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Hi n hello to all ☺?? I am cutting out my silly stuff in this ff I will not talk more today becoz today’s episode is long but full of suspence guys:-
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In my previous episode I showed anika crying behind the pillar after looking shivaay becoz anika remembered all her moments with him n she was left heart broke by shivaay?????
She thinks that his life shivaay has ditched her (shivaay has done something that she can’t ignore it fully n forget it she cries n thinks:-
( I will give u guys another hint about how #anshi relationship broked n the reason behind this according to me is family n their status )
Sorry for the # anshi fans I broke? but I will fix it soon.

It is one year now when we broke our meaning less relationship I remember shivaay u told me that I can’t marry with a girl who has no surname or family…
Anika remembers her words for him
She said that u still care about a family name ……. U will never change shivaay I was mistaken that I am in love with u I forgot everything for u n u r saying like this u were my whole world I can’t c anything else after u n now I get it u were just using me I thought that u will never ever ask me this stupid family status question again but u proved me wrong again ….. I think I have done a blunder mistake from my side that I thought that u will understand my problems but I again forgot that in ur dictionary only two things matter for u first family n second brother n where I exist for u ??????
Shivaay was silent. N listening her…

Scene 1
Present day :-

@ oberio mansion
Shivaay reached with Omkara at the main gate of the mansion the guards opened the gate .
They both comes inside n everyone’s hugs Omkara
Dadi n janvi cries that u brothers always scare us u know we all were so tensed for u over here….. Janvi takes a promise from all brothes that u will never leave me along…
Omkara apologized to all n promises everyone that we brothers will stay united n we will never leave our family shivaay calls rudra

@ road he was coming back to home along with somya becoz she was also tensed so she requested rudra to her as a moral support system…

Rudra received the call by BT ( blue tooth) n said that I can’t stay here if my dear ones r in a danger so I am coming back….
Shivaay says r u stupid u r coming back

Omkara takes phone from shivaay hand n says oh dumbbell oberio don’t b tensed everything is uncontrolled here so no nneedto come like this…
Rudra says I am not going to listen u
Omkara says that I told u not to come her plz obey my orders….
But bhai ….. N Omkara disconnected the call.. In a few seconds I call came to shivaay from office
Scene shift to a garden n not office

His employ informs him that his meetings r rescheduled n he have to reach here soon…..
( it was a fake call made by a stranger …he is paid for this by roop Singh oberio )

Shivaay informs his family about the meeting n goes in a hurry
He gets into the car and goes for the meeting
Scene 2
Anika is OK now n she is leaving from the NGO she also gets into her car n drives off on the same road where shivaay is right now…..
And she sees shivaay overthere and stops her car so that shivaay can’t c her
And she sees a truck comes to shivaay’s car in full speed ……she gets shocked seeing her shivaay in danger n she rushes towards him in full speed but in no time the truck hits shivaay with a big bang . ………
N she is in shock shivaay car goes near the bridge n hits its n the bridge railing breaks n shivaay tries hard to save himself but be4 he can react the car fall in the cliff n he also fall ……. N anika holds him n again she tries to save his life by protecting him pure love
He is injured badly …… Anika pulls him up with a lot of efforts .. Anika doesn’t wait a second n takes him to hospital in her car ……
@ hospital
She comes with shivaay n the nurses immediately admits him becoz anika scolds them n warns that if u don’t admit him soon his family will stup ur careless hospital and personnels ….. They react soon admits shivaay n they ensure her that his life will be saved ….,
She calls @ oberio mansion as well as @somya phone to inform them all what happen here ……

Everyone gets a shock n immediately rushes to the hospital ……….
They all reached hospital n goes to reception n asked about shivaay’s accident the person on the reception informed them that we have admitted a person now who was badly injured n we told that lady to complete the procedure n then we will admit n she bursted out like a?????valcano i guess she her wife n his in the icu the family rushes towards icu

where they saw anika sitting
And the family asked that how this all happened u were in a hurry n u disconnected the line
Omkara says now tell us correctly what happened with him
She describes the same scene of accident n how she saved him rushed to hospital

After knowing the scene family understands that the call came that time was fake

Rudra n somya reaches to the scene rudra is shocked to see his Superman in this condition again he is shaken from inside Omkara n somya handle him ……

Dadi thanks anika for saving shivaay again
She says u r always with shivaay in danger n protects him as a protector ……
She hugs dadi n that doctor comes out of ICU n informs everyone that ur son is out of danger n he is saved becoz of his brave wife
Everyone is shocked to hear this
Anika clears doc doubts that she is not the wife of shivaay
N the doctor apologizes to her n the family that u were scolding us like that
So I thought that u r his wife that why u r tensed I am sorry ….
She says OK …. But Omkara thinks about whom did that fake call. …….
Shivaay came to the senses n anika hides becoz she was in front of him…..

Will shivaay come to know that the person who saved his life is none other then anika his sweet heart …. .
Will shivaay apology to anika
Will shivaay will keep his ego aside n patchup with anika
Will anika forgive him for spoiling ishana’s family repo..
I agree that ishana broked Omkara’s heart but in return shivaay spoiled her life fully by using his power. And ishana was behind the bar with her family where there got tortured them nicely…..
Police told that it is unbailable case …,…..

Ishana was saved by the torture only becoz of anika , it was anika who saved her family
A hint for u guys
For the first time she tried to take her out but failed every trick failed she was exhausted n can’t see ishana in pain…..

Precap for this episode in flashback mode
She scolds the police constable n for the first time ever she used her power
She told the DCP her full name with surname
Everyone is shocked after hearing that surname they immediately released ishana n her family without informing shivaay….
Ishana is released

Yaa guys for a shock
Anika’s surname is more powerful the the oberio but she never used it
A hint anika’s family is more famous than the oberios she also belongs to a very nice n rich family in my ff she is not orphan
She settles ishana n her family somewhere else n she goes out of Mumbai by taking a promise that ishana we will not come again here we will start our life again

But the destiny had planned something more so then came back to Mumbai after a year in a new avatar…..

??☺ cu u guys with a new chappy
Stay happy

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  4. The next one is more interesting guys because I disclosed some reasons for shivika broke up
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  5. I have written the next chappy now guys where I disclosed the precap in detail I hope u all will love it becoz it is in tensed

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  9. OK I will increase the matter in the upcoming episodes n sorry no ishkara scenes today there is a scene in 10th episode which I have written now n from 11 I will make sure to fix ishkara scene

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