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Hi evryone

Thank u so much for all ur encouragement on this collab work.u gave such a good response for prologue.this 4s is of four jodis,hope u like the idea.

After blaming anika shivay was going through mind heart war.when someone kept hand on his shoulder.

In anger shivay even without turning shouted “ just stop it anika!! Don’t evn try to do drama of ur goodness. I very well know….” this is when he turned to witness dadi there.

Dadi: kothiya!! Y u always blame my anika bahu, she is such a good soul!!! Anyways these r school payment refund.give these loan papers to anika.its her wish what she will do with these 15 lakhs”

Shivay: 15 lakhs??

Dadi: ha!! She took loan.it passed one day before ur marriage.but daksh is better than u he likes her so much that he himself took papers to give her just to see smile on her face.but u can’t even respect her”

And she leaves sadly.shivay is hell shocked n rushed to sowmya.

After getting known of real fact,he got drowned in guilt pool.he is not even capable of facing her.

This when sahil was crying for pinky taunts on anika.shivay consoled n made pinky promise that no matter what he will safeguard anika forever.

After making sahil sleep ,he ran to anika house bit she is nowhere n her broken phone is found.this is when he got a video msg which scared the hell out of him.

Anika was in a big glass container with water level increasing.she is unconscious.and the water is red because of blood oozing from her forehead.

Shivay got totally frightened.he calmed himself n called khanna to trace that number.

But khanna replied that the number is not traceable.shivay immediately called commissioner.since he is out of city,he suggested acp randhwa to shivay.

Shivay called him with no option left.

Acp seeing shivay no. Answered with anger and was about to confront him on ompri issue but before that shivay hurriedly said him abt anika.

Shivay: anika is kidnapped,her life is in danger trace her asap.

Acp kept his ego aside n thought to do his duty ,he traced her n informed shivay.

They both reached their just to witness anika fighting with her life n daksh enjoying like a psychopath.

Shivay n acp tried to go near but water level is increasing.shivay beated him to hell.but he is laughing at anika state.
Shivay: how dare u touch my wife?

Acp is shocked with this words.as far as he knows tia is his wife.

Shivay: how dare u hurt my wife? How dare u??

Acp stopped him n make him come to senses.they both found rods n broke the glass.

Shivay hold her close n cried as if his world destroyed ,ofc it is.

Shivay: anika say something plzzzz anika u cant leave me speak up,anika!!!!!! I can’t live without u.do u listen??? U always have a complaint that I run away from my feelings na see I am accepting that I love u……I love u a lot….plzz wake up…..anika……

He is crying vigourously.ranveer who is witnessing this,is surprised with this shivay n also worried for anika.he also tried to wake her up.

But something make him go freeze.a tatoo on her neck ,a star with RAR written below that.

His tears started flowing like a river.

Shivay: anika u can’t do this ,did u get it??? U can’t …..who will irritate me daily?? Who will make me go mad?? U know what when u r with me I go crazy,when u r not with me then also I go crazy…..pls wake up…..anika!!!!!!

He hugs her close n his tear drop fell on her made her come to sense.

Anika: shi….shivay….

He looked at her n hugged her.they took her to hsp

Ranveer got a big smile hearing her voice.

they tried a lot to stop her bleeding from head all the while,but it didn’t work.doc took her to operation theatre n nurse asked him details.shivay ranveer are equally worried for her.

Shivay still in shock state: she….is….Mrs.anika shivay Singh oberoy

Nurse: but ur wife is tia…..

All oberoys came to HSP after getring to know all this from police department.

Ranveer: she is anika raichand…..(to nurse)and I am her brother ranveer raichand.(nurse left )

All elders of oberoy family are hell shocked while youngsters r confused.

Tej: u r ranveer raichand?? N she is…???

Dadi: what r u saying????

Ranveer: I am saying the truth.

Their eyes became wide while shivay is confused n lost for his anika.

Guys plzzz comment, its not ff its 4s and that too collab work…..we really need ur encouragement .plzzzz comment……plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    I was drowning in sorrow after reading many emotional stories😲
    Thanks to you guys my spirits are back on track to rock😎

  2. kayu

    Just loving it please show ishana and soumya as anika sister and shivika confessing love at HSP
    Remarriage of shivika
    Plzzzzz post fast….

  3. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Woah!! Suspense in on peaks and I just loved the way Shivaay proposed Anika and Ranveer stated that she is his sister..😍😍
    I am just loving it… keep going …
    Love all my 4 super girls…

  4. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Wow……Amazing naanshivika……really characterisation of this one is pretty good……And i felt am watching ishqbaaz on screen……whatever you guys wrote makes the feel of serial ishqbaaz …[email protected] it’s level best……Great !!!! And merry Xmas in advance

  5. Rads

    Sorry for commenting so late but I was busy in work but I read it long back but finall get time to comment this one is wonderful shot Dadi instead of Shakti and Anika being Ranveer’s sister are wonderful twist haven’t expected this but I enjoyed it waiting for next shot.

  6. Aviana

    Nan’s Di you bring wonderful twist I was like kash IB me bhi is tarah twist late aa enjoyed this twist and I am waiting eagerly do next shot plz update next part ASAP Di.

  7. Sanaya

    Wow awesome nans as usual…. Ranveer and anika that was amazing… And shivaye accepting his feelings…..Cant believe it…. Waiting for nxt❤❤

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