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Episode 2

Episode starts with Anika…

As we all know from yesterday Anika was thinking about the man whom she saw with Tia And she was restless to know about what tia is hiding from Billu ji and everyone..
In mansion
Anika is with Tia(tia selecting her dresses for dhanteras and diwali)
Anika was looking at tia with doubt
Tia notices this
• Tia=what happened Anika?
• Anika~actually tia woh
Just then tia Got call And excuses herself

Anika thinks to listen to her talk and when she was behind her just then she hit with Tia’s Purse and purse fall down on floor and opens up and one Box roll out from her bag and that also opens up and a locket falls down from it ..
Anika Pick that up and Shocked to see that locket
Because it was of (T&D)
• Anika =yeh T&D kya hai T se Tia Or D se billu ji tou bilkul nai hai ..
Anika =Oh Bete ki! D se wohi jisse mene Tia ke sath dekha tha (D with that man whom I saw with Tia
Just then she hears tia coming and out that locket in the box put it in pirse back and place it back on table
• Tia = anika me abi important kam se jarhi akr dress select krungi (anika right now I’m going for some important work I’ll come to you later for selecting dresses)
• Anika = Ok tia
Tia goes and anika decides to spy On her
And she too goes behind her
Tia gets into her car and drove off and anika also take auto and follo her
Tia stopped her car infront of café and goes insiide
Anika is following her and she too goes in
And stand behind entrance door and keep eye on her
Tia was sitting on table waiting for someone and then anika sees someone’s hand on tia’s shoulder
And She got shocked seeing that person
• Anika ~ oh bete ki ..! Yeh hai D ab samjhi D matlab
Iski wjah se mne billuji ki dant khai (He’s D now I understand what D means because of him I got scolded by Billu ji)
Dev and Tia ab dekho me kya karti (Dev and Tia now see what I’ll do )

She takes out her mobile to click there pictures as a proof but unfortunately her mobile is dead
A fb is shown
I night she was thinking just about tia and hand and billu ji So forgot to charge her mobile
Fb ends

Anika goes from there

Back in mansion
Ishana is in kitchen standing on stool and trying to get something from upper cabinet she’s trying hard but in vain due to her movement stool too is moving
Om is passing by kitchen saw her and stopped there aNd smiLe seeing her trying
And just then stool slips ishu falls down ?

Not on floor

Our hero catcHed her in his armS they have an eyelocK (song plays:oh saathiyaa)

Scene shift to shivaay’s room

Anika is standig on doorstep of Shivaay’s room shivaay is on call senses her cutss his call and says
Anika bolo kya bat ha (say anika what’s the matter)
Anika ~ billu ji I want to tell you something about tia and
Shivaay cuts her saying
Shivaay = anika not again
Anika= billu ji sssshhh and listen to me first
Shivaay is lost in his thoughts ? about her
She start telling him everything while revolving around him just then she turns and slips on shivaay and they both fall on bed of Shivaay they also share an eyelock ?? song plays(ohh janaa)

Scene shift to garden of mansion prinku was sitting there in upset mood just then ranveer singh randhawa comes there and sit beside her and ask her
Ranveer = prinku what happEneD why you’re sitting here alone and sad …hmm?
Prinku = nothing Ranveer
Ranveer to prinku tell me na I’m your bestfriend !
Prinku actually Ranveer I was thinking about Dev he shouldn’t have lied to me at least
Ranveer arry prinku he wasn’t good for you that’s why this all happened Now don’t think about him
And give her water after drinking water she stands up for going inside just then her foot gets twisted and she was about to fall Just then ranveer hold her by her waist and prinkU holds him by his shirt and they share an eyelock: song plays (oh mere oh mere mere oh oh Yaaara)

Scene shift to car where Rudra is going to drop somu to auto stand
RudrA somu thanks
SomU Its ok Rudra
LetS be friends..somu Says forwarding her hand towards him
Rudra to forwaRds his hand towards her Says yes Ofc friends
They shake their hands just then Shout rudra cAr
Rudra takes a cut and then applies breaks due to which Soumay’s head hit with dasboaRd she says “ouch “
Rudra somu u fine?
Somu yes rudrA
Rudra somu shoW me
And put his hand on her hairs and caresses that place wherE Got hit
And then they look at each other and share an eyelocK ? song plays ( yeh shikva shaq..)

recap:Tia face reveled… Anika got shoot…emotional scenes

So that’s it I know mmy episode is boring but maybe interesting?
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