Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 3

Recap :- AnSh’s encounter with each other.

Anika throughout the journey from the Oberoi Mansion to her home was quiet & was sitting in the car with Ansh who was now then asleep on her mother’s shoulder. She was silent, tears were filling her eyes & she only knows that how did she was controlling herself from breaking down. PremEr (Prem & Heer) & Harman were tensed to see their Ani Di. Heer was trying to talk to her but Anika was so much sunk into her thoughts that no one’s voice was reaching her ears. They reached their home & when entered, Anika straight went to her room with Ansh leaving others tensed.

Heer :- Sahil beta u go to ur room & change OK.
Sahil :- OK Badi Bhabhi. (& he went to his room)
Heer :- Prem I’m really scared. Have u both seen Ani Di? She was so silent all the while, not responding to any of our talks.
Prem :- I know but all we can do right now is to leave her alone.

Heer :- leave her alone? How can u even say like this Prem? She needs us now & god forbid if she takes some wrong step then?
Harman :- Bhabhi our Di is not a weakling. If she had to take some wrong step she would’ve taken it 4 yrs back but no she fought back. She bought Anshu in this world & is proving to be a perfect parent for him, such perfect that our Anshu does not need a father.
Heer :- I know she is thee best but her this silence is just worrying me.
Prem :- there’s no need to worry abt it as she has 5 brothers to handle her who loves her immensely that they will never allow anyone to hurt her. & above all my our sister is strong enough to handle such things.

Heer :- u both r not understanding me. Have u noticed that Shivay Singh Oberoi, how he was seeing Di & how his expressions changed when Anshu Baba called ‘Mumma’ to Di? I’m sure that he must’ve understood that Anshu is his son. What if he comes & snatch Anshu from Di?
Harman :- Bhabhi its never gonna happen & if that jerk comes near Di & Anshu he’ll have to face her brothers which is not easy. & as far as the question being of him knowing abt Anshu being his blood, Ishana will handle everything there. She very well know what should be done. So chill.

Just then they saw Ani coming downstairs, without uttering a single word she straight went to the garden & the 3 followed her. She stood in the middle of the garden, it was raining heavily. After few seconds Anika started to cry as loud as she could & fell on the ground. Heer saw this & wanted to go to her & console her but Prem stopped her.
Prem :- let her be.
Heer :- but Prem look at her, I can’t see her like this.
Harman :- Bhabhi, Bhaiya is right, let Ani Di cry out loud her pain will get less if not end.

After sometime Anika felt better she went to her room changed her clothes & came downstairs where her brothers & Bhabhi was waiting for her. She sat down b/w Prem & Harman. She assured the 3 that she is fine now in fact better for the time being. On the other hand, in Oberoi Mansion everyone was discussing abt the ROKA ceremony. Ishana was lost when Shivay came to talk to her. Ishana noticed him.
Ishana :- ask what you wanna ask.
Shivay :- how do you know that I wanna ask u something?
Ishana :- b’coz I know that u wanna know how do I know Ani Di so well? Am I right or am I right?
Shivay:- right so now I straight away come to the point. Since when did u knew Ani?
Ishana (a little rudely) :- first of all she is Anika for u not Ani, only those who love her can call her with that name & u lost that right 4 yrs back (everyone were shocked to hear her talking to Shivay with such rudeness) i knew her since high school. She was tutor fro high school to college. I don’t know what’ve been results if Ani Di wouldn’t be there.
Shivay :- where was she for the past 4 yrs? I mean she has a son that means she got married, to whom?

Ishana :- Bhaiya I thought that u would be knowing abt her husband. No? Its so strange na Bhaiya that u r asking me this question. But as far as I know that when a woman have 1 husband then how can she marry someone else. But there r people who in a fit of revenge plays with a girl’s heart, use her & then leave her (Shivay was in tears thinking abt he used Anika & insulted her questioning her character) & when she demands for her rights they question her character.
Jhanvi :- Isha how r u talking to Shivay like this? At least respect the relationship which u both share. He just asked u abt Ani & u r talking so rudely with him. (she has more to say but Om interrupts her)
Omkara :- Mom wait a sec. Isha what’s the matter? Is there anything which we all should know? R u both hiding something from us?
Ishana (also in tears) :- I’m sorry. I know I’m being rude but what can I do, for the past 4 yrs I’ve this anger inside me which is now coming out. (to Shivay) Bhaiya will u not tell ur family what happened 4 yrs back.

Shivay gathers some courage & revealed the 4 yr old secret which he kept sealed from his family. Everyone was shocked to listen him, in fact Dadi was so ashamed of him that she even slapped her favorite grandson who she thought was an ideal man. Omkara & Rudra was in deep shock especially Rudra who treat his Shivay Bhaiya as his God. Dadi was so sad that she was crying sitting on the sofa & Ishana was consoling her.

Omkara (slaps Shivay & grabbed his collar) :- how can u do this Shivay, how? U became so blind in ur revenge that u destroyed a girl’s life& above all u called her characterless. I didn’t expected this from u Shivay. U’ve committed a sin for which there is no scope of forgiveness.
Rudra :- really Bhaiya u’ve done a big mistake & this time I too will not forgive u. U were my God bhaiya & Gods don’t do sins but u did, chi.
Shivay :- I know that I’ve committed a big crime for which I’m repenting for the past 4 yrs (to Ishana) Isha trust me I love ur Di very much. She is my true love & see how unfateful I’m that I made her away from me. Isha one last question pls, is Ansh my son? (Ishana nods in yes while crying) really. Oh my God I still can’t believe that I’ve a son . u know when I first met him I felt some connection with that kid. (he stands up with a determination) now I’m gonna bring my wife & son to this house with full respect no matter I’ve to apologize to Ani.

Saying this he grabbed his car keys & stormed out of his house to bring his life back, Ishana wanted to stop him but he didn’t paid any heed to her words & went. He reached at Anika’s home. He entered in the hall & found no one. He climbed the stairs & opened Ansh’s room (identified the room b’coz of the door as it had posters of cars, bikes, some cartoon character etc.). He saw Ansh sleeping, went near him, kissed his forehead & caressed his face. Just then Anika entered & saw Shivay sitting near her son.
Anika :- what the hell u r doing here? (She noticed Ansh being disturbed so she dragged out Shivay outside the room & brought him downstairs) why the hell u came here? (Listening to her everyone came out of their rooms & is shocked to see Shivay there) u came here to snatch my son from me, aren’t u? Get this fact clear in ur head Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi that though Ansh has ur blood running down in his veins but he is my son & will always be only my son Ansh Anika Singh. Now get lost from here.
Shivay :- Ani pls listen to me once pls…

Anika :- its not Ani, my name is Anika, Anika Singh only my loved ones can call me with that name & u r not one of them. Its better for u to urself otherwise I’ll throw u out of here & I’m sure u don’t want that otherwise tomorrow’s headlines will state that Thee Shivay Singh Oberoi was thrown out of the Juneja’s home b’coz he forcefully barged into their house & was misbehaving with the people there. I’m sure u don’t wanna stake ur repo b’coz u really value it more than anything in this world. Now out.
Shivay :- r u done? Still u talk nonstop, never let anyone speak. I’m here to apologize to u for the sin I committed 4 yrs back. Ani (she looks at him with anger) OK fine Anika better? I came here to take u & Ansh with me to our home. I’ve realized my mistake & now I want my wife & son to come & live with me. I know whatever I’ve done & said I can’t go back & change so pls forgive me.

Anika :- for how many mistakes will u apologize? For playing with my heart or for marring me & sleeping with me or for leaving or for questioning my character etc etc. There r countless mistakes done by u & I don’t wanna waste my time on u so get the hell out of here.
Shivay :- I’m not gonna go anywhere. I know u still love me otherwise u won’t be wearing the pendent I gave to u before our marriage.
Anika :- oh pls do not bind any hopes that wearing ur given pendent proves that I still love u. FYI I’m wearing this pendent b’coz I don’t wanna forget my foolishness ever of falling in love with a jerk like u. Now get lost.

On the other hand, Ishana without telling anyone went out of house to Juneja’s residence to stop Shivay as she knew what storm would come if her BIL went to talk to Anika at this moment. There at Anika’s house, Shivay came close to Anika & was making her realize that she still loves him while Anika was continuously relucting then suddenly someone from the side pushed Shivay & punched him so hard that he fell on the ground. The man revealed was Veer. He grabbed his collar from one hand & dragged him out of the house towards the garden.

Veer :- how dare u bas***d to come close to my Ani Di. U already’ve given her so much pain still u r not satisfied.
Anika :- Veer pls stop it just stop this OK.
Veer :- no Ani Di this time I’ll not even listen to u too & before u say anything u’ve my swear u’ll not stop me today from giving him his punishment for hurting u. (to all of them present there) & the same applies to all of u.

Veer started to beat up Shivay black & blue.
Shivay :- listen Veer I know u r angry & ur anger is justified but trust me I really love Ani.

This enraged Veer more& he started to beat up Shivay more whereas Shivay was not defending himself as he wanted to see if Anika gets affected seeing him in pain & he was right. He can clearly see in Anika’s eyes that she is hurt seeing him getting beaten up by his brother but she can’t say anything b’coz Veer has bound everyone with his swear. Just then Ishana comes there in a taxi. She saw the whole scenario & shouted Veer’s name at top of her voice.

Ishana (shouts) :- Veer stop it.
Veer :- no Isha Di I’ll not. He is the sole reason of my Ani Di’s pain. I’m not gonna spare him. Not at all.
Ishana (came towards him) :- Veer right now the sole reason of Di’s tears is u. Just look in her eyes, she wants u to leave him pls (Veer nods in negative so she folds her hands in front of him) pks Veer spare Shivay Bhaiya pls for ur sisters sake (she herself & Anika).

Veer looked at Ishana & then at Anika so he spared Shivay. Ishana made Shivay stand up & inquired if he is OK. Shivay nodded in yes.
Shivay :- Veer I ……
Veer (cuts him in b/w) :- don’t u dare utter a single word (to Ishana) Isha Di before I loose my cool just take ur brother-in-law away from my sight (to Shivay) & u, since our families r related now so if I find u or ur shadow roaming around my Ani Di or Anshu I’m gonna kill u. So if u wanna live just stay away OK.
Ishana (to Shivay) :- Bhaiya pls let’s go (he was reluctant) pls Bhaiya. Before Veer looses his cool again pls lets just go from here pls.

Shivay agreed to leave for now but he’ll come again to get his wife & son back. Both Ishana & Shivay left for Oberoi Mansion in his car.

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Precap :- Anika lashes out at Veer, Shivay’s oath to bring his wife & son in their home & ROKA ceremony.

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