Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 4


Recap :- Shivay asks for second chance from Anika; Veer vents out his anger on Shivay for hurting his sister.

Oberoi Mansion –
Everybody was tensed as Shivay hasn’t came & above all Ishana went out without telling anyone in the last stage of pregnancy. Especially Omkara was freaked out as he has been trying Ishana’s mobile but that silly girl left her phone at home, he can’t even call Anika b’coz of the present circumstances, all he can do is either sit & worry or go out in search of his wife. He decided to go out in search of her, Rudra too accompanied him. As they both were setting out in search of Ishana they both noticed her with Shivay who was injured & Ishana was supporting him as he, for now, can barely walk b’coz of the punishment given to him by Veer. Omkara & Rudra rushed to both & made Shivay sit on the sofa. Everyone was so panicked to see him this much injured.
Ishana (called out the maid Suzi in a commanding tone) :- Suzi get the first aid box fast (Suzi quickly brought the first aid box to Ishana & she started to bandage Shivay’s wound)
Dadi :- Billu puttar what happened to u?
Pinky :- oh my mata who dared to beat my son so brutally?
Tej :- Shivay speak up who did this to u, tell me I’ll not spare him?
Shakti :- bhaisaab is right tell na Shivay.
Ishana :- all of u plz nothing has happened to him. By tomorrow morning he’ll be fine.
Omkara :- Isha how can u even say that? I know we all r really pissed at him but still he’s my brother.
Ishana :- Om plz I know but what happened to him is what he deserved in return of hurting my sister. I know that me & Ani Di r not related with blood but heart relations r more strong than blood relations. & a brother has punished the person who is responsible for his sister’s pain (all this while Shivay noticed Ishana how dramatic she is behaving which was a symptom of her mood swings during her pregnancy)
Rudra :- Bhabhi plz stop being so dramatic & tell us what happened & above all where u went without informing any of us?

Ishana then told everyone abt what all happened in the Juneja’s Home Sweet Home.
Dadi :- ok now enough. Its late night we all should sleep now. Remember this that Oberoi Family’s daughter is now going to become the daughter-in-law of that family so I don’t want any issues with them. Already their one family member (looking at Shivay) is suffering b’coz of us. Now everybody off to ur rooms.

On the other hand in Juneja’s “Home Sweet Home”, Anika is very much pissed at Veer for what he did few hrs ago.
Anika :- Veer why did u beat him?
Veer :- Ani Di u r seriously asking me this question? I mean how could u even taking his side after what all he has done to u? u don’t know when I saw him so close to u, my blood just boiled so I just punched him & I wanted him to realise what ‘pain’ actually means.
Anika :- I just punched him? Look at u Veer how r u talking? Veer u r a MMA Champion not any street fighter who just fight anywhere.
Harman :- Di did ur love for him has become alive in ur heart after seeing him after 4 yrs? The way u r talking to Veer regarding him clearly points that u r still in love with that jerk.
Anika :- Harman, first of all he is ur would-be wife’s elder brother so u can’t say abt him like this & second, yes I’m still in love with him but in these past 4 yrs my hatred for him has increased & with the passing time it will increase more & more, there will be no end to my hatred for him. I still cannot forget his betrayal & will never forget. Guys though he has forgotten that I’m his wife but I will always remember that he is my husband & will be till my last breath.
Heer :- Di now that both the families r in the same city & r related now…….
Anika :- Heer what do u wanna say, say it without any hesitation
Heer :- Di, by now Ishana must’ve told them everything abt u & Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and Anshu being his own son. Till now Anshu doesn’t know who is his father, so will u tell him abt his father.
Anika :- Heer I can understand ur worry. In the past 4 neither I told Anshu abt his father nor did he asked me anything abt it. He is very much mature than his age……
Prem (cuts her in b/w) :- that’s b’coz u bought him up so well. Baba knows the difference b/w right & wrong & he knows that u r hurt b’coz of his so called father & u don’t want him to know abt him so relax.
Anika :- Prem I’m his mother I very well know what’s is in his heart. I know he wants to know who is his papa but he’ll never ask me on his own so I’ll tell him abt his dad.
Veer :- but Di……..
Anika :- he has the right to know. I myself will tell him tomorrow. Now its already getting late so we should all sleep. Goodnight

Oberoi Mansion –
Shivay was standing near the window in his room when Ishana came there with a glass of Haldi milk.
Ishana :- Bhaiya here, drink this milk u’ll feel better (Shivay makes faces seeing the milk) stop making faces, u don’t have a choice so drink it (in a commanding tone & the poor Shivay had to drink it)

Omkara & Rudra entered Shivay’s room, Rudra had a small box & a suitcase in his hands.
Shivay :- Om , Rudra u guys here I thought u were angry on me.
Omkara :- we r but we can’t see u hurt also.
Rudra :- & looks like a expert has beaten u up.
Ishana :- yeah.
Rudra :- what?
Ishana :- yes. Veer Sharma, MMA Champion & he also has a black belt. What he had done to him is very less, if I wouldn’t have stopped him he would’ve killed u right there for hurting his sister who he treats as his mother. (The 3 brothers especially Shivay became a little sweaty.)
Shivay (to avoid the “VEER” topic) :- hey Rudra what r u doing with a box & the suitcase.
Omkara :- Isha r these urs? (Ishana nods in yes) why u brought them here, u’ve never even shown me.
Ishana :- I was waiting for the right time to open up this treasure, I wouldn’t have shown it but I think that it should be opened. Shivay Bhaiya this treasure is for u.
Rudra :- & what’s in this these treasure boxes?
Ishana :- MEMORIES…………of Anshu which I’ve been collecting since he’s born.
Ishana opens up the box & suitcase. In the box there r some CDs & photos of Ansh, in the suitcase there were clothes of Ansh given by Anika to Ishana for her would be child (it is said that parents should make their newborns wear old clothes). Ishana picks up a dress & gives it to Shivay.
Ishana :- Bhaiya this is the first ever dress that Anshu wore just after his birth (Shivay had happy tears holding the dress in his hands, he felt like as if he is holding newborn Ansh in his arms). Di gave me his clothes to make my child wear it after its birth. (Ishana then gave him gift)
Shivay :- what’s this?
Ishana :- a gift for u. open it. (Shivay opens it & found a picture of himself & a newborn Ansh in his arms) Though I was angry at u for hurting Di, I’ve made this & kept it with me with a hope that someday u’ll gain it from me & the day has come. I’ve realised that u r in love with Di & this time ur love is true.
Shivay (he was literally crying) :- Isha I’m really very sorry for giving so much pain to Anika but believe me when she went away far from me I realized her importance in my life. She completes me, I’m incomplete without her. I want her back in my life not b’coz she is the mother of my son but b’coz I love her & can’t live without her.
Ishana :- I know Bhaiya but u’ve to make Di believe that u truly loves her & for that u need take her family members in confidence that u’ve changed & u r truly in love with Di & will never ever hurt her again.
Shivay :- I’m ready to do anything to get back Ani & Ansh.
Ishana :- it’s a tough road ahead Bhaiya & there will be many speed-breakers in ur way & Veer will be highest one of them.
Rudra :- Veer is speed-breaker, I thought he is human
Ishana :- shut up Rudra. What I mean to say that it’ll be hard for Bhaiya to convince Veer.
Rudra :- oh….
Shivay :- I assure u Ishana that I’ll bring ur Di back home with full respect & dignity that Oberoi Family’s elder daughter-in-law deserves.
Omkara :- my brother is back. So lets do it then (they all keep their hands on each other & in unison say ‘lets do it’).

Then Ishana starts to show the brothers the pictures & videos of Ansh since the time he was born.

So how’s it people. I know u all must be really pissed at me for not updating regularly, but I can’t & for that I’m really sorry. So if u like my story then c’mon drop off ur precious comments. C’mon chop chop…….

Precap :- Anika tells Ansh abt his father; ROKA ceremony & new entries.

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