ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 9)


Hello n hi to all my dear readers ???
Note – guys shama here I wanted to clear a doubt which maybe u all have in ur mind …
Now u got a hint about how ishkara was separated in the previous episodes I guess Omkara came to know about ishana’s true that what the behind riddhima n my broke up???? he was broken so he decided to punish ishana in such a way that no other bela or mala takes rebirth he thought riddhima really loved him a lot that’s y she accepted my relationship with n he thinks that she is so nice so Omkara tells shivaay that I don’t want to c her away ditched me what ever punishment u will give her I will not become a problem for so shivaay the permission to punish ishana in a hard way…

Actually Omkara’s nature is very sensitive but here he broken so he is behaving like that if everyone is shaken from inside so he will react the same which Omkara did
Shivaay called the cops to arrest her n the others …. Anika was also present there…..
After ishana got arrested # shivika has a huge fight too… So that horrible day separated both the couples

Coming back to the ff in the previous episode shivaay was stable…….
Apart from this anika remembers her past incident that how shivaay used his “surname” power to destroy ishana ‘s life …
Flashback mode=

After fighting with SSO she tries hard to take ishana out of the bars becoz ishana knows any
( secret which I will disclose later guys)
She was exhausted by trying tricks but the cops told her that this case is an unbailable case if SSO takes his complaint back then this girl will get clean chit he also said that on this girl there r many case’s in different police stations anika is shocked to hear this…
Shivaay calls at the police station n orders that I want her to be behind the bars till death..she hurted my Omkara …..
Anika was present in the police station that time when the cop received his call n she listens the convo between the cop n shivaay she gets fumed angry terribly angry ?????becoz she sees ishana n her family tortured badly ishana was crying and begging the cops that plz don’t beat me…
Anika pulls the cops n goes inside the bar ..
The lady constable was about to beat her stick
Ishana screamed becoz she was terribly scared as well as in pain so she closed her eyes?????

But anika comes there n be4 she can hit ishana anika holds the stick and gives a return girl to the lady constable by slapping her tightlyβœ‹βœ‹βœ‹ ….
Ishana looks up and says in a very low voice anika….
Anika shows her gusse wala avatar n shakes all the police station….
She says to the police constable by holding his collar
N says how dare u touch her n by whose order
The cops take out their guns n point it towards anika.
N anika says shoot me that much only u no
You broke many rules for this we can put u behind the bars ….

She said the oberio gave u this to her m I right that insensitive SSO
He can’t destroy me n
U know who am I for the first time ever she uses her full name n her full name was
Anika harshwardhan singhania in this ff
Everyone salutes her n apologized for their behavior …
Anika warns the cops to stay away from ishana n she warns them that don’t even tell anyone especially shivaay Singh oberio that I haved closed this case by my “surname” power otherwise u don’t know my temper n the lady constable who bet ishana badly was fired by anika Singhania
Let me tell u gays that “Singhania’s” were more powerful than The “oberios”.

Getting back to the ff anika sits beside ishana she touches her gently
N sees the marks Left out on her whole body after the torture.. She holds her in her arms n make her stand
But when stood up she screamed lot but she was in a terrible condition @ oberio mansion Omkara can sense that she in pain…
Anika makes her walk slowly n take her out in which police helps her
She says rudely that don’t even think to touch her or else I will not spear anyone of u

The cop stops her by saying that this case will be closed because u r powerful but what about the other ones….
She thinks for a while n says firstly I should rush to the hospital and she get ? angry look to cop..
She makes ishana n her family sit in the car n drives them to the hospital
Note – I have stopped here becoz I can’t share anything more than this at present. This is only 10% of the past

@present day in hospital where was waiting for the car
She was sitting n remembering that its the same hospital where I brought ishana n her family a year ago its the same waiting area
But I am changed now that time I was in love with him but now I just hate him I saved him becoz I can’t give such a easy death he has to repay for his n his family deeds…..
Sorry for showing anika so rude but behind her nature there is a concrete reason which is a secret which I will reveal later
And Omkara doesn’t no about what happened after she was arrested his not a part of this

Wait for the next one guys n till that comment a lot ????

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  1. Priya15

    Amazing.. Pls post next part soon di.. Waiting for it.. Bcoz I want to go to schl.. If I went then I should read it only tmr eve… Want ishkara scenes..

  2. Plzz next kya huaa.

  3. Plz post next part asap!!!!! U r amazing!!!!!!!!

  4. OK I have now submitted the next part but I don’t no that what time it will publish

  5. OK I have now submitted the next part now but I don’t no that what time it will publish I will try to find

  6. Swatishrimankar

    Too gd ff

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