Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion -Chapter 5

Hey guys!!! I am back. So sorry for the delay actually I travel a lot becoz of my work and while I am and abroad I can’t update due to jet lag and time difference. So I hope you will understand. Anyways without much delay here is the next chapter!!!

To say that the ground slid beneath Tia and Svetlana’s feet would be an understatement. Both of them were hell shocked to see the Singhania’s. They both knew the truth and were well aware about power of the Singhania’s. What they didn’t knew that they had found their long lost daughter nor were they aware of Anika’s new found identity or that a catastrophe was waiting for them.

“Shivaay wats going on?”asked Tia looking around.
“Just shut up”roared Shivaay venting out all his anger on Tia.
“You wretched girl you played with all of our emotions”said Pinky
“I think they have found out the truth”thought Tia.
“Choti maa Bhaiya didn’t believe Tia at all , he was very well aware about her plan he just couldn’t say because of Mrs Kapoor”said Rudra explaining them Shivaay’s helplessness
“Omg we are struck now what should I do”thought Svetlana
“Shame on you people ? Why did you do all of this?”asked Janvi
“Why Svetlana why did you hide your identity from me”asked Tej
“You want to know why? I will tell you”shouted Mrs Kapoor
She stood at the door and came forward
“I will tell you why we did all of this”she said

The Singhania’s saw Mrs Kapoor and their blood boiled.
“This woman”said Anita
She went ahead and slapped her hard
“You and your family are responsible for our sufferings”she said
“Mom… wait a sec”said Naira pulling her back
“She will pay for her deeds”whispered Akshay in her eyes
“Tej Singh Oberoi you and your entire family are responsible for my husband’s death “said Mrs Kapoor
The Oberoi’s were shocked by this allegation. Shock after shock and now this
“There is something definitely wrong today”thought Saumya
“Have you any idea what are you saying ?”asked Shivaay
“Yes Shivaay your uncle and father killed my father”said Svetlana
The Kapoor’s related the entire tale to them .
“Are you ppl in your senses?”asked Shakti
“Mr Kapoor died because of his deeds and his failure to pay off his loans” “said Tej
“My sons can’t kill anyone and we are not responsible for it”said Dadi
Anika looked from one person to other as if she was a lunatic.
“What is going on?”she thought

Tej narrated them an incident which took place a couple of years back. Mr Kapoor had taken a hefty loan from certain corporate houses and he had lost the entire money. Due to his failure to pay the money , the owners of these corporations joined hands and in a bid to scare him , they ended up killing him. Those corporate owners were punished.
“And you thought we were behind all of this”finished off Tej
“Now is the time”thought Akshay
“But they say that a man pays for his deed and Mr Kapoor certainly paid for his”said Akshay coming forward.
“What are you people doing here?”asked Mrs Kapoor remembering the slap
“Have you got Alzimer’s?”asked Vikram
“Don’t you remember that Mr Kapoor kidnapped me and my di years back”said Aliya
“Let us remind them”said Naira

Mrs Kapoor looked like a dear caught in headlights. She of course remembered that her husband had kidnapped the daughters of Singhania’s and infact she was the one who helped him in all of this.
“What nonsense “said Mrs Kapoor
“Shut up “said Akshay
“None of your drama now but my god’s grace we have found our daughter”said Anita
“Meet Anika Singhania,my daughter”said Vikram pointing towards Anika
“What???? Anika is your daughter?”asked Tia shocked
“How is this possible? I sent orders to kill her”said Mrs Kapoor
Anika didn’t know what to say or do but Shivaay came toward and held her hand assuring her.
“Ah I knew it you dirty minded people will never change”said Akshay
“But you will pay for your deeds like your father”said Shivaay coming forward
“I will make sure that you are not spared for attacking my wife, my brothers , for defaming my brother and for plotting against us”he continued
“Wait a sec Mr Oberoi, let me do the honours”said Akshay
Akshay dialled up a number and said
“Please come to Oberoi Mansion ”

As he hung up he saw Svetlana motioning something to Tia.
“Don’t even try anything smart”he said holding her by the arm
“You people deserved to be hanged for what you did with us or they”said Janvi
“No badi maa ,they will get a worse punishment and I will make sure”said Shivaay
“And let me remind you, none of your tactics will work this time”said Om
“You wretched girl, you tried to prove my son my Om illegitimate, he is my own blood , my pride”said Tej
Om looked at Tej surprised to see such love and affection in his eyes.
At that moment the police arrived
“Mr Singhania you called us”said the inspector
“Yes inspector please arrest these people, the charges will be told to you by my lawyer, he is arriving shortly”said Akshay pointing towards the Kapoor’s
“And my lawyer will provide you with all the details”said Shivaay
“Arrest them”ordered the inspector to his junior
The Kapoor’s were handcuffed
“I am leaving now but we will surely come back and this time I won’t spare any of you”screamed Svetlana
“Shut up and get lost”said Om

The police took them away and all of them let out a sigh of relief except for Anika.
She still couldn’t process what had happened. What was she going to do?
The DNA test proved her to be their daughter but it was still kinda dreamy
“Good riddance to bad rubbish”said Rudra
“Yes finally these villains are out of our lives”said Saumya
“And we have our daughter with us”said Anita cupping Anika’s face
“Yes beta, welcome to your home”said Vikram
Aliya and Naira hugged her and Shivaay stood there with a fear clutching his heart
“What if these people take away Anika, how will I live without her”he thought
Suddenly Akshay received a call. He listened to what the caller had to say and his blood boiled. His face became extremely red and he looked as if he could kill anyone.

Precap: Akshay blasts the Oberoi’s , Anika’s delimma and an unexpected move by the Singhania’s that shocks the world.

That’s it peeps. It’s a wrap for today. I will leave you guys guessing Akshay’s next move. Next part will be worth the wait I promise . Sorry for the delay again and in advance if I am not able to post on time..Adios till then!!!!!

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