Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion -Chapter 1

Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale of Love,Romance And Passion

Hey guys!! Thank you so much for the great comments it really encouraged me a lot. So here is the first chapter . I forgot to mention who will be playing the Singhania’s

1. Vikram Raj Singhania: Naved Aslam
2. Anita Vikram Singhania: Suchitra Pillai
3. Akshay Singhania : Ashish Kapoor
4. Naira Akshay Singhania: Priyal Gor
5. Aliya Singhania: Shritama Mukherjee

Chapter 1:-
Singhania Mansion
An extravagant, beautiful Mansion just like a house out of a fairy tale . It is 3 times bigger than Oberoi Mansion.
A middle aged man is shown sitting in a huge library talking on the phone with someone

“Yes yes the deal is final my associates will take care of the rest. Thank you so much “said the man.
Sighing he took off his glasses and looked out of the window.
A beautiful lady enters with a cup of tea and looks at the man who happens to be her husband. She comes to his desk and observes him.
“Vikram you are again thinking of her na?”asked the lady stroking his arm
“What do I do Anita ? I feel so guilty after so many years of success,fame ,name,wealth I couldn’t find my daughter. What is the use of being the richest?”asked Vikram his eyes tearing up
“I know Vikram believe me I think of her every night , every day. She is a part of my soul “said Anita crying

“Enough of crying Mom and Dad. We will find her soon”said a boy in his late twenties entering the library.
Akshay Vikram Singhania, the CEO of Singhania Empire was dressed in a black tuxedo looking handsome as ever. As his wife rightly says he was man to drool upon.
” I am trying my very best guys we will definitely find her.”said Akshay
“You are the only one beta who did not lose hope”said Vikram patting his son on the back.
“Yes Akshay seeing you gives me hope also.”said Anita
“Then no more crying mom”said Akshay wiping her tears
“Come here”he said hugging both of them.
“What!!!! Family hug without me”shouted Aliya, the youngest Singhania pouting
“No no chutki how can we forget you , you are most important”said Akshay embracing her.
All four of them have a group hug.
“I wish Di was also her with us . She would have gone shopping with me,played cards with mom,met everyone”said Aliya wistfully.

” No worries chutki I just found something about Anika”said Akshay
“What ? What did you find beta?”asked Anita her face lighting up
“Well Mom my sources told me that they overheard Svetlana Kapoor taking to Tia Kapoor something about Anika “said Akshay his face grim.
“Oh my god these Kapoor’s are after my daughters”said Vikram clenching his teeth.
“Yes first that Kapoor kidnapped Anika and Aliya,left them somewhere and then tried to ruin us by defaming Vikram”said Anita.

“Yes but luckily we found chutki “said Akshay.
“And I feel so guilty that I don’t remember anything about what happened to Di “said Aliya
“It’s not your fault beta, you were really small”said Vikram consoling her.
“Well now we have got a clue, Svetlana and Tia we will follow them, my instincts are telling me that they will lead us to Anika, we will find her this time.”said Akshay determined.
“Hmmm you are right. What are you intending to do ?”asked Anita
“Mom, I have already detailed my best bodyguard and agents behind them they are tracking every move of them. As soon as I have any info I will tell you”replied Akshay.
“But how will we recognise Di ? I mean we only know her name Anika?”said Aliya.
“Chutki a Mom’s heart is enough to recognise her daughter, I will identify her the moment I see her”replied Anita.
” Well that’s set then Akshay let me know if you need any help and I am proud of you my boy”said Vikram hugging him.
“Dad enough of this now! Bhai I think you are forgetting something”said Aliya smirking
“What?? I have everything”said Akshay checking his pockets.
“Bhai!! Uff men I tell you. You have to pick up bhabhi from the court u forgot?”said Aliya

“Oh shoot she is gonna kill me. Last time I reached the court was empty everyone had left. Bye ppl see you later.”said Akshay leaving
“Iska kuch nahi ho sakta “said Vikram
“Now please leave ladies I have to work”he said showing them the door.
“Mom please help me na I have to attend a party tom and I don’t know what to wear”said Aliya
“Acha okay come “said Anita.

Meanwhile Anika totally unaware of her identity was sitting in her room pondering over the mess in her life.

Oberoi Mansion:
Shivika Room
“Anika where are you?”said Shivaay looking everywhere.
“I am here Shivaay , no need to scream”she replied
“Oh good. Now listen i have hired a private investigator to keep a check on Svetlana, I hope he will lead us somewhere”said Shivaay admiring Anika’s beauty.
“Hmmm seems good but what about Tia ?”said Anika
“Tia can wait Anika as it is she is good for nothing so just forget her.”said Shivaay moving closer to Anika.
“Shi..shivaay what are you doing?” stammered Anika
“What am I doing Anika?”asked Shivaay making an innocent face and holding her hands.
“U… u are…”said Anika

“Shhhhhsshh “said Shivaay keeping a finger on her lips.
“You talk a lot, and blush also”he said smirking
“What nooo I am not blushing. U are mad “said Anika looking everywhere but at Shivaay.
Shivaay came extremely close to Anika. His body almost pressed against Anika’s. He leaned closer and closer until they where a few inches apart.
“I am making breakfast for you. Come fast “he whispered in her ear.
Anika looked up at him amazed.

“What are you gaping at come fast “said Shivaay tucking her hairs.
“Hmmm yeah I am coming “she replied.
Grinning Shivaay left from there. Anika recomposed herself and followed him.

Precap: Akshay’s agents follow Svetlana and Tia, Shivika, ShivOmRu moments plus Singhania’s coming over to Oberoi Mansion.

Well guys that’s it for today. I know it was less of Shivika but I promise next chapter will have more Shivika moments and in this FF Kapoor’s are the main culprits and the next for the next after that will reveal Anika’s real identity.

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