Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion (Intro)

Hey guys!! I am new to this site but a great fan of Ishqbaaz and I love the show to the core. I am starting new FF hope you all will like it.
P.S.( The story is set after 3 months leap. Shivaay and Anika’s relation has improved a bit , the rest of the Oberoi’s are the same, Nafratbaaz are stilll plotting and planning plus a few new entries)

The Singhania’s : The Singhania’s are a world power. They are the richest businessmen of the world not only India . They have a established empire in very capital city . Quite richer than the Oberoi’s or Kapoor’s. Originally belong to Mumbai but have a mansion in London , New York , Paris , Italy everywhere. They can buy every business without overdrawing their accounts. They have Swiss banks.

Members of Singhania Family

1. Vikram Raj Singhania:

He is the owner of Singhania Empire. 55 years old. A calm, cool, composed person. Hard working and workaholic. Caring, loves his family and 3 children a lot but is sad as he could not find his long lost daughter.

2. Anita Vikram Singhania:

She is the wife of Vikram Singhania. An interior designer by profession. A very loving and soft spoken lady. Loves helping poor people and extremely sweet. Pampers her kids a lot but is also sad as she lost her daughter.

3. Akshay Vikram Singhania:

He is the eldest son of the Singhania’s . CEO of Singhania Empire. A kind, sweet boy but a shrewd businessman. He believes that every deal can be conquered by love and is quite compassionate. He is still searching for his sister hoping that he will find her someday.

4. Naira Akshay Singhania :

She is the wife of Akshay Singhania . A lawyer by profession that too a sort after one in the whole country but is also a family lady. Loves her family a lot and the support system of her husband. She is passionate and caring and is currently helping her husband in finding his lost sister.

5. Aliya Vikram Singhania:

She is the youngest daughter of Singhania’s. A graduate in home studies she is currently training as a trainee in Singhania Empire. She doesn’t believe in money and fame but believes in self respect and dignity. She was kidnapped in the past but was found by her brother.She loves her family a lot and is searching for her sister along with her brother.

The Oberoi’s and The Kapoor’s are the same as in the serial but Ishana is the love interest of Omkara.

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