ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Episode 12)


Episode 12

{Scene 1}

After sometime annika leaves from the Oberoi mansion. Ishana goes to kitchen to serve coffee to everyone. Omkara keeps following her to every corner of the house. When Ishana gives everyone coffee she looks at Omkara with anger and irritation.

Ishana”why are you following me om it is so irritating?” She asked.

Omkara”why? It’s my wish what I want to do I will do” he said.

Ishana”ya! You will never change stupid you only one thing and that is to irritate me all the time God knows when I will be free from you?” She said.

Omkara”oh! Then why don’t you leave me alone” he said in one breath without realising what he said.

Ishana”oh! So you want to end this relation now?” She asked with blood shot eyes.

Omkara”sorry! I didn’t mean like that” he replied.

Ishana”so what you meant? Ha answer me” she asked.

Omkara” I meant that if I am irritating you so go to somewhere outside maybe you will feel peaceful” he replies.

Ishana”no need just stop following me” she told.

Omkara”ok! Fine then I will leave to art gallery bye” he replied angrily.

He leaves from the Oberoi mansion in hurry. She gives him an unbelievable look and get backs to her works.

{scene 2}

@ art gallery:

Omkara PoV:

Huhh! What that mata ji thinks of herself I was worried about yesterday incident and I want to ensure her safety but she scolded me unnecessarily anyway, I should have told her the reason she is right I am stupid only. Anyway, I took my pencil and starts drawing a portrait but something was missing in it? I pressurised my mind but didn’t got what was missing? So I left the canvas incomplete and gone to my nursery.

#in car#

I am driving the car when my phone starts ringing. I stopped my car for a moment and picked up the phone it was “Ishana”. I took the call.

Om” hello Ishana! Why have you called?” He asked.

Ishana” actually,you left your purse here I thought you would needed it so I called” she replies.

Omkara” no I don’t need it right now keep it safely with you when I comeback I will take it anything else?” He said.

Ishana” nope and I will keep it safely bye” she replies.

Omkara” bye” he hangs up the call and starts his car.

{scene 3}

Ishana PoV:

I am in the balcony of my and Omkara room and looking outside view. I thought how much my life changed from the moment I got married? At first I had no one beside me except my sister and my friend and now I got such caring and loving family! They loves me a lot and a caring husband everything is so nice here mom wish you would have be with me! Anyway, you will be always in my heart mom love you so much!! A lone tear escapes from eyes and I wiped it off quickly.

{Scene 4}


Omkara reaches to the nursery he parked the car and get down the car. He saw voluntary working there and helps them. Everyone thanked him and after spending sometime with the people in nursery. He lefts happily to Oberoi mansion.


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