Hello everyone I’m bAck..  I mean Annie is back
I gave introduction of my fanfiction
So here’s my first episode..  I hope you all will like it..
Episode 1
Episode starts with…

Anika thinking If she really saw someone in Tia’s Room…In Video Call..?
And asks Sahil .. Is She(tia) really cheating On billu ji..? Or it’s just her own misunderstanding…
And then suddenly  says..
Mein bhi kya karskti hu jab billu ji hi jan’na nai chahty to mjhy kya pari hai (what i can do when Billu ji himself don’t want to know..  Why should i care…)
After finishing  her talk..
She says sahil bata na (tell na)
When he don’t  respond  .. She turns her face and looks at him and says
Anika.. Leh yeh to soya para hai? (oh he’s sleeping)  and caresses his hair and kiss him on forehead and again turns and sleep….. ?
it’s Morning
In mansion
Everyone was busy in their work
Shivaye~ in his room on Call with mishra..
om~in his art room making some sculpture..
Rudra~sleeping in his room
Rudra was sleeping when romi came to his room and stand beside him.. Caresses his hair and says rudra dev…
Hearing this Rudra woke up in shock..
And Got shocked seeing her in his room..
Rudra~ RRR… Romii.. Ttt..tum Yaha par  kkkyaaa karr rahii hO? I mean tumhe yaha aane kisne dia? ..(romi what you’re doing here? I mean who let u In? )

Romi=Rudra Dev jab devi ko apne dev se milna ho to usse koi rok nai sakta..  Wese bhi humarai shadi hone wali hai.. (rudra Dev when devi wanted to meet hher dev none can stop her..  And even we’re going to marry)

Rudra is scared allot and started panicking

Rudra~romi dekho me dev nahi hu mera peecha chor do please (look romi I’m not Dev  please leave me)

Romi got angry

Romi in Angry Tone= Rudra chup chap mere sath chalo humare vivah ka shubh muhrat nikla jaa raha hai and holds his hand.. (Rudra come silently with me Good time of our marriage is passing)

Rudra got really scared hearing this and tears roll down from his eyes on his cheeks…

When she(Romi) was trying to pull rudra from his hand just then Soumaya enters in room and got shocked seeing all this and.. Her eyes filled up seeing Rudy’s situation

She goes near them and take hold of Rudy’s hand from her.. Rudy hold Soumay’s hand tightly…

Soumaya pushes  romi away from rudra with her one hand.

Soumaya~ romi  tm smjhti ku ni rudra tumhara dev hai.. So you better leave him ( why u don’t understand romi Rudra isn’t your dev)

Romi = Soumaya  yeh devi or dev ka mamla ha tm beech me mat bolo (soumaya this  matter  is between dev and devi don’t try to interfere)
And try to hold Rudra’s hand again..

But soumaya again pushes her away from rudra and  shouts on romi

Soumaya ~pagal larki tumhe  mene kaha stay away from Rudra (mental girl  i told you to stay away from Rudra)

Romi= Soumaya you pushed me?  Whatever will happen  today I’ll take Rudra with me

Hearing  this and seeing romi trying to hold Rudra’s hand again Soumaya got really angry

In anger
Soumaya again pushed romi away but now she slapped  her thight across her face

Rudra got shocked seeing Soumay’s anger For romi and concern for him

Romi~ soumaya I’ll not spare u..  I’ll make u forg

Soumaya ~ do whatever u can.. But don’t  dare to come near Rudra again

She (romi)  goes from there in anger
Soumaya ~ Rudra calm down…  She’s gone and she will not come here again..  You rest Now..

Just then they hear romi shooting

Rudra~ kya yeh phir agai somu? (is she came back? )
Soumaya~ rudra calm down and let’s see what new dramma she’s gonna do

Hearing romi shouting everyone gathers there in hall…

RUMAYA  comes downstairs

Tej ~janvi who is she? And what she’s doing here
Janvi= she’s Rudra’s classmate..but i don’t  what she’s doing here

Shakti asked same question to pinky
Pinky~Oh MY Mata shakti  ji.. How I know..?

Shivaay and O know her and asked rudra..
Shivaay= Rudra what she’s doing here?

Romi=I’ll not spare any of you..!
And Rudra you today I’ll take u with me…!

Hearing this rudra scared amd when she started walking towards him he starting panicking  seeing Rudra’s situation
Soumaya=Rudra don’t worry calm down everyone is here
Shivaay sees all this  and comes in between romi,, rudra

Shivaay to romi= what u mean?
B4 she could say anything 
Soumaya =bade bahiya I’ll tell u and narrates everything to everyone and end up saying she’s a psycho

Shivaay  got angry listening all what romi did to rudra

Shivaay  takes out his mobile and calls someone

Everyone asks him whom he called but he doesn’t reply

After sometime
Khanna enter in mansion and says sir they’re  here

Shivaay..  Ok Let them come in

Mental hospital’s doctor and wardboys Enter in mansion and according  to Shivaay saying they take romi with them

Rudra gets relieved and asks his bro’s for a hug

SHIVOMRU hug together…
very emotional  scene ?
TEJANVI… SHINKY… DADI.. PRINKU.. ISHU.. ANIKA.. SOMU.. smile seeing them go back to their doingss

precap: anika sees T&D locked …shocked.. Every couples  scene ?

i hope  you’ll like it
I know it’s  quite long
But i wanted to finish Romi’s role asap so i did this
Should  i continue  or not? 
In upcoming episodes I’ll finish tia’s role 😉
Drop your opinions comments below?
and support  me your support  is my strength 

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  1. Nithu

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    Time god atleast rumi is out in ur ff waiting for tomorrow couple scenes?????

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    Super dr

  5. Priyali

    Thank god at least one drama queen is out!! Loved it

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    Suprrrb daaa….really i luvd itt……romi ka hogaya…….wowe……..i m happieeeeee

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    nice one dear
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