hello guys em bck again….. im sorry for posting late but yeah i didn’t posted for 2 days because i didn’t got good response from Episode and i was quite upset… and im thinking to end my fanfiction on episode 10…
i was very happy that you’re liking my fanfiction and i was trrying my best to give u ppl best fanfiction
episode starts with doc checking anika
after sometime doc comes out from room
shivaay- what happen to her just tell me?
doc- she’s unconcious because she have been drugged i saw marks of injection on her arm and there are several marks
and some burning marks on her palms and some cuts on her wrist and other body parts it seems like she hav been torcherd alot she will be concious in sometime but tak care of her my assistant will be here to takecare of her so not to worry if u face any complications call me i’ll be there

everyone is in shock shivaay goes to her
doc leaves
shivaay sits beside her and  caresses her hair his eyes are filled with tears he holds her hand in his and kisses on her hand  he is quite tears roll down on his cheeks and falls on anika’s cheek
omru comes and pats him on his shoulder
o- not to worry now she’s with us now and will be fine soon
r- han bhaiya o is ryt
shivaay nods …
omru leaves
shivaay  is still sitting beside her holding her hand softly because hands are injured
everyone goes to there rooms
dadi and sahil room
sahil is sitting on bed crying
dadi comes and sits beside  him
dadi- puttar ab kyu roo raha ha ab to anika aa gyi na wapis
sahil- dadi meri anika dii ko kya ho gya woh mujhse baat kyu nahi kar rhi?
dadi- beta abhi woh behosh haina jab hosh me ayegi toh baat kregi and pats his head
sahil relaxes in dadi’s lap and dadi pats his head he sleeps

tejanvi room
jhanvi- tej what u think who is behind all this ? i mean who kiddnapped anika?
tej- i really dont know but i will try my best to know … and then i’ll not spare him/her
afterall anika is now a part and to be bahu of obroie family
jhanvi nods

shinky room
shakti = koi itna zalim kaise ho skta pinky? itna torcher cuts and burns bhagwan ka koi khauf hi nahi hai..
pinky- shakti ji u are ryts woh human nahi janwars hai  mata rani unko punishes kare gi
shakti- han  theek kaha
pinky- par shakti ji ek baat i dont understand meri diamond jesi baho rani ka koi eneymes kese ho skta?
shakti- pinky ho skta tia ne kia ho yeh sab
pinky- oh my mata..! shakti ji i think u r ryts maybe tia is doing all
they both are thinking

prinku’s room
ranveer- prinku r u fine now?
prinku nods yes
ranveer- prinku ab u dont have to feel guilty anika is back
prinku- but ranveer she is’nt fine like she was b4
ranveer – she’ll be fine prinku dont worry we all have to takcare of her so that she will recover soon
prinku again nods in yes
rnveer- prinku i have some really important work so i have to leave ishu will stay here i’ll come tomorrow please take care of urself and yeah do it on time
prinku – ok ranveer i’ll and smiles
ranveer- and plz ishu and anika ka bhi dehan rakhna
he hugs her and kisses her on forehead and takes a leave

ishu and om
om- ishu now ur di and our bhabi is back so no to worry ?
ishu- o u r ryt but she’s still not fine
o- ishu she will be fine till then u relax
ishu nods in yes
they both hug eachother

somu- sits quietly
rudra comes to her and calls somu
somu- han rudra?
rudra- tm theek toh ho na?
somu- yes rudra em fine now
but u r u fine?
rudra sits beside her and nods yes
somu- rudra dont lie 

r- em not 

s- i can see in ur eyes that u r lying 

rudra is confused that how she read his eyes because onlu lover can read pain in eyes according to om

s- now tell me 

rudra- somu actually bhaiya ajtk kbhi itne udaas nahi huye na or aj bht sad haina bas yehi waja me thora tensed hu

a smile curved on her lips 

and she hits on his head 

arry duffer yeh to sab hota rehta ha life me 

dont worry bade bahiya will be happy soon

 he losts in her smile 


scene shift to shivaay’s room

shivaay holding anika’s hand falls asleep 

anika getting conscious 

her fingers move and shivaay wakes up 

shiv-anika yeah open ur eyes

 she slowly slowly opens her eyes and after a long time (1 week ) she sees light so that irritates her she tries to move her hand to cover her eyes but failed because she is too weak and her hands and arms are painning 

shivaay notices this and covers her eyes with his hands and ask nurse to dim down lights she complies 

after  dimming lights he slowly slowly moves his hand and uncovers her eyes and ask her to open now 

she opens her eyes and sees shivaay 

she tries to seat but again failed 

shivaay makes her sit 

lemme bring something for u to eat-says shivaay 

but she holds his hand shivaay turns and sees fear on her face 

shivaay holds her hand softly without hurting her wounds 

and sits besides her 

anika dont worry now em with u no one can even come near  u now ..-says shivaay 

he signs nurse to bring something for her 

she complies and goes to kitchen

after she left anika hugs him and cries loudly dadi hears someone crying and hurridly comes out from her room and notices that the sound is coming from shivaay’s room she rushes towards the room 

afterr entering in room she sees anika crying hugging shivaay and he is trying to console her 

and is happy that she is consious now 

where was u? -ask anika 

shivaay is speechless 

dadi- anika puttar 

anika looks up and sees dadi 

anika – crying says dadiii 

dadi comes to her she hugs dadi 

dadi consoles her and pats her head 

dadi breaks the hug and shivaay makes her sit comfortably..

dadi- puttar tu theek toh haina?

anika- dadi mein ab theek hu bas ap log mujhe akela chorh kkar mat jana ab

dadi nods in yes 

shivaay tries to getup to bring something for her but again she holds his hand 

anika- billuu ji please dont leave me 

he complies and again sits with her she side hugs him holding his arm and rests her head on shivaay’s shoulder 

nurse comes with soup 

shivaay take the bowl from her and ask her to go 
she leaves 

shivaay makes her drink soup by his hands she drinks soup 

dadi- me abhi sabko btati hu and leaves 

anika- billu ji ap ne kuch khya?

billu is quite ( because usne nahi khya)

anika understands that he too is hungry 

Anika- billu ji ap b khaiye 

shiv- no im not hungry u eat

anika- dont lie and tries to feed him with her hands but unable as her hands are badly injured 

shivaay- what uhh uhhh just dont move ur hands i’ll eat and he too eats the same soup and feeds her too 

anika- billu ji ishhu-prianku-somu kidhar hai?

billu- in room 

anika- they are fine naw?

shivaay nods yes 

.she finishes the soup 

dadi and everyone comes in room she is happy seeing them all sahil runs to her and hugs her 

anika hugs him back sahil is crying

di app kidhar chali gayi thi apko pata hai mne apko kitna miss kia -sahil

arry mne b miss kia tumhe and tears roll down her eyes lekin ab me agyi na toh tu roo mat and trys to wipes his tear but ends up hurting her hands (ouch) 

shil- di no need to wipe my tears he himself wipes his tears and then anika’s and hugs her  

everyone is happy seeing them and their eyes fill with tears of happiness

ishu comes to her sahil leaves the bed 

ishu- anika di and hugs her emotionally 

anika is also teary eyed  and reciprocate the hug 

di u know how much we missed u im sorry  me usdin apko save nahi karski -ishu

ishu isme tmhri ghlti nai hai meri kismat me tha yeh sab -anika

prinku is standing quite 

anikaa- prinku tuh chup ku hai 

bhabi yeh sab meri wajah se hua na ap mujhe bachane ke liye hi bahar agyi thi-priku

prinku nahi isme teri b koi ghalti nahi hai woh mujhe hi kiddnap krne aye thy so please don’t blame urself 

and soumaya tu bhi  koi ghaltfehmi na rkhna i know tu bhi ishu and prinku jaisa soch rahi hai and smiles

 3 of them hugs her gentely 

anika- enough ab or senti nahi hona 

tejanvi comes to her they both pats her head 

anika we are glad u r fine and now with us 

shinky too blesses her 

omru comes to her om 

anika we missed u alot ru hugs her anika bas no more sentiness 

ru breaks the hug 

anika- rudra soumaya is right u r crybaby and laughs 

everyone laughs 

ru- makes puupy face bhabi app bhi 

shivvayy calls nurse and ask her to check anika 

nurse checks anika

every elder leaves 

nurse change drip 

gave her anti drug injection and goes from there 

rumaya ishkara -prinku and sahil leaves saying u rest  

shivika are now alone in room 

shivaay hugs anika anika too hugs him back 

shivaay – paanika u know i missed u alot 

anika- me too billu ji mujhe toh laga tha ab me kabhi apse mill nahi paungi 

shivaay-  tights the hug and says aesa kabhi na sochna and kisses her on forehead 

anika- billu ji dont ever leave me alone i dont want to go back there again 

shivaay looks at her face he can clearly see fear on her face 

shivay- i promise i’ll not leave u ever again 

anika hugs him even tighter she kisses on his cheek 

i love  u billu ji 

shivaay – is happy hearing this after a long i love u too paanika 

anika- billu ji why im here i mean not in hospital this room is looking like a hospital room..

shivaay- i dont want to take any risk so i arranged everything here 

and now you’ll never go out from mansion without meh…

anika looks at him and nods and they keep on talking while hugging 


scene shift to ishkara 

ishu- om im so happy that di is now fine 

om- yeah me too ishu 

ishu- lets go out om for sometime its just 7’o clock 

om- complies and they both go out for a ride on car 

ishu side hug om and he’s driving they are talking 

om stops the car ishu why u stopped ?

om lets stay here for sometime 

he opens the roof of car and they looks up on the sky 

om and ishu hugs eachother om holds ishu’s face 

om- u r so beautifull ishu ur eyes are just deep like see and beautifull i can look into ur eyes for hours and hours and gets more closer to her 

ishu’s heartbeat raises and she closes her eyes 

om kiss her on lips she too kisses him and they are lost in their own world and kissing eachother while hugging and they continued kissing eachother but breaks when out of breath ishu smile and shyly looks down om again hugs her and they both share a romantic cute moment …



somu- rudra im so happy today

rudra- ku?

somu- duffer anika di is fine naw thats why..

rudra – oh 

soumu- rudra please do me a favour?

rud- say? what can i do for u (he’s dying to do something for her)

somu- im so happy today i want to eat icecream please take me out and buy me some icecream 

rudra smiles and complies and they both leave in car 

they reach a stall of icecream on roadside 

r-are u sure somu ? u want to eat this icecream here on road?

somu nods and they both buy  icecream 

rudra is eating icecream and somu too 

rudra looks at somu and keep on staring 

rudra POV

somu kitni pyaari hai.. kitne maze se icecream kha rhi hai she’s looking so cutee ..yeh mujhe kya horha ha mjhy ajkl somu cute ku lagrhi hai :O 

rudra tu pagal horha hai tujhe somu cute kaise lag skti hai …lekin somu thri cute to hai 

…..rudra sees some icecream on her nose and starts laughing 

somu- rudra pagal hogye ho? hansi ku jarhy?

rudra- points finger on icecream and then on her nose 

she again ask what u trying to say ?

rudra- wait and goes close to her 

somu’s heartbeat starts raising 

and he goes more close somu confused and closes her eyes ….

rudra touches her nose and she opens her eyes they both looks into eachother’s eyes and lost 


prinku gets ranveer’s call  

prinku-ranveer how r u ?

rnveer- em fine prinku please come out in garden 

prinku- but why kuch important?

ranveer- yeah just come fast 

and cuts the call 

she rushes out in garden she ries to find him 

from behind he comes and covers her eyes with his hands 

prinku – ranveer what?

ranveer- sshhh  and ties a black cloth on her eyes 

and takes her to back side of mansion (there is also a garden) 😛

and uncover her eyes she is surprised to see 

table and chair ( in short candle light dinner arrangement)

p- u did this for me?

ranveer nods i yes 

she happily hugs him and he reciprocate the hug 

then he ask her to sit and they both sits and have dinner 

after dinner they togather sits and side hug holding eachother’s hands and talks 


screen freezes on them 

precap: they all plans something

So second last Episode This iS :”) i love to write IB fanfiction first time i published them and now I Just Got fedup because no good responses at all an that broke my heart into million pieces i planed alot about fanfiction thrilles romance everything but now em gonna end this simply So Take care Bye

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