Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 2


Every other member of the family is doing some or the other work as its their only daughter’s alliance is gonna be fixed. Then suddenly they all hear 2 voices which left them surprised but for Ishana it was a shock. Ishana turned and saw Ansh & Sahil came running to her.
Ansh :- Maasi…………
Sahil :- Di…………

Ishana introduced the Oberois to the kids. Shivay was very much happy to meet Ansh & felt connected to him (poor soul don’t know that the little lad is his own son, own blood). They both hugged Ishana & she too reciprocated the hug.
Ishana (releasing them from the hug) :- Anshu Sahil what r u both doing here?
Ansh :- Maasi we missed u so…….. much………….
Ishana :- even I missed u very much. Achcha now tell me seriously what r u doing here?
Sahil :- we r here to meet Priyanka Bhabhi.
Ansh :- yes we wanted to meet Priyanka Mami first before anyone else.
Ishana :- oh ok. But wait what u both just called her Bhabhi & Mami. How can she be ur Mami & Bhabhi.
Ansh :- oh ho Maasi what kind of a stupid ques it is. Harry Mamu is gonna marry her na so she’ll be my Mami.
Ishana :- (in mind thinks Pinku’s Harman Juneja means Harry our Harry) oh ok. Achcha with whom u came here?

Sahil :- Choti Bhabhi.
Ishana :- & where’s she?
Ansh :- she had some imp work to complete so she dropped us here & went.
Ishana :- Anshu do ur Momma knows that u r here? I mean Choti Mami must’ve told her na that u both r with me?
Ansh :- no we strictly told Choti Mami not to tell Momma abt us being here. Ok now Maasi enough of ur ques-ans game we r here to meet Priyanka Mami where’s she?
Ishana :- come I’ll take u both to her.

Ishana took the kids to meet Priyanka who was getting ready in IshKara’s room. Both Priyanka & the kids were elated to meet each other. Ishana came out of the room & dialled Meher’s number to talk.
Ishana:- hello Choti.
Meher :- Isha Di hi! How r u? long time huh.
Ishana :- keep ur hi’s & hellos to urself. How can u do such a mistake Choti? What imp work did u have that u left the kids here in Oberoi Mansion.
Meher :- Di relax. What’s the big deal? They both were forcing me to make them meet Priyanka. I too myself wouldn’t have left them there alone but then I saw u there so I got assured that they both r in safe hands, that’s why left.

Ishana :- Choti do u even know that Ansh is in his own house, b/w his own people.
Meher :- u mean Shivay Singh Oberoi……
Ishana :- yes he’s Priyanka’s eldest brother & my elder brother-in-law.
Meher :- oh god I’m dead. Di’s gonna kill me. U r right Isha Di I did a big mistake.
Ishana :- ok now what has happened has happened. Now wherever u r whatever u r doing just leave it & take the kids back from here ok.
Meher :- ok I’m coming immediately.

They both hang up. Ishana turned to go when she found Omkara listening her conversation (he heard from the part where Ishana tells Meher to take the kids back). He came close to her, which makes her nervous.
Omkara:- to whom were u talking?
Ishana :- oh she was Harman’s younger brother’s fiancée Meher.
Omkara :- why u told her to come & take the kids back?

Ishana (try to avoid the talk) :- its nothing.
Omkara :- Isha we’ve been married since 2 yrs & I know that u r hiding something from me. I just want u tell me not b’coz I wanna know its b’coz that I want u to trust me completely. I can assure u that ur secret will be safe with me trust me pls.
Ishana :- who said that I don’t trust u, I trust u Om but there r some truths that should be disclosed at the right time & this time is not right to disclose any secret. But I promise u that when time comes I myself will tell u the truth & believe me that time is not far. U’ve waited for 2 yrs wait for some more days.
Omkara :- I love u, u know that right?
Ishana :- of course (Omkara turns to go but Ishana stops him) hey Mr. Artist I love u too.

IshKara smile at each other. Ishana was waiting for Meher to come but she was stuck in traffic. The Junejas reached the Oberoi Mansion. Upon reaching there Anika’s all the memories flashed in both her mind & heart. She stumbles but Prem & Harman held her. PremEer (Prem & Heer), Harman & Anika entered the hall. The Oberoi family was shocked to see Anika after so many yrs & that too with Juneja family. Shivay was happy, surprised, shocked; in all he had mixed emotions to see his lady love in front of him, to whom he was searching for the past 4 yrs is right in front of him. They all sat & started to talk, the Oberois were really impressed with Harman they gave their thumbs up for Priyanka’s alliance with him. On the other hand, Shivay was just staring at Anika. Then something happened that shocked everyone. Ansh came shouting for Anika.

Ansh :- Mumma Mumma……..
Anika (fully shocked) :- Anshu Baba what r u doing here?
Ansh :- Mumma I & Big B came here to meet Priyanka Mami.
Heer :- Anshu with who u came? U were staying with Choti na then?
Ansh :- Badi Mami we both wanted to meet Priyanka Mami before u all.
Prem :- but Champ at least u should’ve informed us na.
Ansh :- sorry Bade Mamu
Dadi :- Anika puttar is Ansh ur son?
Anika :- yes Dadi.

Rudra :- when u got married?
Anika :- yes….no…..may be.
Jhanvi :- what do u mean?
Anika (looking at Shivay) :- I got married 4 yrs back then my so called husband left me just after 1 month of marriage. It was not a marriage it was just a game for him (her eyes were almost wet with tears but she controlled herself) anyways why r we talking abt me. We gathered here to discuss abt Prinku & Harman’s marriage so lets concentrate on it.

It was decided that ROKA will be done after 2 days & then only the date of engagement & marriage will get finalised. Harman- Priyanka & Preet-Meher will get married in the same mandap. Meher too came but she was late & is shocked to see Anika there. The Junejas & Meher came to Ishana’s room to talk whereas both the kids stayed with Ishana out with everybody else. In the room Meher explained that she didn’t do anything intentionally while Anika assured her that she trusts her would be sister-in-law, Heer was a little angry on her sister but Anika made her understand. They all came out where everybody was present, they were all tensed (u can understand that when a boy’s family comes to agirl’s house for marriage & then suddenly the boy’s family moves aside to talk, the girl’s family gets tensed same happened with the Oberois).
Pinky :- is everything ok na?
Anika :- Pinky aunty don’t worry everything is ok.

Jhanvi :- then why u all went in? is there something related t marriage?
Anika :- Jhanvi aunty don’t worry abt the marriage. Harman loves Prinku in fact we all like her, she is my frnd I know her so pls don’t worry. In fact I wanna ask u all something if its ok with u.
Tej :- what is it beta?
Anika :- actually uncle Preet-Meher’s ROKA is also done but they r not engaged yet so if its ok with u all then can we do their engagement & marriage along with Harman & Prinku?
Dadi :- of course puttar. 2 marriages double dhamaka double fun.
Anika :- gr8 then we’ll meet after 2 days. Now we should leave. Thnk u so much for such a warm welcome & hospitality.

The Junejas greeted the Oberois & were leaving when suddenly, while coming across each other, Anika’s dupatta gets tangled in Shivay’s wrist watch. She turned to him. There was a eye talk b/w them where Shivay was asking Anika for forgiveness but she was reluctant, both the pairs of eyes were filled with tears. IshKara & Rudra noticed their silent talk, Ishana came forward & took out Anika’s dupatta from Shivay’s wrist watch while Anika grabbed Ansh’s hand. Ishana came out to see off Anika & Ansh personally where she assured that she’ll take care of the matter in here (as now Shivay is getting doubtful whether Ishana knows what happened 4 yrs back & did she knew where was Anika all these yrs & what all happened in her life during these 4 yrs & does Ansh is his own son). On the other hand, Ishana thought that how will she tell the whole truth to the Oberoi family as she had notice the brothers getting doubt on her especially Omkara & Shivay.

Precap :- AnSh’s relationship truth revealed, Shivay & Ishana confrontation, Shivay feeling guilty.

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