Ishqbaaz FF *(SHIVIKA, RUMAYA, ISHKARA, PRIVEER) Episode 3 Maha Episode


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Episode 3

Episode starts with Every Couple (SHIVIKA, ISHKARA,RUMAYA,PRIVEER)

Breaks Eyelock and comes back to their senses
Totally silence Awkward moment and they all leaves
Night passed

In the morning In mansion



Om and prinku was leaving

Prinku for collage

Om for His art gallery


Just then ishu and ranveer enters in mansion
(let me tell You they’re Brother and sister)
ishu’s full name is ishana singh randhawa


Om.,ishu, Prinku, Ranveer greet each other GM



Ranveer= where you both going
O= I’m going to my art gallery and prinku is going to her college
Ranveer = may i drop u prinku ?
Actually I’m going to that side for some work so I’ll drop you come?

Prinku = okay let’s go and they goes from there



Ishu= om May i come with you I’m getting so bored
and nothing to do And I’ll help you in sculpture tOo?

Om= that’s great come and they goes



Scene shift to car ishu and Om there was complete silence in the car
breaking the silence ishu speaks

Actually O i wanted to thank U

For what ishu.. Asked om

Ishu= for yesterday’s incident thanks for saving meh 🙂

O=ishu I’m your bestfriend and you’re saying thanks to me?
I think you’re forgetting something ..


O= no soryy no thank you in friendship and you’re
more than friend to me

Ishu= looks at om And smiles
O tOo smiles



Scene shift to mansion

Anika goes to shivaay room and says

A- billu jii….!!!! Why don’t you believe me Tia is cheating on you With Dev chabbra!

Shivaay got angry on hearing this in Anger

He Hold anika By her arm and pin her To wall
and foldes her arm behind her Waist and twists her hand

Anika can clearly see Anger in Shivaay’s blue eyes…

S-enough anika now not a single word about Tia..
You’re doubting her Again and again And
she’s proving you wrong every time so its enough now
I’ll not believe you so you better concentrate on your work
rather than these non-senses

Anika’s eyes filled up with tears but she controlled herself

A- billlu ji ! Mujhe koi shoq nahi hai in sab cheezo ka
sach tha issliye btaya lekin nahi apko to man’na hi nahi hai toh
theek haina phir mera kya jata ha rahiye apni khushfehmio me
Uss tia ke sath Jab apko nai faraq parta to me Ku fikar karu
( even i’m not interested in all these thing i told u all this because it’s truth but you don’t want to accept that so what i can do… if u don’t care so why should i)

A- Shivaay singh oberoi Leave me You’re hurting me nOw and jerks him away

S- Why should i believe you? Do You have any proofs against her?

You don’t have right? cOx you’re liar
shivaay’s these words left anika in shocked
A-billu ji… what you think that im lying? why would i lie?
s- i dont know but you’re lying
A- if you think that i’m lying thn now i’m gonna prove you wrong
so MR.SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI be ready i’ll prove you wrong today
and she leaves the room
shivaay thinks why tia will cheat on me ? no she can’t
and then think why would anika lie ? just then he got some important
call and gets busy with it… !!
its noon
in mansion
pinky- where is this anika?
dadi- she have taken a half day leave she’ll be back by 6 pm
pinky- oh my mata mummy ji ..itna kaam hai or yeh chuttiyan lerhi hai
(we have so much work and she’s taking leaves)
shivaay listen this and thinks where she is gone
and thinks to call her but again get some other call and gets busy
scene shifts to anika
anika is keeping an eye on tia to gather some solid proofs
tia goes to some resturant and anika too goes behind her
and there tia meets with dev and hug him
anika is recording all this in her mobile
tia-baby i love you so much
dev- i love you too tia but how much more time we’ll meet like this?
tia- baby just 3 more weeks than after 2 weeks i’ll marry shivaaay
and after 1 week of marriage i’ll make him sign his whole property
on my name..
dev- but how you will do that any plans?
tia- yes baby i’ve already made property papers i’ll give him some
tablets and in his drunken state i’ll get his signatures..
anika who’s hearing all this is shocked and saves recording
and leaves from there
tia sees her going out
tia- oh shit! she was spying on us now maybe she had
clicked some pictures?
what we’ll do now baby
dev- don’t worry come with me we’ll do something
they leaves
scene shift to anika
she’s in auto and thinking what she just saw
suddenly auto stops
a- bhaiyaa why you stopped?
auto man- mam we have reached mansion
she pays him and starts walking toward mansion

in mansion everyone is in hall
shivaay is going towards his room when he senses anika
and in mind says finally she’s back
anika is coming in mansion she’s is in doorstep
shivaay just turning his face towards mansion’s door
just then they hear a gun shot
everyone is shocked and scared and stands up
fire sound come from mansion’s door
shivaay who was just turning his face stopped there and losted in his
mind (who got shot? family?o?rudy? who?) this alll happend in
micro seconds
just than they all hears 2nd shot and then something breaks down like
shivaay is still in his thoughts and have’nt turned his face yet
he suddenly hears everyone shouting anikaaaaaaaaaa
he comes back in his senses and turns his face
and looks toward door then down there
he was shocked seeing anika lying on floor in pool of blood
he rushes towards her
s- touching holding anika’s face….anikaaa…wakeupp..anikaaa…
someone call damn ambulance doctor he lifts her up in his arms
and rushes towards his car
om opens the door of car
shivaay gets in car with anika and omru too enters in car and rudy
drives fast to hospital
everyone also follow them
in hospital
s- doctor …!!!! check her she’s not opening her eyes
doc- OMG..!! she got shot? its police case first we hve to inform them
s- dammit admit her and check her first u know who i’m? SSO
doc- nurse take her to OT fast
shivaay stands outside OT and crying
o- shivaay calm down nothing will happen to her
s- o pakka na?
o- yes shivaay
ranveer- shivaay i’ll inform siddharth about this he will handle this case..
(shiddharth rana is a cop and their childhood friend)
operation is going on
everyone is restless and waiting for doc
doc comes out
s- doc anika kaisi hai ?(how’s anika?)
doc- i can’t say anything now she got shot twice and too close to her heart
we have taken the bullets out but can’t anything becausee of lot of blood loss
she’s critical she should get concious within 12 hrs otherwise we will not be able to save her
and one more thing we need blood for her and we dont have blood of this grp
so if you can arrange plz?
s- tell me grp?
doc- i’ll send a nurse she’ll tell
and leaves
hearing doctor shivaay breaks down
anika is shifted to ICU
shivaay goes there and sit beside holding her hand
s-anika please wakeup you cant leave me like this your billu ji is waiting 4 u
wakeup and fight with me please panika open your eyes and crys badly
please anika i love you so much my panika open your eyes and crying
everyone was watching this and is shocked seeing shivaay’s this side
dadi – pataa nahi kisne kia yeh sab bichari bachi
pinky -shakti ji she’s a nice girl she saves our family everytime why this happened with her
shakti says control pinky nothing will happen to her
tej- i’ll not spare that person who did this she’s just like prinku for me
and he’s eyes filled up with water he hugs jhanvi
ishu is crying om is consoling her
ishu- she’s just like my di why this happened with her she have never hurt
someone and hugs om
om too hugs her back and is consoling her
rudy is crying like a kid and somu is with him
somu-rudra don’t cry everthing will be fine anika di will be ok soon
rudy hugs her and is crying she consoles him and hug him back…
prinku is also crying
ranveer consoles her and hugs her saying she’ll be fine
she too hugs himm
scene shift to ICU
nurse runs out of ICU and goes to doctor cabin in hurry
doctor comes running and rushes inside ICU
After sometime he comes out
s- what happened ?
doc- actually she’s was not able to breath properly so we used oxygen but now
she’s fine and concious
s-can we meet her? when we can take her home ?
doc- you can meet her ..and she’s fine now u can take her home but she’s too weak
so take proper care of her and stitches are new so don’t let her to anything
for about 2-3 weeks and routine check-up…medicines and goes
everyone goes in room where anika is
shivaay stands beside her

s-anika u r fine?
a- hmmm..
everyone is happy and takes her home
in mansion
siddharth comes and greets everyone (face just like siddharth vikram rana in serial)
sid- who got shot?
s- my anika…
everyone is shocked
sid- shiv ur anika?

s- i mean she is my employy but more than that actually she’s family
sid- ok where is she? i have to take her statement…
s- she’s sleeping right now take later? till then have dinner..
sid – ok and joins everyone
shivaay sees time and says oh its anika’s medicine time and i have to feed her something
he goes to kitchen and makes soup for her
shivaay’s room anika is sleeping on bed
shivaay goes near her and wakes her up and makes her sit
s- medicine time anika
a- ewwww no i’ll not take …. and make funny faces
s- sssshhh and eat them
anika takes medicines
shivaay make her drink soup with his hands.
..they share an eyelock.. (oh jaana plays..)
just then he hears shivaay baby
and come back to his senses
s- anika you rest i’ll be back soon
a-hhmmm ok
shivaay goes
t- SB(shivaay baby) how’s anika is she fine ?
s- how you know about her?
t-SB rudy told me
s- ahh she’s fine
t- ok lemme meet her
s- no tia you can’t
t-why ?SB
s- she’s sleeping
t-okay i’ll come tomorrow and leaves
shivaay goes to his brothers
s- rudra why u told tia about anika?
r- meine? (me?) lady baba ko no way bhaiya i have’nt told anyone
shiv is shocked
s- O tune?
o- no shivaay
0- shiv kya hua? is everything ok?
s- yeah and leaves saying i’ll be back
shiv is thinking if not rudra then who told tia?
shiv one by one asks evryone same … but nobody told tia about this
he then thinks how she knows
and goes to his room
he saw anika sleepingg and goes to her and caresses her hair she waked up
s- sorry u rest i’ll go
a- billu ji .. i want to tell you something about tia
s- han say? (coz now he also doubt tia)
a- i’ve proofs against her
s- give me?

a-my mobile and trys to search
just then shivaay gives her her mobile
anika trys but mobile isn’t working
a- phail gaya raiyta.. its not working
s- now what ?
just then anika shouts oh yes
s- what happened?
a- actually i’ve send that vid to shivomru
s- oh yes lemme check he takes out his mob
screenn divides into three parts
shivomru unlocks their mob and seees anika’s video message
and are shocked and says
**what the whack**
screen freezes on their shocked+angry faces

precap: tia out ..anika shot secret revealed… shivika’s LOVE..sahil entry in mansion

so guys some points ..
blood scene
(nurse comes to shivaay and ask him to arrange O- blood asap
shivaay says my blood group is same take mine but please my anika
everyone is shocked sseeing his this change and happy too)
ICU scene
(when shivaay was crying holding her hand nurse comes and ask
to go out and let her rest and he goes out)
(discharge scene.. shivaay takes anika to mansion dadi says him to take her to my room
s- no you rest there i’ll take her to my room dadi smiles and says ok and shivaay make her rest on his bed)
(statement scene .. sid goes to anika aftr dinner and ask her if she has doubt on someone
she says no.. and same question he askshiv and he also says no)

i just hope that you people will like this episode it took so many
hours to write this on mob
please do comment to support otherwise me too gonna breakdown just
like shivaay 😛 and will stop writing 🙂
plz plz do comment
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if i get enough comments i’ll upload next part asap
otherwise after 2 days 😉



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