Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 5


Recap :- AnSh’s confrontation; Veer beat up Shivay; Shivay decides to bring Anika & Ansh back in his life.

It’s the day for the ROKA ceremony, it’ll be held in the Oberoi Mansion at afternoon. In both the houses preps r in the full swing. Only family members will attend this ceremony & official announcement will be made in the engagement party.

Juneja’s Home Sweet Home –
Anika has decided that she will tell Ansh abt his father as he don’t want him to know from someone else. The other reason was that though she don’t want Shivay back in neither hers or Ansh’s life but she wants his son to know abt his other family members (Oberois other than Shivay) as she don’t have any personal grudge with anyone of them. So Anika entered in Ansh’s room with a picture, Ansh was feeding his pet dog (of pomerian breed) cum best frnd Tuffy.
Anika :- hey buddy! U ready for the function.
Ansh :- oh hey Mom. Yes I’m. Mom, Chester is also coming
Anika :- if u want to take him along u can. Anshu I wanted to talk to u. Its important.
Ansh :- what is it Momma?

Anika :- Anshu I came to tell u abt ur father & ur paternal family (shows him the picture she brought & introduced each person to him except Shivay).
Ansh (pointing at Shivay in the picture) :- is he my Dad? (Anika nods in yes). Momma, why haven’t u told me abt it before? (She then tells him abt the betrayal she got from Shivay) Why u told me this now, what difference will it make now?
Anika :- I didn’t wanted u to know from outside, now its u who’ve to decide whether u will accept the person who even disapproved to be ur father before u were born as ur DAD. Remember one thing son that we all love u & will always OK. Now get ready fast we’ve to go to Priyanka Mami’s house OK.
Ansh (stops Anika who is at his door) :- hey Momma (she stops & turns around) I love u.
Anika :- love u too son (leaves the room).

Oberoi Mansion :-
Everyone was ready for the function & were eagerly waiting for the Juneja’s to come especially Shivay. The wait was over & the Juneja family along with Meher has arrived, Oberois welcomed them all. Ansh was holding Tuffy in one hand & the other hand was with Anika. Anika signed him & left his hand. He stepped forward & looked back at Anika who through her eyes signaled him to move forward. Ansh went to Dadi & addressed her as ‘Badi Dadi’ & touched her feet. Dadi was elated to hear him & hugged him. The Oberoi Brothers & Ishana were surprised, they looked at Anika who blinked her eyes telling that Ansh knows the truth. Ansh then met with everyone. Shivay standing nxt to Omkara was eagerly waiting for Ansh to come to him, call him Dad & hug him. Ansh came to Omkara & forwarded his hand for a handshake.
Ansh (to Omkara) :- Momma says that u r my Bade Chachu but u r also my Mausaji so what should I call u?

Omkara :- whatever u like.
Ansh :- hmmmm…. Bade Chachu is cool. So hi! Bade Chachu.
Omkara :- hi! buddy. (& hugged him)

Shivay waited for Ansh but he went back to Anika & stood beside her. Panditji was doing the last minute settings of the ceremony. Suddenly everyone heard a voice ‘Hello! Everyone’ it was none other than Preet. Ansh ran to him & he picked up Ansh in his arms & hugged him tight.
Preet :- hey! Champ. How r u? God I missed u so much. (Meher who came running from the kitchen hearing Preet’s voice all excited stopped b/w Anika & Ishana, Preet just to play along with her asked Ansh) so buddy u missed me?
Ansh :- of course Mamu I missed u so much.
Preet :- & what abt others?
Ansh :- others too missed u.

Preet :- what abt ur Choti Mami? Did she missed me?
Ansh (understands his intention) :- ask urself. By the way, just FYI she used to miss u a lot, how much that only she’ll tell.
Meher :- Baba….(nods in no)
Anika :- Chote now stop playing along with her. C’mon give me a hug, u returned after so many days (they both hug) look at u, u look so weak.
Preet :- b’coz u were not there na. I missed ur hand made food.
Anika :- don’t worry now that u r back I’ll make ur favorite foods OK.
Ishana :- (coughs) ur other sister is also right here & waiting for u to hug her.
Preet :- really where’s she? I could not find her.

Ishana :- standing right in front of u.
Preet :- u? U r my Isha Di? But my Isha Di was very thin & u, look at u, u look like a pumpkin.
Ishana :- I’m pregnant u idiot (& makes a crying face)
Preet :- oh c’mon Di I was just kidding. U look as s*xy like this too. Don’t cry & give me a hug.

Preet then met with everyone whole heartedly except for Shivay. Preet handshakes with him coldly. Panditji then started the ROKA ceremony. The ceremony got completed.
Pinky :- panditji now pls select an auspicious time for our children’s engagement & marriage.
Panditji :- I’ve read all the 4 kundlies. The auspicious day for engagement is tomorrow & for marriage the date after 3 months.

The date which panditji told shocked AnSh, Ishana & Juneja family. It is the same date on which AnSh got married.
Veer :- panditji fix any other date but not this.
Panditji :- nxt date will be after 2 yrs.
Meher :- its OK (she is cut off by Anika)
Anika :- the marriage will happen on the decided date & I don’t want any arguments related to it. Am I clear?
Harman :- but Di r u comfortable with the date?
Anika :- of course. & I’ll arrange everything on my own & will make it the best marriage which people will remember for long.
Ishana :- Ani Di r u sure?
Anika :- yes.
Prem :- then we too don’t have any problem.

All had the lunch. Shivay was a little disturbed how Ansh, his own son avoided him. Omkara & Rudra came to him.
Omkara :- Shivay r u OK?
Rudra :- O, bhaiya is upset b’coz Ansh didn’t hugged him. Right bhaiya?
Shivay :- guys if Ansh knows the truth then why is he avoiding me?
Omkara :- Shivay, he is just a kid. This is all new to him, give him some time.
Shivay :- Om I’m not blind I can see everything clearly. He mingled with everyone very easily & when I came forward to hug him he ignored me.
Omkara :- Shivay u r thinking too much. (Shivay noticed Ansh coming there with Tuffy. Ansh turned around to go when Shivay stopped him)

Shivay :- Anshu (Ansh stopped & turn to Shivay) come here (he came to him, Shivay knelt down & hugged his son but Ansh did not reciprocate) Anshu beta what happened? U r happy na to meet ur Dad?
Ansh :- Dad? I don’t have a father.
Shivay :- Anshu beta why r u saying like this? I’m ur Dad u know the truth then why r u saying like this?

Ansh :- firstly my name is Ansh Anika Singh & I allow only my loved ones to call me Anshu & u r definitely not in my loved ones list. Secondly I don’t consider u my Dad b’coz if u were my father then u would’ve not denied me being ur son when Momma told u abt me 4 yrs back. My Momma is my mother & my Dad too. I hate u Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi & u better stay away from me & y Momma.

Ansh left leaving Shivay shattered & OmRu shocked with his hate. Shivay cursed himself for being so mean with Anika yrs back, the fruit of which he is bearing now. His own son hates him & its genuine. Its time for the Junejas to leave as many preps r to be done for engagement & time is less, Priyanka too came along with them for “ring” shopping. Ansh greeted everyone except Shivay & left with his family.

So how’s it guys. As usual apologies for a late update but pls keep commenting not like last time, there were less comments as compared with the previous ones. Ur comments encourage me to write more. So pls………….comment. Byee……….

Precap :- Engagement party; Gauri & Khushi’s entry & Anika-Ansh to stay in Oberoi Mansion.

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    Superb. Excellent. Scene between Ansh and Shivaay was aesome. But pls update sooner. Was waiting for your update.

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  3. very good episode. keep it up.
    I hav confusion that how many brothers did anika have who r there wives ????

    1. Swati

      Hi! Surbhi. In total Anika has 5 brothers. To clear yr doubt visit the site &
      I hope that ur doubt gets clear soon.

  4. Wow…Excellent dear…Shivasy and And scenes are awesome…u just Rocked it…I want some more scenes of Ansh & Shivasy…! Plz dear plz….I want to see how Shivasy will express his fatherly feelings towards Ansh..waiting desperately for next part..plz upload fast

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  7. I have too a doubt like shubhi Dr plz give a summary of those characters plz

    1. Swati

      Hi! Bshama 1239. In total Anika has 5 brothers. To clear yr doubt visit the site &
      I hope that ur doubt gets clear soon.

  8. thanq for clearing my doubt.
    But i have one more
    who is veer u didnt mentioned that???

    1. Swati

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