ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 7)


Hi hello to my lovely readers over there ?????
In the previous episode I gave a precap which says
Omkara is sad becoz of ishana’s behavior towards him he sits near by on a brench and someone keep hand on Omkara n consoles him let it b a suspence for some more time n for sometime we will focus on # shivani
Let’s resume their relationship with my touch =
Scene 1
@ oberio mansion

Shivaay is tensed becoz Omkara is not answering his calls he thinks Omkara always picks my call in once but I have called him several times n it is unreachable he thinks maybe his another in any danger so he informs everyone in the house to try his number n if he picks it up then inform me ….. Everyone is trying but no response n all get tensed..
Shivaay takes his best team n start searching Omkara every body knows that Omkara had any meeting with ishmo import n export company…..
Tej takes the company head office number by net ..and calls there
It was ishana’s personal number she was with n was driving but she received the call by Bluetooth n says hello

Ishmo company how can I help u ishana said after dropping Mona at home
Tej – can I know with whom I am talking to??? Actually I wanted to talk to ur MD

Ishana thinks I have heard this voice be4??
Ishana says that now ur talking to the MD itself..
Tej says that good actually my son Omkara have not reached the home yet he had a meeting with u
Ishana says o Teri su karo sasurji on line ???? she replies yes uncle we finished our meeting 1 hour back itself why ur son Omkara have not reached home till now???

She get tensed n remembers her words she said last to Omkara n gets sad…..

Scene 2
@ somya house
Rudra is tensed n somya can sense his tension so she consoles him and gives water n says I know what r u thinking now don’t be tensed for bade Baal wale bhaiyya bappa sab samhal lege …. N rudra says thanks for being such a nice person n friend I am lucky to have u in my difficult time …
Somya says its OK now u eat some things she forcefully makes him eat…..

Scene 3
Omkara is shocked to see his best friend anika there ..?

Omkara Anika u r in Mumbai now ???
Anika I saw every thing that how ishana behaved with u actually I only told one of my friend to call ishana here I wanted to meet her but be4 I saw her I saw ur car following her so I was hiding behind the pillar
Omkara says that what was the need to hide oh now I get it u thought that ….

Anika yaa I thought that it is shivaay Singh oberio who is following her I thought to wait here and see …. And u came out of the car.. I was happy to c u after a year ..

Omkara asks anika that where was she for one year ????
Anika skips his question n says that u must inform ur family n specially billo I mean shivaay becoz I know him very well an take usne puri force laga di hogi … Call him
Omkara says u still no shivaay very well he smiles but I can’t inform them becoz my phone battery is dead….
She says call him from my phone n inform
He calls shivaay

Shivaay was searching Omkara he was driving…. He didn’t pick the call first Omkara trys again
Shivaay gets angry that who the hell is calling now n then he thinks about maybe someone knows where is my bro
He picks
Omkara says shivaay I am OK
Shivaay asks him y is he not picking his calls n the whole family is tensed for u
Omkara says shivaay my phone battery is dead he says that I can’t reach home because there is no fuel in my car..

OK tell me where r u I will pick u he gives the address of the NGO n disconnected the call
Shivaay call tej n other members
(in conference) he informed him everything n everyone in the family took a breathe of relief he says I will reach home with Omkara OK cu

@ somya house
Rudra goes in somya’s room and inform her the same they have a cute conversation
N they go to sleep….
Shivaay reaches the NGO it was raining
Omkara says I want to meet u some one he says whom
Omkara turns back but he sees anika is gone he says nothing and shivaay opened the door of his car but stopped for a while he can sense that some one was watching them he goes near but Omkara stops him saying what happen let’s go
He comes back and drives him home ..
Behind the pillar anika was crying n she said
U hurt me shivaay Singh oberio I will never forgive what u have done with me n ishana

Scene 4
@ Patel villa in ishana’s room
Ishana is crying badly becoz today she did the same thing she used to do
She says I am sorry omi but I can’t forget u I loved u really from the bottom of my heart I am sorry for hurts u ….
Anika calls ishana n tells about Omkara
Ishana is happy to no that shivaay took him back n Omkara is safe she thanks anika

Today no precap guys
Bye guys have a sound sleep

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  1. This ff is really making me crazy!! I mean.. aisa kya hua tha jo anika itna ro rhi hai!! N tell sumthng abt shivika also.. I Mean…more specifically

  2. Dear I have written the next episode today itself but about shivika’s relationship n ishkara’s relationship it will be revealed at same becoz the both couples have a common reason behind this wait for the next n

    1. Goms

      Nice epi.. Am loving it

  3. so I was right abt that person being anika…..
    good going…..

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