Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion -Chapter 2

Hey guys!! I am back .Thank you so much for the great comments as well as your valuable suggestions it really encouraged me a lot. So here is the second chapter .

Oberoi Mansion:
It is early morning everyone is in their respective rooms getting ready for the day.

Shivika Room:
“Anikaaaaaa, I can’t find my tie where is it”said Shivaay screaming for his wife.
“Mr Oberoi your tie is lying right besides you. Can’t you see properly?”asked Anika coming out of the bathroom and drying her hair.
“Un… yeah yeah whatever”said Shivaay mesmerised seeing her.
“Shivaay??Tie?”said Anika waving her hand in front of him.
“Oh yeah. By the way I forgot to tell you from now on you will not risk your life and go after Svetlana or Tia. Okay? “said Shivaay tying his tie.
“But Shivaay they are a threat. You know that infact did you forget that Tia lied to you about her pregnancy”said Anika

“I know that Anika but the family doesn’t and we can’t tell them yet”said Shivaay remembering Mrs Kapoor’s threat.
“But why?? Are you crazy to keep her in the house after knowing everything?”said Anika her eyes going all round.
“That doesn’t concern you. You do as I tell you” said Shivaay
“You are being Mr rude again but I will not listen to you, I will go and see what are they upto “said Anika determined
“God damn Anika why do you always have to argue?”said Shivaay irritated
“Becoz I am worried about the family”answered back Anika
“And I am worried about you becoz I can’t afford to lose you again”said Shivaay remembering Daksh
Anika looked at him all amazed. Both of them are lost in each other’s eyes their unspoken feelings and love speaking for them.
Shivaay suddenly realised what he had said and said
“What I mean is that no need to risk anything and do any foolishness. I will take care of this matter in my way”said Shivaay fumbling.
“Ok ok use your small sized brain and see the result yourself”said Anika
“U…”said Shivaay but was interrupted by Rudra
“Bhaiya.. you are still not ready come on I want to help you to cook for Dadi “said Rudra pulling Shivaay
“Oops I completely forgot I have to cook lunch for Dadi today”said Shivaay
“Yesss my brother dearest. Come bhabhi you also help us”said Rudra pulling Anika along
“Yeah Rudy I am coming “said Anika laughing at her brother in law’s behaviour.
3 of them went towards the kitchen and on the way picked up Om from his room.
Soon they were engrossed in cooking all of them doing the jobs given by Shivaay except the boss himself.

For Shivaay was busy adoring his wife. Om noticed this and said
“Pretty na ”
“Very pretty “said Shivaay absent mindedly
“U love her right”asked Om taking advantage of his trance
“Yes I do I love her a lot “said Shivaay without realising what he said
“I mean I love Dadi a lot “he said realising his blunder
“Hmmm Shivaay there is no use of hiding your feelings better say it soon before it is too late “said Om indirectly addressing the matter
“I…I don’t know what are you taking about”said Shivaay picking up the dish to avoid seeing Om’s eyes

“Look I won’t force you but as your brother I am giving you this piece of advice take it “said Om
“Bhaiya what are you so taking about “said Rudra coming in between them
” Nothing Cmon taste it and tell me how it is ?”said Shivaay giving a spoon to Rudra
“Yummmyyy as usual the best Bhaiya “said Rudra licking his lips
“Okay next you “said Shivaay feeding a spoon to Anika like literally making her eat.
“Not fair Shivaay you made Anika eat from your hands but not Rudra “said Om with a twinkle in his eye
Shivika are embarrassed at this and to avoid it Anika starts blabbering
“Oh see Om that dish is burningquick turn it off”
Om turns off the stove and laughs , Rudy joins him whereas Shivika look here and there.

Outside Oberoi Mansion
“No Tia we have to carry on with our plan” said Svetlana angrily looking at Tia.
“Di I know but why this fake pregnancy thing with Shivaay u know he knows the truth”said Tia
“He knows but the family doesn’t know all thanks to Mom and he won’t dare to tell this to the family”said Svetlana
“But why Shivaay we can easily target anyone “said Tia
” Becoz Shivaay is that foundation on which Oberoi’s stand and it it necessary to break it first “said Svetlana
“Di to break Shivaay just take Anika away from him. He can’t live without her. He will break automatically “said Tia smirking
“Hmmm first time you have talked sense. Anika is Shivaay’s strength as well as weakness we can break Shivaay using her”said Svetlana evily

“And for this that Pinky Moms will help us”said Tia
“Yesss Anika your time in Oberoi Mansion is up. You have to go now “said Svetlana laughing
Both of them smile at this cleverness not realising that their entire conversation was heard by someone and that someone now gave a call to Akshay Singhania.

Singhania Empire
Akshay was sitting in his office pondering over his problem
“Cmon Akshay it’s not that big of a deal , leave it Mr Grewal will come to you again once he realises his mistake”said Naira consoling her husband
“No Naira he has been working with us for so long. How can he accuse us of not treating him properly ?said Akshay signing
” It happens sometimes Akshay we can’t control everything na. Anyways leave all of this did Mr Sharma call you ?”asked Naira
“Nope not yet I told him to track every movement of those Kapoor’s “replied Akshay
Suddenly Akshay’s phone rang

“Hello yeah Sharma what’s the news”
Sharma told him the entire convo of the Kapoor sisters and also told him that there is a strong possibility that Anika is in Oberoi Mansion
“Thanks a lot Sharma but I still need you to follow them. Okay?”said Akshay hanging up
Akshay told Naira what Sharma had said and they both wondered what to do next
“Let’s go and tell this to mom and dad and then we will decide what to do” suggested Naira
“Yeah u are right Cmon wifey lets go”said Akshay
Akshay was very hopeful his time. Somewhere in his heart he knew that this was his sister and he would find Anika soon.

Singhania Mansion
“Are u sure Akshay? Why would Anika be with the Oberoi’s”asked Vikram
“Yeah and the way Sharma put it , it seems as though she has a deep relation with Shivaay Singh Oberoi”said Anita
” But Mom Shivaay’s married to Tia Kapoor remember that news ?Then why would Anika Di be in picture?”asked Aliya
“Wait guys we don’t even know whether this is our Anika or not”said Naira
“No Naira wherever these Kapoor’s are there has to be a connection. I have this weird intuition that Anika is with the Oberoi’s”said Akshay
“Hmmm then there is only one solution to this matter we visit the Oberoi’s today and clear out the matter “said Vikram
“Yeah we should do that.. if this is my daughter then I can’t wait any longer to meet her”said Anita

“Even I can’t please god let this be my Di “said Aliya praying
“No worried Aliya I am sure this time we are on the right way “said Naira hugging her.
“Okay then I will call the cars and we will leave there and then”said Akshay taking out his phone.
“Oberoi’s and Kapoor’s The Singhania’s are coming ” thought Vikram to himself
“And if the Oberoi’s are mixed with Kapoor’s and my daughter is in such a condition becoz of them I won’t leave them”thought Anita

Precap: Anika and Shivaay’s heart to heart talk, Anika feeling someone know is coming, Singhania’s coming to Oberoi’s and a series of relavations.

That’s it guys for today. Sorry for not updating earlier I was in London . In fact I wrote this in the plane. Next part will make the story a lot more clearer . Adios till then

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