Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion -Chapter 3

Hey guys!!! I am back. Thank you again for your lovely comments I really love them a lot. Here is the third chapter.

Oberoi Mansion
Shivika Room
Anika was sitting on the couch lost in her own thoughts. She was thinking in a span of 6 months she had become the wife of SSO… Mrs SSO. What the heck man.
“The guy whom I hated the most, who humiliated me, forced me to wed him is now the one whom I have feelings for “thought Anika shocked
“Bagad Billa and me…ufff” she realised the gravity
Ever since Tia’s pregnancy truth was out in front of Shivaay, he had changed drastically. Though he still shut her out sometimes . He shared his thoughts,fears and worries with her. What puzzled her the most was that he still did not tell the family that the child was not his. Hence Pinky Aunty still believed Tia though no one else did not even Shakti Uncle or Tej Uncle.

Shivaay entered the room to find her sitting there
“Man she looks so innocent and beautiful… no control Shivaay u still don’t know her feeling yet”he thought
“Though she blushes like anything when I flirt with her “he thought smiling.
“Penny for your thoughts”said Shivaay sitting beside Anika
“Huh? What ?”asked Anika startled to see him
“Nothing u seem to be lost somewhere” he asked concerned
“Nope I was just wondering where are we going? I mean us this marriage”she asked looking at him in the eye
Shivaay froze at the thought but then he composed himself and said
“Like I said I didn’t sign the divorce papers so let’s wait until we are done with this Svetlana thing”

“Well that how far have to reached yet in finding”asked Anika
Oh my private investigator has found something about both Tia and Svetlana he is coming over to tell us ” replied Shivaay
“I will tell OmRu to come in the hall okay”said Shivaay getting up
” Shivaay ..”called Anika
He turned around “You should not hide your feelings whatever is there just say it” she said
Shivaay looked at her all lost in her eyes. They slowly moved towards each other . Shivaay stroked her hair and caressed her face
“When the right time comes I will say everything”he whispered in her ear
“For now lets go “he said holding her hand.
“You go I’ll come”said Anika
Shivaay left and Anika thought to herself
“Why am I feeling strange as if someone close to me is about to come as if something big is about to happen”
“Leave it Anika..focus “she said and left for the hall.

In the hall Anika, Shivaay, OmRu were waiting for the P.I to come
“There he is”said Shivaay
The P.I came and shook hands with Shivaay
“Mr Oberoi I have done my job”he said proudly
“Very well then just tell me what have you found “asked Shivaay impatiently
“Well the information I have found is extraordinary and you are going to be hell shocked to know that”
“Will you please tell us what u mean by that”asked Om
“Just tell it whatever it is “said Rudra
“Well Svetlana and Tia are sisters and they are on a mission to destroy the Oberoi’s” said P.I

“What!??”shouted the 4 of them together tooo shocked.
“Oh my mata “shouted Pinky
All of them turned to find the elders standing there with a bewildered expression on their faces
“Yes sir I am telling the truth infact Romi Kapoor is also one of them”said P.I
It won’t be wrong to say that all the ppl standing there experienced a mini heart attack
“That devi of Rudra? That Romi?”asked Soumya
“Yes Mam “replied the P.I and he proceeded to tell the entire tale of the Kapoor sisters their plans,plotting as well as fake pregnancy drama,Tia’s husband and Mrs Kapoor blackmailing Shivaay
“Shivaay how could you think that Om is illegitimate my Om”asked Tej shouting
“He is our son Shivaay “replied Janvi shocked
“Sorry bade papa and badi maa, I was so damn confused “replied Shivaay looking down
“It’s okay Shivaay even I would have done the same thing if someone told me about you”replied Om hugging his bro
“Oh my mata Anika I am sooooo sorry I always regarded you wrong scolded you I m so ashamed “cried Pinky hugging Anika

Anika was too shocked to reply but still she said
“It’s okay aunty”
It was at that exact moment that the Singhania’s entered the Oberoi
Mansion and saw the scenario.

Precap: Singhania’s tell the a tale of past plus a shock for everyone.

That’s a wrap for today guys!! I know it was incorrect to leave it at this moment but I love it leaving this way.. See you tomorrow. Adios till then

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