh first following me everywhere and now staring at me without blinking his eyes. Strange person with different shades.

Ishana: hey why are you gazing me continuously like stupid

Om: why can’t I? I am your husband I have full rights on you! Don’t I?

Ishana: but you were never like that we stayed in this room as friends only!>3

Om: why it’s my wish I can do whatever I want? He said raising his eyes and smirks.

Ishana: wait a second what do you mean by I can do whatever I want!>3 she asked innocently.

Om: you really don’t know what I mean!>3 he keeps moving towards her till she reaches to the wall. Their hearts start beating in rhythmic tune!>3 oh saathiya plays as background music!>3 he caresses her hair with full of love and passion. They were about to kiss when they hear the sound of knock. Ishana pushes him and runs away to open the door!>3 rudy was standing there with smile.

Rudy: hey Bhabhi and bhai!>3

Ishkara: hi rudy!>3 what are you doing here?

Rudy:why can’t I come to your room don’t have I permission!>3 he said dramatically with a crybaby face as usual!>3

Ishkara: rudy stop overacting!>3

Rudy: how you both guess every time anyway love you guys now I am going bye sorry to disturb you both!>3

He leaves from the room happily!>3 Ishkara gives him an unbelievable look.


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