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Hi guys! Sorry for updating late but I’m busy with my work so apologies pls. I’m very happy that u all r liking my story & r eager to know what’s coming next so its to inform u readers that I’ll not be able to upload my story everyday but I can assure u that the max time limit of uploading b/w 2 episodes will be 1 week.
There r some points that I want to clear :-
1. How r Anika & Ishana r in contact with each other even after Ishana’s marriage with Om?
Every year Ishana goes to go Ajmer Sharif dargaah & Anika too used to come with her family at the same time. Anika used to send lots of pictures of Ansh to Ishana daily through mails & sometimes through post. Hence one can say that Ishana knows every day of Ansh’s life. In fact Ishana was in Australia during Ansh’s birth & she was the one who gave Ansh such a beautiful name.

2. Did Shivay ever tried to find Anika?
On the day of his marriage with Tia, Shivay realized that he is truly in love with Anika. So he canceled his marriage (with Tia’s mutual consent) & ran to Anika’s home to ask for forgiveness & to get back her in his life. But as he reached his house he found out that she already left with Sahil. He asked Anika’s aunt abt her whereabouts but its of no use. He himself searched her at the places she was supposed to be but he didn’t found her. He hired many detectives in 4 years to search his lady love who searched Anika in almost every part of the country but they too faced failure. But Shivay never lost hope.

3. Did Harman knew abt Priyanka being an Oberoi?
Harman & Priyanka met in law school & became frnds & then their frndship took a love turn. Harman never knew Priyanka’s full name, all he knew is she is Priyanka Singh. Whenever Harman used to talk abt Anika with Priyanka he always addressed her as Ani Di.

Guys I’ve been using many nicknames to address my characters so here is the list:-
1. Anika :- Ani (for Shivay, Omkara) & Ani Di (for her younger siblings)
2. Omkara :- O (for Rudra) & Om (for everybody else)
3. Ishana :- Isha, Ishu
4. Ansh :- Anshu/Anshu Baba
5. Harman :- Harry Mamu (for Ansh) & Harman (for everyone)
6. Preet :- Chote Mamu (for Ansh) & Preet (for everyone)
6. Meher :- Choti Mami (for Ansh), Choti (for her elders)
7. Gauri :- Baby

I’m also introducing 2 more characters who will also have a pivotal role in my story.

Veer Sharma :- anirudh’s accountant’s son. He lost his mother when he was just a infant & his father died in an accident when he was 10 so Anirudh took his responsibility. He is like a brother to the Juneja siblings, he is very close to Anika & Ansh. He regards Anika as his mother & is very protective regarding Ansh & he hates Shivay Singh Oberoi to the core for hurting his Ani Di.

Khushi Verma :- she is aorphan & raised by her aunt. She is best frnd of Gauri since childhood. Spends most of her time with the Junejas as her aunt is in govt job & stays out. She & Veer always fight for silly things & r always at loggerheads. Their fights r entertaining for the family but sometimes they r out of control so someone has to interfere to stop the fight.

So I hope now my story is cleared to all. So wait for my nxt episode. Bye………

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  1. Plz update soon and regularly…… plz….plz….plz…..

  2. Siddhi

    Hey is ur name Swati?Because my mom’s name is also Swati

  3. Siddhi

    Hey is ur name Swati?Because my mom’s name is also Swati Rawool

  4. ????? swati do update ASAP interesting episode but plz update at least in 2 days but nice episode but small

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    1. Swati

      Episode 2 on its way. Have patience & thnk u for liking my story. Love you all.

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