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some people in comments saying (im sure she’s tia who kiddnapped tia to those let me clear ur doubt that acp aressted both tia and dev in attempt to murder case and they are in jail)

and guys dont worry no one will die in my fanfiction..


so coming to our episode




episode start with anika getting conciousness

she sees someone and started shoutinggggg nooo please no and that person injects her and again she slowly dozzed offf

scene shift to mansion

shivaay is sleeping on floor he falled asleep crying there

ishu is with om and he’s consoling and pacifying her as now she’s double sad

prianka is in shock and feeling guilt that becuase of her anika got kiddnapped and shivay is in this situation ranveer comes to her and pacifies her but she is just blaming herself and not listening to him

on the other hand soumaya in her room is crying uncontrollably

rudra comes to her

somu why u are crying asks rudra he too is crying little but not so much like her…

somu- rudra its all my fault anika di got kiddnapped infront of my eyes and i was helpess and is crying rudra tries to consol her but in vain

scene back to ishu

om now ishu stop crying we’ll find anika
If u will not control yourself then how we will control shivaay?
Ishu looks at him and nods
Om says ishu now sleep ishu lay on bed and put her head in o’s lap and sleeps and om caresses her hair
After she Sleep O Covers her up with blanket and o Too Sleeps oN the nearby couch

Scene shift to PRIVEER
PrinkU is hugging Him and crying
Ranveer prinku Now Please stop crying otherwise Your head will start paining..
And Sleep
She sits On bed
Ranveer – ok Now rest And sleep I’m leaving
Prinku holds his hand
No please stay with me Dont leave and is shivering Ranveer sees this and sits beside her and hugs her ok prinku calm down I’ll be with U I’m not leaving they Both sit on bed With legs On bed hugging eachother she rests her head on his chest holding his shirt tightly and falls sleep He too Dozed off His head On her head (after sometime dadi Comes to prinku’s room and sees them Sleeping Covers them With blanket)

Scene shift to rumaya
Rudra – Soumaya Please Now Stop crying Otherwise me too will start crying
Soumaya looks at hIm and hugs him Crying
Rudra reciprocate the HuG
Rudra- somu everything will be fine just stop crying like a baby
U Always tease me Saying Cry Baby And Now you’re Crying Baby And woh bhi Bare wala (trying To Divert her) But in vain
She’s crying Rudra( somu Now u sleep U will feel better She rests On bed and rudra is about to leave
somu – rudra U r mY bestfriend? Ryt? Plz stay with me Tonight
Rudra nodes and sit beside her and caresses Her hair And says Now sleep I’m here
After Sometime she falls asleep and rudra covers her with blanket and he thinks to leave but she’s holding his hand tight Rudra again sit beside her And takes Part of blanket And falls asleep

(3 girls Are scared because first Time In Their life Someone got kidnapped in front of their eyes that’s why they ask boys to stay with them

Morning in mansion

Everyone wakes up and gathers in hall on table for breakfast they don’t wanted to but their parents requests them to have food

On table
dadi- where’s shivaay?
Omru looks at other with tensed look
O – maybe in his room
I’ll check
He goes and knocks on door no response*
He calls out Shivaye please open the door *still no response*😢
O calls everyone there
O- dadi he isn’t opening door and even not responding
Dadi – billu open the door and knocks the door When No response she asks them to break the door

They all tried to break the door and finally after much struggle they succeed in Breaking the door

And after Getting inside everyone is shocked to see shivaay Lying on floor holding anika’s duppata Omru shouts shivaay and rushes to him
but he’s unconscious
O-shouts someone call doctor
Omru picks him up and make him Rest on bed

Pinky- My son What happened to him and crying

Doctor comes and checks him

Doctor don’t worry he’s fine
He’ll be conscious in sometime

O-but doc what happened to him?

Doc – he haven’t ate anything since morning? And he was crying For so Long thatd why Due to weakness he Faint

Doc leaves

He gets conscious and ask about anika nO oNe answers him he try to go Out but omru stops him
R-bhaiya rest Acp is finding bhabi
O- yes shivaay u just Rest nOw we’ll find anika
Shivaay Sits sadly
Omru makes him eat something by saying that they too will not eat anything if he’ll not So he Eats

And makes shivaay sleep rest fr sometime

After he dozes off They leave his room They all in hall just then khanna Comes running Sir sir

O-khanna what happened why u shouting ?
Khanna – sir we found this Parcel On main gate
And hands Him A boX

O takes the box and he leaves
O starts opening it
Everyone is tensed thinking what it could be
O opens that and takes out some clothes full of blood ishu recognize the clothes nd
Shouts nOoo
and trembling
Anikaa di
Prinku faints seeing blood Ranveer holds her and signs everyone that he’ll take her to her room nd leaves
Soumay is crying actually everyone crying
dadi sits on sofa with shock sahil is terribly crying

Everyone is in shock and no one is consoling anyone

O puts back clothes in box and goes to ishu ishu hugs him and says
O anika dii nd crys
O controls himself and says no one will tell shivaay about this

Scene shift to prianka’s room he Puts her on.bed
And calls acp and inform about parcel
Acp- im coming
He cuts the call

Scene back to hall
Shivaay- what om what not to tell me?
everyone is dazed seeing him
b4 om could say anything shivaay notices the box and Walk towards box and takes out clothes seein which he got shocked but this time he stables himself nd says this isn’t of anika i can bet that this blood isn’t of anika
Acp enters mansion
Acp-shivaay im trying my best To find out her but no clues even we couldn’t find that red van
Shivaay- acp now I’ll find my anika by my Own
And does his signature step and leaves in anger

Acp picks the box and says I’m taking this for some analysis

Shivaay calls khanna and asks who put that box on maina door?
Khanna – sir we don’t know
Shivaay in anger what the hell u people was doing ?
Go get the CCTV footage of main door hurry up
He goes and after sometime comes back with the footage
OMru too joins him
They plays the video and sees
Red van stops and a box is thrown out
But Number of van wasn’t visible
Shivaay same van as soumaya told us

Whole days Passed But no clue next day
Acp comes and informs them that
Shivaay was right the blood on clothes wasn’t of anika but chicken and We found some stains Of real Human blood on dress Maybe that are of anika

They all are relieved now That Blood was fake

Days Passed But No clue
All are still sad
After One week of anika”s Kiddnapp

Shivaay was going to his ofice when his car stops on some signal
And he sees red van There and checks the num
Van num(LDJ 5062) He’s now sad that num didn’t matched with the one Soumaya gives but just then he realised Just one num is diff maybe soumaya Says 3 by mistake instead oF 2 and he goes Out from his car and rushes to van And opens the door of van and takes out the driver
His bodyguards who were right behind His car following him in another car comes out and rushes to him shivaay asks them to catch other man who was Trying to escape they catch them and takes them in basement of mansion (just like jail)
And informs acp about the same
Acp rushes to car and disconnect the call
shivaay asks them where is anika
They are quite in sometime acp too reaches there and they both intarogates them and finally the revealed that she’s is in Old Steel mill away from city about 3 km
Shivaay orders khanna to keep them locked here and they rushes out omru and ranveer too joins them ..
They reach there in minutes (Shivaay’s chopper)
they all runs inside the mill and shouts anika anika anika
All in different directions
Some goons were there
Goons attack on Them but they fought with them and again start searching her
Shivaay passes by a door and feels something and stops therre and looks at that door he slowly moves towards the door and something hits with his shoe his looks down and
Pick that up and that is anika’s bangle (malika wala) he now runs towards that door the door is of wood he trys to open but in vain he shouts for ranveer om Rudra and sid they comes to him he points finger towards door
And they togather breaka the door Shivaay is appalled and Shocked seeing anika there
Lying on floor of Room unconscious there were no lights in room he rushes to her and shouts anika open ur eyes
O- shivaay lets take her home First
he picks her up and Goes out of mill they Goes back to mansion

everyone in mansion is happy to see her
he rushes to his room and on bed places anika
O calls doc and after some time doc comes there
and checks here
doc – i need to do some tests admit her in hospital
shivaay refuses to do and ask him to do here
doc – but i don’t have those equipments here and i cant even carry them
shivaay ask him
whatever he need machines or whatever just say they will provide him

he complies and gives the list they arranged everything in Shivaay’s room
He takes blood sample and checking her
Everyone is in hall sitting tensed
Screen freezes on anika’s unconscious face and Everyone’s tensed Face

precap: anika conscious …behave weirdly… some romantic moments

So that’s it
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