Hello guys em back again with another episode…. I’m still confused what should i do stop or continue.. But I’m not ending this in episode 10 cOx oOf some people’s and their love but yeah I’ll end soon so please Handle my bak Bak for some more time


episode starts with shivika
Anika sleeps in Shivaay’s arms
Shivaay make her sleep on bed comfortably And sees her sleeping peacefully nd kisses on her forehead

Ishkara they are still in car And talking
Just then rain starts
Om Closes the roof fastly
Ishu sees time
Ish… Om its 9’O Clock we should go bck to home
And they drove back to home

Rumaya breaks the eyelock as rain starts and hurry towards car and drove home quietly

Priveer too rushes inside mansion

Shivaay comes out from room

They all gather at pool side sahil too
Ishu says something and they all get happy and plans something
(muted plan)

And they all sits there and start Working and making list
Just then Power Cut and There is nO light in mansion dark everywhere
Shivaay takes out his phone and calls khanna…
Khanna on the generator fast
Sir that’s not working
Just then they hear anika shouting
They all hurry towards the room ishu take a candel and light that and they all enter in room seeing candel
Anika-shouts nooi pls leave me I’ll never shout again pls leave me Leave don’t comw near me pls
Everyone is shocked seeing her behaving like this
Shivaay goes near her and holds her by her shoulder
And whispers in her ear
Anika Im here dont worry
anika hearing shivaay hugs him tightly and is trembling Shivaay pats her she’s crying badly
And hides her face
Just then power Back
And he ask her to open her eyes
She slowly opens her eyes and still shivering
Shivaay and all try to console her but in vain shivaay ask everyone to leave
Shivaay hugs her tightly and whispers again no one is here just me and u now relax and tighs the hug she now Stops crying and slowly stops shivering and back to normal
Shivaay ask her if she’s fine?
She nods
Shivaay calls them (ishkara rumaya and priveer they send sahil to sleep)

They come inside
ishu-di what happened? Why u was afraid of me?
Anika – ishu i was afraid of fire and darkness not u

They ask why?
She ask them to sit
And they all settle On Bed And ask now tell what happened with u?

Anika starts explaining
Back to kidnapping day
When they hit me on my head
I was semi-conscious and in van They put something on my Mouth due to which i faint i guess that was chloroform when i become conscious i was tied up with ropes on a chair
Someone Came I think i know (him/her)
But i don’t remember where i saw
that person injected me something and i again fainted and when i got conscious
I was on floor there were no lights in the room just darkness everywhere (and she holds shivaay tightly everyone notices this)
Ishu-then di what happened?
Anika- That person came there again and With Piece of Glass he Hurted me with that Amd sometimes candles With my palms on that fire…. And sometimes electric shock on my feets…. I thought i would definitely die here but i was wrong u ppl saved me (tear rolls down on her cheeks) and after torcher injects me something and i falls unconscious… (everyone is teary eyed amd shivaay is angry)
He hugged her tightly
Shivaay – anika u know who that person is?
Anika- i think i have seen that person somewhere but I’m sure not pretty sure but She i mean that person is lady
I can Say that because her Style of laughing was like a lady
Shivaay-not to worry I’ll find her he kisses on her forehead
Everyone teases them they smile
Night passes in chatting and all

Morning in mansion

They are decorating the whole mansion With GolDen and white (now a days diwali decoration u can imagine well)

Prinku is in dressing room Selecting dresses for everyone

Somu is in kitchen checking on dishes,sweets (because she loves food 😜)

Ishu is Decorating something

Omkara is drawing something

Shivaay is With anika as he can’t leave her alone

Rudy is Arranging Something and is on call

Ranveer is calling someone and giving instructions about something
And then invites someone

Dadi-pinky-jhanvi-sahil are packing some gifts

Tej-shakti Are In office

Back to prinku she calls ranveer and ask him to come to the room as she needs some help he complies and goes
Ranveer-yeah prinku? how can i help u?
Prinku-help me in selecting dress? I don’t know what to wear or what to give to others!!!
Ranveer smiles and take out one box
Prinku what is in this box rnveer?
Ranveer – gift for u
Prinku but why?
For today u will wear it today 😉
Prinku takes it from him and opens it and thanks him for such a beautiful dress( dress will be revealed later)
Prinku too takes out one dress from clothes stand And give it to ranveer you have to wear this then he too thanks her..
Prinku- ranveer But this is just for me what about others
Rnveer wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer and says surprise hai
Prinku shy and nods
He pulls her more closer and about to kiss her
Prinku – o bhaiya ap yaha
Hearing her he leaves her and turns
No one was there she runs from there teasing him and making funny faces he smiles..!

Somu is in kitchen rudra comes there
Somu is eating sweets
Rudra – moti bas krde kitna khaye gi yeh guests ke liye hai tere liye nahi
somu- Hawwww rudy abhi to mne just check kia hai
rudra moti jhoot nahi bol 10 kha gayi hai
Somu bas 12 khaye hai
Somu yeh kaise faces bana rahy
Rudy itna kha kar bolri bas thore khaye hai
Somu – u go Frm here don’t disturb me
i have to check all these sweets
rudra phir to somu tmhe 3 hours mere sath workout karna pare ga wese mujhe koi shoq nahi tumhre pass ane ka me tmhe kuch dene aya tha and hands her a gift
somu yeh gift tm laye mere liye?
Rudy han
somu hai kya isme?
Rudy khol kr dekh lo na
somu unwrapped the gift its a dress
she likes the dress
somu – rudy par yeh ku?
Rudy – Pagli aj ke liye aj yeh phn’na
she complies

Just then rudy snatches ladu from her
somu hein rudra give me my ladu back and u can’t even eat this
rudy – I can coz today is my cheat day
somu tries to snatch but they endup Sharing an eyelock
interrupted by Servant
And he leaves feeling awkward

ishU is In room and Doing something
Om hugs her from
Ishu i know om tm ho
and turns herself (still in his grip They are very close)
Om Touches his nose with her u are so Cuteeeeeee ishu and kiss on her cheek
ishu smiles btw tm yaha kar kya rahy ho?
om frees her and give her a Gift
she is happy
what is this? -ishu
om- check by yourself
she unwrapped the box
and is happy seeing gift And hugs him
@ishu thanks om
Om reciprocate the HuG and says no thanks just wear it today
she complies and kisses on his cheek
and runs from there

@Shivaay anika sahil is with u i have to do an urgent call so I’ll be back in 5 minutes
she complies he leaves

sahil- ap kaisi ho ab?
@anika mujhe kya hona me thek tu kaisa
@sahil ek dam fit
@anika or school kaisa jaa raha tera?
@sahil di vacation chal rhy
@anika pir to school ko buhut miss karta hoga
@sahil nahi school ko nahi bas roll num 11 ko karta Hu
@anika tu nahi sudhre ga
they both smiles
@anika sahil baki sab kaha hai aj dikh nahi rahy?
@sahil woh sab tayari kar rahy hai
@anika (gives hein woh ku wala look) kis cheex ki?
@sahil dadi ne pooja jo rakhi hai
@anika oh ok
Shivaay enter in room and sahil leaves
@anika billu ji ap agye Ap ne btaya nahi aj pooja hai ghar me?
@Shivaay hein? Pooja knsi
@anika abhi sahil ne btaya sab pooja ki tayari kr rhy dadi ne rkhi hai apko nahi pata?
@shivaay (thinks for a sec) oh yeah pooja dadi ne rakhi i forgot just slipped from my mind
@anika ok
@shivaay gives her a gift sitting beside her
@anika yeh kya hai billu ji?
@shivaay gift fr u paanika
@anika tries to open And shivaay helps her
She is Happy seeing gift

@shivaay pasand aya?
@anika han ek Dam jhakas hai
@Shivaay what’s this language(u know his style)
@anika yeh meri language and smiles
@shivaay hmm and hugs her just keep smiling like this always i love u so much anika and kisses her On cheek
she smiles and says i love u soo much too shivaay and kiases him on his cheek

screen freezes on everyone’s happy faces

precap: surprise

thats it
I’ll not ask anyone to comment


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